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What is the AZ Follow?

AZ Follow enables you to save the listings you're interested in and easily reference them another time.

When you follow a listing, it is stored in the 'Following' section in your My Account page . You can also add private notes for your followed listings, to help you remember what interested you about them.

You can follow or unfollow listings easily just by clicking the follow switch.

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You're About To Get All These Extra Benefits:Free listing
Premium listing
Company Name, Address, Tel., Fax, Skype, E-messaging and Profile
Company Logo Displayed
Live link to website
Get Direct Quote Requests
Visitors send you quote requests direct from your Premium listed page.
Guaranteed Invitations to Quote
Quote on ALL freight quote requests for your country.
No Advertising on Your Listing Page
Your listing is yours 'and yours' alone. Remove country-targeted premium listings from it and make it clean from Alles other advertising.
Send More Emails
Your email limit to AZListings is 5 per day. Go Premium and you can send up to 100!
Target your visitors by country
You say what countries you want business from (up to 6), and you'll receive exclusively targeted traffic to your page from the homepage, directory page and all listing pages. This is a unique advantage!
Highlighted Top-of-List in All Feature / Country Search Results
Own the search results! Your listing is shown at the top. It is highlighted and displays your contact information, unlike other listings. This too applies on the Homepage, Directory page and all listing pages.
Highlighted Search-as-you-Type Results
Yet more click-throughs from the Homepage, Directory page and all listing pages, from the popular Company Search quick-fill type box.
Immediate Updates to Profile Pages
No more waiting for us to moderate your changes for you.
Link & Logo on All Pages.
Your link and logo appears on all listing pages. Twice if the visitor is from a country you targeted!
Display Videos on Profile Page (10 max).
Having brought them to your page, treat your leads and prospects to rich content about your company.
Contextual Premium Bar Navigation.
A hover popup with your company name is shown in the Premium Bar on all listings of the same country and facility as yours. The popup shows your logo, description and a link to your page.
Your Company Featured on Top of your Country Page.
Country pages are among the most visited landing pages on the site!
On-Page PDF Brochures Displayed.
Yet more ways to furnish your prospects with your strongest material.

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London, Heathrow

2 Willow Road, Colnbrook, Berks, SL3 0BS

+44 (1753) 800508

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