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Angela Montenegro

Angela Montenegro



Angela Pearly-Gates Hodgins-Montenegro


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  • Computer graphic artist
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Series information

Angela Pearly-Gates Hodgins-Montenegro is the daughter of Billy Gibbons and a Chinese woman. But Angela Montenegro is not her real name, she changed it on her 18th birthday because the name had appeared to her in a dream. She works as a computer graphic artist at the Jeffersonian Institute and helps to program a face based on bone remnants, so that their identity can be clarified. To this end, she has developed her own program - the Angelatron. Angela studied art with a minor in computer science. She is married to her colleague Jack Hodgins. They have a son, Michael Vincent Hodgins.

Info [edit | Edit source]

She is the daughter of Billy Gibbons and a Chinese woman and was born on April 16 in Baltimore, Maryland. Her middle name is Pearly-Gates. She is also part of Dr. Brennan at the Jeffersonian Institute, but she's not a forensic scientist. Angela is an artist and the owner of a patent for software that uses three-dimensional holography to reconstruct the appearance of the dead and the course of events. Similar to Booth, however, she is much more sensitive to the sight of the dead, which is why some cases are very tough. Most of the time, however, she's cheerful and tries, above all, to get Temperance to lead a life outside of work and have fun doing it.

Little is known about Angela's personal life. However, she has a lot of experience in dealing with men and has several relationships, including one with Dr. Jack Hodgins. At the end of the second season, they both plan to get married. However, the wedding cannot take place because Angela was married at a fire-water ceremony in Fiji. During the course of the third season, she and Jack hire a private investigator to find Angela's husband so that the marriage can be annulled. But after her husband Grayson Barasa agrees, Jack and Angela quarrel and they end their relationship. In episode nine, her father appears, who turns out to be Billy Gibbons, singer and guitarist of the band ZZ Top. In episode 5.20 she and Hodgins get married surprisingly. In the final episode of season 5, she and Hodgins decide to go to Paris while Bones and Booth are away from the United States. In the premiere of the sixth season, she tells Brennan that she and Hodgins are expecting a child who will be born at the end of the season and will be named Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins.

Inventions Edit source]

The most famous invention of Angela is the angelator, an invention that reconstructs movements (e.g. defensive postures) and faces. This is helpful to match skull remains with people. (Season 1, Episode 1). Later, the Angelator is replaced by the Angelatron, without a specific cause being named.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Jack Hodgins [edit | Edit source]

Hodgins is her husband and father of her son. They begin their first relationship in season 2 that ended in a wedding. Since Angela was bound to Grayson Barasa through a ceremony, the wedding could not take place. The subsequent search and the beginning of Hodgins' distrust of Angela ended their relationship in season 4. But after Angela's separation from Roxy, she had a one-night stand with Hodgins. In season 5 they reconciled after they had to sit in a cell together. They get married and travel to Paris at the end of the season. In season 6 Angela and Hodgins try to hide Angela's pregnancy, in the season finale Angela has to work from the hospital while she is in labor with her son.

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Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins [edit | Edit source]

Is the son of her and Hodgins, who was born in the season finale of the 6th season.

Temperance Brennan [edit | Edit source]

She is Angela's best friend, she tries to teach her about social activities. It was through Brennan that Angela first came to the Jeffersonian. Angela is the godmother and namesake of Brennan's daughter.

Billy Gibbons [edit | Edit source]

He's a musician. Their relationship was not easy when they were young. They always meet at Christmas to exchange gifts.

Roxy Lyon Edit source]

Roxy Lyon is an artist who got her inspiration from Angela. They were in a relationship, but after their split, Roxy lost her inspiration. She first appears in the series after another artist was found murdered in his work. They start a relationship again, but this breaks up again later, as Roxy thinks about the future, while Angela is more interested in the present.