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pagefile.sys: All information about the Windows paging file

Pagefile.sys is the swap file. page file) of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. This file, which is automatically generated and managed by the system, only has the function of random access memory when executing particularly computationally intensive programs or processes to relieve. For this purpose, Windows always expands the addressable system memory first if there is not enough space for all data in the available main memory. The system can then transfer the relevant data to this additional address space assign and move to the pagefile.sys.

From the application point of view, it makes no difference whether the data is cached in the pagefile.sys or in physical memory. However, it is access on the swap file for technical reasons slower, which is why there is a significant loss of performance when large amounts of data are moved to the pagefile.sys. Depending on the workload and system version, the file can have a size from a few megabytes to more than one gigabyte. The latter is the case for example for the pagefile.sys of Windows 10 (on most devices) by default.