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Due to their characteristichot-mustardtaste, the loose [...]
leaves or rosettes are popularly used for mixing into salads or
prepared as steamed vegetables.
The loose leaves or rosettes that are used by their
[...] charactersristischen mustard hot Geschmack with pleasure [...]
can be added to the salad or prepared as steamed vegetables.
THOMY Sharp Senf-hot mustard-receives his [...]
sharpness from well-chosen brown mustard sowings.
THOMY Sharper mustard receivedelder seggne sharpness [...]
of selected brown mustard seeds.
Two warm meat balls, potato-cucumber
[...] salad and medium-hot mustard5.90 Swabian pasta [...]
pockets, topped with ham and cheese,
roasted onions and a bowl of mixed salads € 8.50
Two warm meatballs, potato and cucumber salad
[...] and mittelcharfer mustard € 5,90 Allgäuer Maultaschen, [...]
baked with ham and cheese,
Fried onions and a colorful salad bowl € 8.50
The smell of freshly sliced
[...] cooked ham witHhot mustardand horseradish, [...]
the softness of raw ham cut by hand, the irresistible meatballs.
The smell of the freshly sliced
[...] Kochschinkens With mustard and searettich, [...]
the softness of the hand-cut
Raw ham, the irresistible meatballs.
Mix the rest of the oil, Kühne Balsamico Bianco,
[...] Kühne whole-grain,hot mustard,salt, pepper and [...]
sugar to make a vinaigrette. Combine
with the potatoes and tomatoes and let steep for a short while.
[...] Balsamico Bianco, Kühne mustard körnig-pisquare, basil, [...]
Salt, pepper and sugar to make a vinaigrette
Stir, mix with potatoes and tomatoes and let steep for a short time.
Here, in descending order of importance, are my ten top Swiss
[...] products: Thomy mediumhot mustard-Satvoy sausage [...]
(cervelat) - self-adhesive envelopes (Coop)
- white notelet cards (Coop) - self-adhesive address labels for parcels (Coop) - St.Gallen Bratwurst paper tissues - marzipan fruits (Merkur) - chocolate bars (Lindt) - Graubünden air-dried meat.
So I'll get the ball rolling ... Here, after
Ordered importance, the ten pillars of mine
[...] idealschwheat: Thomy-Mustard Withtelsharpf - Cervelats [...]
- self-adhesive envelopes (Coop)
white correspondence cards (Coop) - self-adhesive package labels (Coop) - St. Gallen bratwurst - paper towels Marzipan fruits (Merkur) chocolate flakes (Lindt) Bündner Fleisch.
Herb Mustard: Field fresh herbs like parsley, dill and chives are added to
[...] this slightlyhot mustardspeciality.
Herbal mustard: Parsley, dill and parsley are fresh from the field
[...] cutouchch dhesem mustard Hin toagainstben.
Mix Kühne whole-grain,hot mustard,Hhebs and oil, cover [...]
the chops with the mixture and put on the barbecue.
Coolno mustardrnig-pikatt, garlic, Kuter and [...]
Mix in the oil, brush the chops with it and prepare on the grill.
If Beshmundir Temple: Hard Mode were a sandwich, Isbariya the Resolute would be a
[...] gluttonous dollop Ofhot mustard,S.Hadowshift would [...]
be an oversized pickle, and Stormwing would be a barbequed
semi truck tire tucked between two slices of toasted artisan bread.
If the hard mode of Beshmundir Temple were a sandwich, Isbariya the resolute one would be
[...] fatter Kleaks scharfer mustard, Schatthumanreiter would be [...] [...]
Cucumber and hurricane rock would be a grilled truck tire between two slices of homemade organic bread.
Burenwürste are a popular snack product, particularly well-suited for
[...] cooking or frying - enjOyhotwitHmustardand radish.
Boer sausages are a popular snack product, especially for cooking or for
[...] Roast meat geownt - mit mustard und Kren hot geneiessen.
