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Get a driver's license in the Philippines

In the Philippines you can officially get up to 3 months drive around with the international driver's license. Whoever stays longer and wants to get the Filipino "Driver License" goes to the responsible person LTO (Land Transport Office) and logs in.

To do this, you basically need a copy of your passport with a valid visa and an ACR, i.e. a confirmation of your address or place of residence in the Philippines. The latter can be obtained from local immigration offices. You also have to go through a medical examination, including an eye test and "drug test", an examination that checks whether you are taking drugs (urine sample).

Then you receive the so-called "Student License", initially for 1 year. A kind of provisional driving license on probation. A practical driving test is not required, just one theoretical Exam. As in Thailand, you can fill out the questionnaires for a small fee.
After just one month + one day, you can get the right driver's license.

The student license is just a simple (but official) piece of paper, the actual driver's license then comes in the form of a credit card-sized card.
If you have all the papers together, the procedure usually only takes one to two hours until you have your Filipino driver's license in your hands.

But no matter what you read on this page or on others, it is quite possible that the procedure is handled differently in different LTOs in the Philippines. It is therefore advisable to simply go to the local LTO with your passport (& copy) in hand and ask what exactly you want and what you can possibly do with a few pesos.

The alternative: The existing German and / or international driving license disc to let. This is also done immediately and you bypass the "Student License" and immediately receive the correct driver's license (card).
The catch is: You first have to translate your German driver's license and have it certified by the German embassy or consulate. This involves a considerable amount of time and money if you do not already live in Manila or Cebu near the embassy or consulate.

It is therefore probably easier to get an ACR when you immigrate locally (if you don't already have one) and simply get your driver's license again.