Which is so funny ielts answer

what is the answer of "nice to meet you"?

Hello! Today, we're going to talk about "nice to meet you", and how you should respond when someone says that to you. Typically, this is said in your first meeting with someone. You want to make a good impression - it's your first impression, after all. So, when someone says "nice to meet you", if you're never met them before, if you remember nothing else, just simply say, "nice to meet you too. "

You can vary it, you could say "The pleasure is all mine", that's a popular phrase. Once you get more familiar with English, you can get creative, you can say things like "Oh, I've heard so much about you, I've wanted to meet you for a long time." So, once you get higher mastery you can come up with lots of different options. But in the beginning, "Nice to meet you too" is perfectly acceptable.

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