Hotfratkfurter witHmustard540
Wiener Würstchen mit mustard 540
You're spoiled for choice if you want to treat your senses: from the ice cream parlor offering flavors from poppy to sage to the Osteria serving succulent meats, and the stalls around the central Piazza delle Erbe / Obstmarkt,
where you can always pick up a
[...] steaming WürstelhotdOG drippinG inmustardafter a peaceful [...]
afternoon in the most beautiful
corner of the city - the Talvera gardens.
If you want to pamper your senses, you are really spoiled for choice: from the ice cream parlor, which tempts you with poppy seed and sage ice cream, to the inn, where you are served delicious meat dishes, and also the stalls in
not too close to the centrally located fruit market
[...] forget where stets ein hotrstel With mustard on you wartet.
[...] special selectedmustardseed and a lot of tHehotOnit make thismustardtO a special [...]
[...] Make wine vinegar, select mustard seeds and lots of chilliesen thisen mustard to am Experience.
[...] top-fermented, spicy dark beer;hotD.üsseldorf Mostert (homemademustardwith grape must); [...]
Killepitsch herb liqueur;
Cartwheels made of chocolate and truffles from Confiserie Heinemann.
[...] top-fermented, spicyige Altbier; sharpen sselVillagehe MEastert (Homemade mustard mit Traubenmost); [...]
the herbal liqueur Killepitsch;
Radschläger made of chocolate and champagne truffles from Confiserie Heinemann (Kaufhof entrance)
[...] chili pepper,hotspice, paprika, garlic powder, basil,mustardand mayonaise [...]
[...] chilli pepper, paprika, garlic, Basilikum, mustard U.Nd Mayonnaise in a tube.
It is also said that many people, after the visit to a gourmet's temple, make a small stop
to fill the stomach at the sausage hut
[...] (sausage stand) withahotB.urenwurst or some Frankfurters witHmustardand bread.
It is also said that after visiting a gourmet temple (with correspondingly small portions)
Another stop at the sausage stand
[...] a Burenwurst or a couple of Frankfordhe mit mustard U.Nd Brot einhas laid.
[...] the glass Ofmustard,themustardis very fresh add 1 tsp Ofmustardat ffirst, then [...]
taste and if you like you can add more mustard.
When the glass Curry mustard frisch is open is der mustard ziespicy, so add 1 teaspoon first [...]
We propose to work with and also experience a number of
[...] compresses such as: beeswax,mustard,Hay, steat the/hottOwel, metal foils [...]
anthroposophic ...
We would like to be in this working group
apply some of them and
[...] learn how: B.ienenwachs, Mustard, Heyublumen, Therempf / Hot Rolle, Metal foils [...]
anthroposophic ...
In particular, these two companies market dry grocery
[...] products sucH asmustard,mayonnaise, ketchup, salad sauces,hotsauces, olive oil [...]
Both companies primarily market
[...] midlifelprodukte wie mustard, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, salatsaucen, sharp Saucen, Olive oil [...]
Brown mustard tastes mildly bitter and is the hottest, with wHitemustardbeing somewhat lesshot.
Brouchner mustard schmeis slightly bitter and sharpest, weeater mustard is abouts whoiger sharp.
Among the traditional Estonian dishes are sauerkraut with pork, black
[...] pudding served witHmustard,spiced and salty sprat witHhotbOiled potatoes.
Traditional Estonian dishes include
[...] Sauerkraut mit Pork meat, B.lutsausage mit mustard, weightedcrashed with [...]
Comrade Wang ", who had once eaten a delicious disH Ofhotbarnyard millet and leaf-mustardkimchi with her husband at her home, beat her with a stick and yanked her about by the hair.
Comrade Wang ", who at some point cooked her together with her husband in her househte warm HuhAte millet and leaf mustard kimchi salad and enjoyed it, hit her with a stick, grabbed her hair, and turned her over.
Different sorts Ofmustardare produced, from tHehotup to the sweet one.
There are different
[...] Varietyn from mustardgerepresents, vom sharpen bis for sweeteat mustard.
[...] the spread of pepper and chilli,mustardand horseradish were the onlyhotspicit and were thus highly popular.
mustard U.Nd Kren waren before the spread of pepper and chilli die eggnzigene sharpen Weightürze and daccordingly [...]
