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[Advertising links] When I see Erika or even heather, I always have to think of autumn. Erika is my favorite autumn plant and not just because it comes in my favorite color. 🙂 You can do a lot with her. Last year I made lanterns and a small wreath out of Erika myself and this year I want to show you how you can quickly and easily tie a heart-shaped wreath yourself.

The nice thing about Erika is that it doesn't lose its color even when dried and it still looks great. I still have my lanterns from last year and will build them up again this year. Which is your favorite plant in autumn? Write it to me in the comments. I'm curious!Before I forget, this post is also available as a video on my YouTube channel. I would be very happy if you would follow me there and give a thumbs up!

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You need:

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Step by step instructions:

  1. The instructions are really not difficult. All you need is some wire and Erika. First take your broad wire and shape it into a heart. Optionally, you can also buy a ready-made wire heart!
  2. Cut a few flowers from your Erika. Then place a flower on the wire at the lower end of the heart and wrap it 2-3 times with the fine binding wire.
  3. Place the next flower a little offset over the previously bound flower and tie it with the wire as well.
  4. You do this until you have reached the top in the middle.
  5. Then start again at the lower end and tie back up to the middle. I think that this is how the flowers are distributed in the most beautiful way.

I like quick and easy DIYs and that includes this autumn wreath from Erika. What you can do with a few flowers and some wire. I am always enthusiastic about the small, quick Do It Yourself ideas. 🙂After autumn I will stow this wreath for the next year. Because as written above, it also looks great when it is dry.

I wish you a lot of fun doing it yourself and get through the cozy autumn safely!

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