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Valheim Wolf Cape: How to Get the Wolf Cape

Valheim Drops players into a harsh Nordic environment where they will have to use absolutely everything they can find to survive. This means making weapons and armor with animal skins and minerals. The wolf's cape is a great option to keep you safe and warm while exploring the mountainous areas of the game, but you will need a few things before you can make it. Here you can find out how to make the Wolfskap in Valheim.

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  • How to get the Wolfskap in Valheim
  • How do I get a Wolf Trophy
  • How to unlock the Wolfskap recipe
  • Make the wolf's cape


How to get the Wolfskap in Valheim

To get the wolf's cape in Valheim you must first kill wolves. Go to the mountain regions of your world and kill wolves. You will need the following resources to make the cloak yourself:

  • 6 wolf skins
  • 4 silver
  • 1 Wolf Trophy

Wolves can easily swarm you and overwhelm your defenses if you're not careful. We recommend taking a bow with you so that you can collect the stragglers from a distance. Bringing friends is also a great way to lower the risk. You can find more information about playing with friends here.

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How do I get a Wolf Trophy

To get a wolf trophy in Valheim you have to go to the mountains and kill wolves. The trophy has a random chance of falling with each wolf killed. So go hunting. Once you have this item, you are one step closer to rocking your roasted wolf's cape.

How to unlock the Wolfskap recipe

Before you can make the wolf's cape, you'll need to unlock the recipe. This happens when you have Silver, Wolf Trophy, and Wolf Pelts in your inventory. Grab some silver and make your way into the mountains, kill wolves and it will be unlocked once you have all the required components. If you need silver, check out our Valheim Silver Guide.

Make the wolf's cape

When you have all of the materials needed to make the wolf's cape, return to your crafting table and make it. You can equip the cloak immediately, it grants the following bonuses:

  • Frost resistance - You will not take any frost damage. Perfect for adventures in the mountains.
  • Armor value - The wolf's cape does not offer any additional armor resistance.


This is how the Wolfskap is made in Valheim. For more information on the game, see our Console Commands page. Once you're done with that, head over to our best guides on seeds and starting locations.

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