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yes ロ en Chairman Rose

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This person appears in both the anime and the game.

League President Rose is the president of the Pokémon League in the Galar region. He is also the wealthy executive director of Macro Cosmos.

Rose makes his debut in the games Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. He is the main antagonist of these games.

General information

Background and personality

Rose is a charismatic and very successful businessman from the Galar region. He used to work as a simple miner in the region's coal mines and worked his way up to managing director of Macro Cosmos, a complex of dozens of companies that operate in all sorts of areas in the region. Rose is responsible for introducing the Dynamax phenomenon to the area's arena battles. Thereby he helped the Galar League to become very popular and its status of a national sport. He is a sponsor of Delion, whom he once made a recommendation that allowed him to take part in the Arena Challenge.

Rose can be seen for the first time at the beginning of the games Pokémon Sword and Shield in a commercial in which he describes the advantages of the Galar region. When the protagonist sets out to tackle the arena challenge, he witnesses the opening ceremony in the Engine Stadium, which is also moderated by Rose. Later there is a conversation between Rose and his assistant Olivia, who recognize Hop and the protagonist as the protégés of the Champs Delion, who proposed both of them for participation in the league.

The protagonist meets Rose again in Keelton, where he is besieged by fans despite his incognito clothing. They are eventually sent away by Olivia. It is known that Rose made a recommendation to the boy Betys and gave him his first Pokémon, a Brimova. Rose invites the protagonist and Sania to dinner in a fine restaurant, where he reports on how he developed the technology behind the Dynamax tapes on the basis of Professor Magnolica's research.

At a later encounter in Claw City it is revealed that Betys is searching for Rose in search of wishing stars, mysterious stones that store large amounts of energy. He explains that the stadium building in Claw City is also an energy plant that absorbs Dynamax energy and converts it into electricity for the Galar region. He is visibly proud of the work done by his corporation, which has transformed the Galar region into the modern metropolitan region that it is. However, Betys went overboard with his commission when he smashed an antique mural in Passbeck with the help of Roses Patinaraja, because he suspected further wish stars behind it. Rose then excludes the boy from the arena challenge.

As the arena challenge comes to an end and the final tournament is pending, it comes to light that Rose has sinister plans behind the scenes. According to his calculations, the Dynamax energy in the region will only last for 1000 years before it goes out. In a dispute with Delion, he made it clear to pull out all the stops to end this energy shortage today as a precaution. For this, the league president has captured the legendary Pokémon Endynalos, which turns out to be the source of Dynamax energy: 3000 years ago there was a major natural disaster in Galar, which went down in history as "Finstre Nacht". Back then, Endynalos had released the Dynamax energy, and the region was nearly devastated by marauding Dynamax Pokémon. With the help of the collected wish stars, Rose wakes the Pokémon from its eternal slumber, but cannot bring it under his control. The tournament is interrupted and the protagonist sets out together with Hop and Delion to prevent the catastrophe. Rose first tries to stop them, but can be defeated by the protagonist, whereupon he grants the group access to the power plant roof. Together with Zacian and Zamazenta, Endynalos can be defeated and captured by the protagonist, the threat is averted. The further whereabouts of Rose, however, are unclear.

In the main games


His Pokémon

Pokémon sword and shield

In the energy plant


"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! The Galar region is a wonderful place full of untouched nature and enchanting cities. A fantastic piece of earth where we live in harmony with numerous Pokémon. And that's exactly what Pokémon are all about here. Wonderful creatures that have become an indispensable part of our everyday life! Whether in the depths of the sea, the vastness of the sky or the crevices of the cities ... Pokémon live all around us! Some people compete with each other by letting the Pokémon they train compete against each other in combat. We all know them as Pokémon trainers. Oh! I haven't even introduced myself yet. My name is rose And I can now present you the most powerful Pokémon trainer from Galar! It's time for our champion to fight, Delion! "
- Before the game in a live broadcast

