How long is cwrt herbert running track

Regupol® Tartan Running Tracks

Regupol® running tracks maintain a top position among synthetic floors, which are of prime importance for many of the world's athletes. These athletic tracks are manufactured in accordance with the IAAF quality criteria and the DIN 18035-6 directives for synthetic surfaces in outdoor sports grounds. Regupol® running tracks are suitable for both international professional sports as well as for school and popular sports. Their material composition was developed in accordance with physical sports requirements and incorporates a balance between speed, non-slip qualities and shock absorption exactly rated to the physical constitutions of athletes. Regupol® running tracks create the ideal conditions for training and competition for athletes around the world. You can obtain a Regupol® running track in a multitude of variants, so we can install the right athletic track for every purpose and every demand.

Each Regupol® running track is unique as they are each custom-made. During the planning periods, our BSW consultants clarify the specific properties required for the particular running track. Regupol® running tracks have been installed in stadiums and training sites worldwide for four decades. Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, achieved his world records on a Regupol running track at the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Regupol® athletic tracks for champions.