The torch browser crashes while streaming

PC crashes completely while streaming, just goes off

Good morning,
PC is the following:

- Ryzen 7 2700X (stock)
- 16Gb DDR4-3200 Ram @ 3200Mhz
- Corsair RM 550rmx
- Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming
- 3 disks (2 SSD, 1 HDD)

Did I forget something...?

The following problem: The PC is from November last year, so everything is relatively new and properly wired (that's what I say now). So far there have been no problems ... now I changed the processor on the last weekend and started the stream earlier, PUBG, CPU load on "slow" and off for it. The processor then ticks back and forth in the task manager between 60 and 100% with all cores and after 5 seconds the can is off (so I was able to observe that at least in the second attempt).

So I streamed and gambled and in the middle of it all the PC went off, only the lighting in the case was still on, and the power LED on the case was still on. Fan etc, everything off. I then have to briefly pull the power on the power supply, wait, plug it in again and then the box opens again.

I'm currently at a loss and have no idea ... except that the 550 watt power supply is too small - but is that really the case? Is there somewhere I can go to see what the problem is? Makes me a little worried about the whole thing ... was not a small investment and now having such bitches in the system is questionable: /