Engine stadium

"Ladies and gentlemen! I'm Rose, the President of the Pokémon League. Thank you all for being here today! The time of waiting is over. It is my pleasure to open the largest spectacle in the Galar region: the Arena Challenge! Yes, the arena challenge! Your participants have to assert themselves against eight arena leaders. Only those who defeat them and get all eight arena medals are allowed to take part in the Champ Cup ... and thus have the honor of facing the very best Pokémon trainer: the Champ! Now I ask for a thunderous applause for our arena leaders! Yarro, the brilliant farmer and expert in dealing with plant Pokémon! Kate, the storm wave and Water Pokémon Master! The indelible fire veteran Kabu! Saida, the prodigy of Galar karate! Nobody knows the type of fight as well as she does! / Galar's expert on ghost-Pokémon: Nio, the silent one! Papella, Master of Fantastic Theater and Fantastic Fairy Pokémon! The rock expert and rock breaker: Mac! / The eternal ice: Mel! And the strongest of all arena leaders: Roy, the dragon storm! Unfortunately, one of the arena leaders is missing today ... But they are! All the pride of Galar! Our arena leaders! "
- During the opening ceremony
Delion: Hi you two? It's finally here, isn't it?
Rose: Look! If that's not the two protégés of the champ. May I introduce myself? Rose is my name. Nice to make your acquaintance! But wait! What do my eyes see there? You already have your own Dynamax tapes! Then a wishing star must have brought you here today. By the way, the technology that is in your Dynamax tapes was developed by my outstanding company! Well, I have the feeling that a particularly exciting arena challenge awaits us this year. Very nice! The residents of the Galar region will be overflowing with enthusiasm! […] The Arena Challenge is a great opportunity to showcase the Dynamax phenomenon! So now I have to apologize. I still have an urgent appointment. Take care!
Rose off.
- In the Engine Stadium after the opening ceremony


Olivia: I'm extremely sorry, but the league president is really busy ... Please respect his privacy and give him a little rest now!
Trainer: All right ... then goodbye! See you soon hopefully! ♪
Rose: Hey, stay a little longer! I like to give a few more autographs! You can even have my league card ...! They are gone ... * Sigh ... * Don't hold it against me, Olivia, but do you have to be so strict with my fans? After all, it is they who make us what we are ...
Olivia: Oh, I know exactly how important fans are! But if you want to keep your fans, you have to work a little every now and then as well.
Betys: President Rose! If there is any way I can relieve you, all you have to do is tell me!
Rose: Hm? Oh, uh ... who were you again?
Betys: Betys is my name, Mr. President.
Rose: Oh yes, Betys! I knew that, of course. You've done a lot since I gave you this Pokémon back then ... You're one of the favorites in this year's Arena Challenge. But the two trainers who got a recommendation from the champ are also very popular.
Betys: I am very honored that you wrote me a recommendation, Mr President. I will not let you down! Losing is not an option for me! But now I'm not going to rob you of your precious time any more. Excuse me.
Betys off.
Rose: Oh, if that isn't ! I'm really excited to see what you're capable of. What did the good Delion see in you when he wrote you a recommendation? Hey I'm just getting one of my great ideas again! You're sure to be challenging Kate next, right? What do you think of this ... If you can win Kate's medal, Olivia and I will take you out to dinner. It would be a good opportunity to get to know each other better.
Olivia: Forgive me, Rose, but time is of the essence ...
Rose: Make an effort, okay? Everything you do shapes the future of the Galar region!
Rose off.
- At the meeting in Keelton


Rose: Ah, ! Come on, let's celebrate your victory in style!
Sania: Oh what ... So he invited you too?
Rose: Oh, do you know each other? Ah, wonderful! But let's sit down first. […] Keelton is famous for its delicious seafood. So I recommend you try one of the local delicacies! But just for a moment ... Everything in this restaurant tastes delicious. How is Professor Magnolica doing, by the way? I hope so! I owe a lot to her research. As you know, the technology behind the Dynamax tapes that can be used to make Pokémon huge comes from my company. But that would never have been possible without Professor Magnolica's research on the wishing stars.
Sania: * Sigh ... * I just know that the Dynamax phenomenon is still a headache for you. Apparently she still has many puzzles to solve. She only thinks about her research ... When I started my journey, she even handed me an energy source detector ... She is so obsessed.
Rose: An energy source detector! These are the devices that made it possible for the first time to track down energy sources ... In other words, places where Pokémon can be dynamaximated thanks to an increased amount of Galar particles! But I hate to hear that Professor Magnolica is so frustrated. I would do anything to help her ... Sania, you should definitely take a look at the Claw City Treasury. I am convinced that the key to the mystery of the Dynamax phenomenon lies buried in the history of this region.
Olivia: I'll make sure Miss Sania is allowed in. And forgive my urging, Rose, but your next appointment is waiting ...
Rose: Nice? But I haven't had a chance to speak to yet! Well ... as unfortunate as it is, I guess it can't be changed. It was my pleasure!
Exit Rose and Olivia.
- In the Wellenflucht restaurant

