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The taxi driver Paolo proudly drives through Rome in a brand new car from his company. His first passengers include the beautiful Lina and her two brothers Peppino and Totò. The trio wants to be driven to the gates of the city to the beach of Ostia. Once there, the seductive Lina invites Paolo to accompany her for a swim. But as soon as he takes his eyes off his taxi for a moment, Peppino and Totò try to steal the new car. At the last second Paolo can put the scoundrels to flight. Then he grabs Lina, the trio's decoy. She should at least pay him the long journey. Unfortunately, she also manages to escape. As luck would have it, Paolo sees the three canals again a few days later on the streets of Rome. In order not to let them escape, he brakes hard - with the result that the following car rushes into his rear. Having become aware of the accident, the scoundrels run away as quickly as possible, only Lina can catch the angry Paolo. Moved by her tears and her remorse, Paolo cannot bring the heart to hand the pretty girl over to the police. Instead, he seeks out her father Vittorio to inform him about his daughter's machinations - albeit without suspecting that Lina's fine Mr. Papa is actually the most cunning crook of all. Because he has long since fallen in love with her, Paolo Lina finally proposes marriage. But that's when the trouble really starts for the good taxi driver: First, as a token of love, his fiancée gives him a golden cigarette case that she stole from his boss of all people, and then Vittorio uses him as an escape helper after a brazen suitcase theft.
Sophia Loren ("Arabesque") and Marcello Mastroianni ("The Sweet Life") are among the immortal dream couples in cinema history.

"It's a shame that you're a rascal" marks the first collaboration of the legendary duo, who stood together in front of the camera ten times. Stylistically bound to neorealism, the fast-paced romantic comedy thrives on the interplay of the two charismatic leading actors, whose cat-and-mouse The sparks fly properly in the game. In the third leading role, the no less legendary director and actor Vittorio De Sica ("Bicycle Thief") can be seen.