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Japanese name

ソ フ ィ ー ハ ッ タ ー (Hatter Sophie)


20 years (as a young woman) and 90 (as an old woman)

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Sophie is the oldest daughter of the Hatter family. She works as a hat maker in her late father's shop, Hatter's, where she also lives. She lives with her family in Market Chipping, which borders on no man's land.

In the movie Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki, she plays an important role: she makes the characters develop further.

"Anxiety! How can I be sure that once I go in, you won't disappear somewhere ?! Hauro, you have to tell me the truth. I love you even if you turn into a monster.

You know, the good thing about being old is that you hardly have anything to lose.

- Sophie to Hauro in the secret garden.

Clothing [edit | Edit source]

Sophie wears Hauro's ring, which leads to Calcifer. In addition to the ring, she wears different clothes. She wears a long dress with a hat wrapped in a red ribbon. Sophie loses her hat while fleeing from Suliman. Occasionally she wears a white apron. She wears two bows on her braid, which are sometimes purple and sometimes pink. As she transforms into an older woman, a bow disappears and her braid becomes shorter.

At the beginning of the film, her dress is green. After that it's blue. Her dress is pink in only two scenes (when Sophie dreams of Hauro).

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Sophie is modest and a reserved woman. She gets along well with her sister Lettie and her mother Honey. She is looked after by them. She also loves to be silly. So she calls herself a witch to intimidate Madge a little.

Through her patience and encouraging words, she wins the heart of Hauro's household. It also improves the relationship between the household community. Even the witch from no man's land trusts her. Calcifer only obeys his master Hauro. But he makes an exception with Sophie. Sophie praises him for moving Hauro's castle, making Calcifer her friend.

In addition, she doesn't think much of politics. While the whole country of Ingari is bellicose, she walks past the parade. They also leave the soldiers' attempts at flirting cold. Sophie seems to be a confident woman, but she doesn't find herself beautiful.

Curse [edit | Edit source]

The witch from no man's land has cursed Sophie out of jealousy. This made Sophie an older woman and she can't tell anyone about it. Calcifer, Hauro, Honey and Suliman know that Sophie was cursed. However, as the film progresses, she sometimes gets younger when she has strong emotions.

When Hauro meets Sophie for the first time in his castle and has prepared breakfast, Markl asks her if she works for the witch from no man's land. This makes Sophie angry, which rejuvenates her appearance a little.

She only becomes a young woman when she:

  • is sleeping
  • is excited
  • is in love with Hauro (or lets her feelings for him run free)
  • shows great joy

Sophie's appearance reflects her emotions. When her curse is broken, she becomes a young woman again. However, your hair will still remain gray. This shows that Sophie has gained wisdom. Whether Sophie is aware that she has magical powers ...

Magic power [edit | Edit source]

Sophie has magical powers, otherwise she would not be able to transform into a young woman when she was cursed. If Sophie did not have magical powers, Calcifer would not be able to gain so much strength from eating Sophie's braid. Sophie uses her magic to break curses.

An impressive indication can be found in the port city. Sophie and Markl go shopping. On the way they meet a rubber man. Sophie can see the rubber man, although ordinary people do not notice him.

In the film, it is never mentioned that Sophie has magical powers, only hinted at. In the novel, however, this is revealed.

Roman [edit | Edit source]

In the novel, she has red-blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She also has another sister: Martha, who is not mentioned by name in the film. After meeting Hauro and spending a long time with him, she falls in love with him. However, she rejects this love. As Hauro with Mrs. Angorian flirts, Sophie leaves him.

As a young girl, she has little confidence. She pretends to be a strong-willed girl. After she is cursed, she cares less what others think of her. In addition, she gains a sense of duty, friendliness and consideration. She feels guilty when she does something wrong. She also has magical powers. It can bring objects to life. However, she cannot control this ability. Only through practice does she become a strong sorceress.