Claw City

Betys: League President Rose! Allow me to report back to you ... My mission to collect wishing stars and medals is progressing smoothly!
Olivia: That's good news, Betys. Just keep it up. Never forget that you owe your recommendation for the Arena Challenge to President Rose.
Betys: If I can bring you enough wishing stars, you can finally solve the problem that troubles you, won't you, Mr. League President?
Rose: This is not about a private problem that only concerns me. It's about the future of Galar. And Galar doesn't just need wishing stars. Galar also needs a strong coach. A trainer who is equal to the champ in strength ...
Betys: With all due respect, League President Rose! I've already brought one of the champ's two favorites to my knees. The fight left no doubt about my superiority. And I can and will defeat the champ too! Just wait and see!
Rose: This is music to my ears! It is precisely such a passionate competition that people want to see at the Arena Challenge!
Olivia: Betys, there is something I need to discuss with you. If you would follow me for a moment ...
Exit Olivia and Betys.
Rose: Well ? I hope you just listened well. Wish stars are enigmatic stones that, among other things, also form the basis for the technology behind the Dynamax bands. But you can do more with them than just make Pokémon huge. They also contain enormous amounts of energy! If that has piqued your curiosity, we should stop by the stadium together. I want to tell you more about the energy supply in the Galar region there. Please follow me!
- Upon entering Claw City

Claw Stadium

“This building not only functions as a stadium, but also as an energy plant. Let's take a look at my tablet here, there is all the important information. This explains in simple terms how the energy plant works. The tower of the Claw Stadium absorbs energy. This is then converted into electricity for the entire Galar region in the underground energy plant. We all use energy every day to go about our everyday lives. And energy in the most varied of forms: electricity, gas, water ... My teams work around the clock to make life easier for the citizens of Galar with the help of the energy of the wishing stars. Oh...! I'd like to chat a little more, but duty calls ... I'd better be on my way before I get into trouble with Olivia again. I would suggest that you go to the Treasury next, . It is in the direction of Route 6. "
- Declaration on Galar's energy supply


Olivia, Rose and two league organizers enter the scene
Olivia: Arena Challenger Betys! I was wondering what you were up to when you borrowed the Patinaraja from President Rose and went ... But this left me speechless. You can't just demolish the ancient site!
Betys: What do you care about a few old stones when what is at stake is what will become of this region in 1000 years? Do you think that you are helping the president with your fickleness? If you are really his assistant, please support him too!
rose: Betys. That's enough. It pains me to say that, but ... You have let me down deeply. When I discovered you as a little boy, I saw a great loneliness in you. But beyond that, I also saw that there was tremendous potential dormant in you! I wanted to give you the opportunity to fully develop this potential. That's why I sent you to the coaching school at the time. I saw my younger self in you and therefore wanted to give you a chance to make something of your life. But what happened here clearly shows me that you have no love for Galar ... It hurts my soul, but someone like you is not suitable for the Arena Challenge. You're going back to Claw City for now. We'll decide how to deal with you later.
Betys: That ... You can't be serious ... I'm disqualified ?! You are making a big mistake! You recommended me personally for the Arena Challenge! I can think of hundreds of ways to deal with this situation ... And you are seriously choosing the worst of them all ?!
Olivia: You heard him, Betys. In the meantime, you can leave your collected wish stars to me.
The two organizers lead Betys
rose: Ah, there are also Sania and . What a mess, isn't it? It pains me to see a Challenger divorce like this ... but it doesn't help. Arena challengers act as role models and must therefore always behave impeccably and fairly.
Rose and Olivia leave the scene
- After the Betys fight

