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How do I send and manage messages and documents with WhatsApp?

While using the chat messenger WhatsApp, a lot of data and, above all, long conversations are generated. In order not to lose the overview, we have put together some useful tips, tricks and tutorials for you about sending and managing your WhatsApp chats and media on Android and iOS - if you don't want to lose the overview, you've come to the right place.

In order not to lose the overview on your smartphone, the instant messenger WhatsApp offers some practical options to manage your chats and to find your way around better. Among other things, you can archive and delete chats for greater clarity or create a chat link. Special search functions are also on board.

In addition to the classic text message, WhatsApp users can also use other, alternative means of communication. So you can start voice messages or broadcasts, among other things. Everything you need to know about chatting and managing messages and chats in WhatsApp can be found on this overview page.

By the way: If you also like to use the popular emojis on your smartphone, tablet or computer when writing messages, then take a look at our separate emoji article. Here we show you the real meaning behind the respective symbol. Because not infrequently, the pictures are used incorrectly and can thus lead to misunderstandings.

WhatsApp: change language - that's how it works

You want to change the language on WhatsApp and don't know how? Netzwelt reveals how you can change the language of the app and for the input.

WhatsApp: How to fix your favorite chats

If you have a chat partner who should always be displayed at the top of your chat feed, you can freeze the chat. We'll show you how to make sure that your most used chats are always at the top.

WhatsApp: This is how you cut your videos

If you only want to send part of a video on WhatsApp, Messenger offers you some cutting options. We'll show you where to find them and how you can use them.

WhatsApp: This is how you put effects over your photos

With WhatsApp you can add beautiful creative filters to the photos you want to send. In our instructions we will show you step by step how to select a photo and then set a filter.

WhatsApp: This is how you use the picture-in-picture function

Are you chatting with a friend and want to check the calendar for planning together? In our instructions we will show you how you can use the picture-in-picture function on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp: So you call up the memory usage on the iPhone

With every chat that you have on your iPhone on WhatsApp, the memory consumption of the app also increases. In order to always have an eye on the memory usage, we will show you how you can call it up on the iPhone. You always wanted to know who you chat with the most or which WhatsApp chat on your iPhone takes up the most storage space? We'll show you step-by-step how to find information on memory usage under iOS.

WhatsApp: This is how you delete content

So that your storage space is not occupied by collected text messages or pictures from WhatsApp, you can delete your history or individual messages. We'll show you how it works.

WhatsApp: This is how you send voice messages

WhatsApp offers much more than just the classic sending of text messages. Among other things, you can send short voice messages. We reveal in a short guide how this works on Android and iOS.

WhatsApp: So you can delete sent messages

Did you send a message to the wrong contact on WhatsApp? Meanwhile, the messenger offers the function of deleting messages afterwards. Netzwelt shows you how to retrieve WhatsApp messages on iOS and Android.