Rose Tower

rose: But Delion, I've already explained it to you a hundred times ... you just don't want to understand me? As a champ, you should really know better ...
Delion: I understand what you are saying only too well. But it just doesn't make sense to me to cancel tomorrow's tournament to solve a problem that is 1,000 years in the future. Can't this thing really wait another day? As a champ, I see it as my duty to compete in this fight tomorrow.The citizens of the Galar region and last but not least myself, we have been looking forward to it for so long!
rose: Then you still don't understand ... You just don't understand! Look carefully, Delion! That ... is the Galar region. In 1,000 years, the energy required to maintain this glow will be completely exhausted. But when that day comes, we won't be alive for a long time. Our time here is limited. And that's exactly why every single day counts! The faster we act to finally get rid of this problem, the better! I want to create a better future for everyone, Delion!
Delion: I see, League President ... So this is what awaits us in 1,000 years ... I think now I have a better idea of ​​what you're getting at. You have my word. I'll help you ... As soon as the Champ Cup ends tomorrow.
Hop and the player rush over
Hop: Delion! I was so worried about you because you didn't show up for our date! Finding you here was anything but easy ... Fortunately, Nezz helped us. And Mary. And Team Yell too!
rose: I'm really sorry you got in so much trouble because of me, Hop ... You know ... Sometimes adults are too proud to have an honest conversation and instead talk completely past each other ...
Delion: Don't worry about any of this. Let's just go back to the hotel and fill our stomachs to our hearts' content! The bill is of course on me! Hope you watch the fighting tomorrow, League President Rose. This tournament will go down in Galar's history, that much is certain.
Hop, Delion and the player go
rose: You may be content to go down in Galar's history ... But I plan to change history! If necessary, even single-handedly ...
- After the fight with Olivia

Score stadium (screen broadcast)

"Ah ... Hello, Delion and ! I have just initiated the Dark Night to save Galar's future! But unfortunately, dangerously high amounts of energy were released ... It would never have come to this if you had just listened to me, Delion! "
- In the screen transfer

Energy plant

"Well? What are you doing here, Challenger? Oh! I didn't expect this answer. You are obviously not up to date. There is nothing to stop you. The Dark Night, also known as Endynalos, the strongest of all Pokémon, has already awakened! / Unfortunately, I can't allow that. I need Delion to keep Endynalos at bay. A few words in my defense ... I know exactly what you are thinking now. You think I'm a bad person You have no understanding of what I'm doing here right now. But I have a job, a calling! I have to provide the Galar region with unlimited energy so that it can continue to develop in peace for all eternity! To do that, I gave Endynalos Wishing Stars. The red light that caused so much excitement in Claw City was part of an experiment to awaken Endynalos. All of these are precautions to protect the future of the Galar region, you see? I won't let you get in my way! "
"That was heavy ... a little too heavy. Don't you think you're exaggerating? "
- When his Pokémon takes damage for the first time
"Oh? My last Pokémon ... But that doesn't look good for me ... "
- When using his last Pokémon
"I'll show you what a powerful blow looks like!"
- At the gigadynamic maximization
"All right ... Hopefully the cards will be reshuffled with my next attack!"
- When using Giga steel impact
“A welcome change, what a fight! I haven't had so much fun in a long time. "
rose: Very impressive, dear / dear ! No wonder that Delion, the unbeatable champ of our beloved Galar region, recommended you for the Arena Challenge! I would have loved to see you do in the champ match ... I'm really sorry that this thing ruined your arena challenge. But unfortunately I had no other choice ... Our energy problem must be resolved as quickly as possible! It is for this reason that I awakened Endynalos. But I haven't been able to control it. Delion threw up your great fight to save me. He appeared like a noble knight protecting the princess from the evil dragon! I love to make big speeches, I know, I know ... I should really be drawing a line now. The champ must have caught Endynalos by now. If you're curious, feel free to take the elevator up to him. You will surely go too, Hop, right? I hope you are not devastated about your defeat to me. Come on, go see how the champ has fared!
Hop: Devastated? You don't know me well enough ... My Pokémon and I won't let our heads down that quickly. We never give up! I learned that from the arena challenge that you created yourself!
“Get into the elevator and take it upstairs. I won't stop you. "
- When responding again

In the anime

In Pokémon Travel

Even before the events of Pokémon Reisen, Rose, who is also president of the Anime Liga and head of Macro Cosmos, was responsible for introducing Delion, who later became the champ of the Galar region, to the world of Pokémon battles. As a result, the boy became increasingly distant from his childhood friend, Sania. For several years he worked with Professor Magnolica on the so-called Galar particles, with the help of which Pokémon can become Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon. Together they develop the Dynamax band, but Rose had his own goals, so Magnolica ended the collaboration.

In the regular anime, League President Rose makes his debut in the episode Tough!. There you can see him clapping in his VIP box after Delion won his Coronation World Championship fight against Roy. Ash becomes aware of him and looks up at him.

In Sword and shield: slumber forest! Rose visits the energy plant with his assistant Olivia. During their stay, the core of the reactor emits a large amount of Dynamax energy, whereupon Rose emphasizes that it will prove that the energy will be an inexhaustible resource for all of Galar. He later drives a car with Olivia and receives a phone call that tells him that various Dynamax Pokémon have appeared and are rampaging. The reason for this is the leaked particle radiation. Rose nevertheless refuses to cancel his plans, saying that some sacrifices must be made on Galar's behalf.

Rose watched in Sword and shield: The dark night! initially an experiment in which Galar particles are injected into the reactor. When Olivia asks if he would like to pause the attempt to strengthen the hangar, he refuses. He says that the disaster that once threatened Galar, the Finstre Night, will be resurrected in the form of Endynalos, whom he calls the savior of the region. Later, the two visit the mine where the gigadynamax Montecarbo rioted after being exposed to Galar particles from the reactor. There they meet Ash and Delion. You invite the former to dinner at Macro Cosmos headquarters. During dinner, Rose explains that Galar's wealth allowed him to rise from poverty and start his company. In gratitude, he wants to do everything possible to preserve the wealth for thousands of years. He asks Ash to stay with him so he can help him achieve his dream. In return, he wants to sponsor the boy. To Rose's surprise, Ash refuses.

In Sword and shield: will Endynalos bring the end ?! faces Rose Ash and Leon in Claw Stadium after Endynalos escaped from the reactor. He explains that the inhabitants of Galar at the time feared the Pokémon and called it the Dark Night. Rose himself then gave it its real name to refer to the seemingly endless amount of Galar particles that it could produce. He wants to use this to supply Galar with energy for eternity. He also announces that he will use Endynalos to prevent further catastrophes, such as the mine accident in which his father died. In order to achieve his goal, he sponsored trainers and ultimately selected Delion to catch Galars Endynalos as the hero figure and thus make it controllable for Rose. Delion now refuses to accept this assignment. He only wants to catch it to seal it, but not to use it as a source of energy. Rose then gets extremely angry and sends his Patinaraja out of the ball, which is supposed to attack. Ash steps in and takes on Rose himself, while Delion continues to break through to Endynalos to stop it. Shortly afterwards, Rose also sends his tentantle into battle to take on Ash's Pikachu and Riolu.

The league president made his last appearance so far in Sword and shield: the legends awaken!, in which his battle against Ash continues while Endynalos has gathered energy above the stadium. When Ash's Riolu finally evolves into Lucario, it can defeat Rose's two Pokémon. Endynalos later transforms into his unendynamax form, which Rose and Olivia observe from a helicopter. Rose is very excited and cheers it so that it reveals its full power. When Zacian and Zamazenta appear to put an end to the dark night, he is dismayed. Eventually the helicopter is hit by a Unendynastahl, so that it has to flee. After Endynalos is captured and sealed, the dark night ends and Rose is gone. However, Delion wants to track him down.

His Pokémon

In Pokémon: Twilight Wings

Rose in twilight wings

In Twilight Wings, Rose is also the President of Macro Cosmos; the day-to-day business, however, is mainly directed by Olivia, who represents him in many matters.

The league president visits in letter a children's hospital where he gives autographs to the children.

As he is about to leave the hospital in an air taxi, he sees John on the roof and turns back. The taxi pilot's noise blows the letter that John wrote to him there. He reads this letter on the return flight.

Subsequently Evening waves he tells Kate subliminally that, in his opinion, she is investing too much time in her fashion career at the expense of being a gym leader.

Rose brings in assistant in the evening Olivia takes an air taxi and thanks her for her work.

In Moonlight he hands Delion John's drawing.

Rose says in sky the start of the fight between Delion and his longtime rival Roy.

In the trading card game

In the trading card game there is currently a trading card from Rose.

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