[...] the regular menu meals are concerned, tHehotfavourite is the "roasted pork knuckle served witHmustard,Horse-radish andhotpepphe "(CZK 199, -)," roast leg of duck "[...]
(CZK 128, -) ​​and "Brewer's
goulash served with two types of dumplings "(CZK 108, -).
From the offer of the permanent menu, die Guests at the Most desire for roasted pork knuckle butcher "(199, - CZK), roasted duck leg" (128, - CZK) and the Brauhgoulash, [...]
Bacon and bread dumplings "(108, - CZK).
The first consists of the word sign ORO, which is the subject of Italian registration No 307 376, which took effect on 28 September 1977, and international registration No 435 773 of 13 April 1978 covering, inter alia, Austria, Germany, Spain, France and the Benelux, in respect of the following goods in Class 30: 'Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, biscuits, tarts, pastry,
sweets, confectionery, ices, honey, treacle; yeast,
[...] baking powder; salt,mustard;pepper, vinegar, [...]
The first trademark consists of the word mark ORO, registered in Italy with effect from September 28, 1977 under the number 307 376 and by international registration with the number 435 773 of April 13, 1978, inter alia. to Austria, Germany, Spain, France and Benelux for the following goods in class 30: "Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, coffee substitutes; flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, biscuits, cakes, fine
Baked goods, sweets, confectionery, ices; Honey, treacle;
[...] yeast, bakingpulver; Satlz, Mustard; Itsig, Sauceen; Spices; [...]
The examination which the Commission is initiating may also cover other products
which appear to be affected in a
[...] similar way to preparedmustardand in particular [...]
those in respect of which interested parties
that make themselves known within the time limits mentioned below (see section 8), provide evidence that the alleged practices are applicable.
The investigation opened by the Commission
can also affect other goods that are on
[...] similarche whitese how mustard (eggnscleftleftch prepared [...]
Mustard flour) to be affected
appear, especially if interested parties, who contact themselves within the period specified under point 8, provide evidence that these practices also apply to such goods.
4 On 14 January 1999 the applicant, Ferrero SpA, filed a notice of opposition to registration of the trade mark applied for in respect of all of the goods covered by the mark on the basis of its earlier word mark KINDER, registered in Italy since 28 January 1965 under number 168843, and after renewal under number 684985, for goods in Class 30, namely 'coffee, tea, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, coffee substitutes; bread, biscuits, cakes, pastry and confectionery, edible
ice creams; honey, treacle, yeast and
[...] baking powders; salt,mustard;pepper, vinegar, sauces, [...]
spices; edible ice; cocoa, cocoa
products, namely cocoa paste for cocoa drinks, chocolate paste, coverings, namely chocolate coverings, chocolate, pralines, decorations for Christmas trees made of chocolate, goods made of an edible chocolate case with an alcoholic filling, sugar articles, confectionery, including fine and hard pastry '.
4 On 14 January 1999, the applicant, Ferrero SpA, filed an opposition to the registration with regard to all the goods covered by it, which it relied on for its earlier word mark KINDER (first no No. 684985) for the goods "coffee, tea, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, coffee substitutes; bread, biscuits, cakes, dough for cakes and confectionery,
Ice cream, honey, treacle, yeast
[...] and Hefepulvhe; Satlz, mustard; Pfeffhe, EssiG, Sauces; [...]
Spices; Ice cream; Cocoa, cocoa products,
namely cocoa drink paste, chocolate paste; Pastry coats, in particular chocolate coats, chocolate, pralines, chocolate decorations for Christmas trees, chocolate products filled with alcohol, confectionery and confectionery products, including hard and soft pastry coats for cakes "in class 30.
The suitcase containing enough clothes for three months was still standing unpacked in the corridor, and next to it the portable typewriter with the additional Sorbian character sets, and the bag stuffed full of jotting paper, two dictionaries (Swabian,
Sorbian), one bottle and one jar of Lausitz
[...] flax oil and constructiontzenmustardrespectively, and [...]
a few watercoloring utensils.
The suitcase with the laundry for three months was still unpacked in the corridor, next to it the portable typewriter with the additional Sorbian types and the bag filled with scratch paper, two dictionaries (Swabian,
Sorbian), one bottle or one can of Lausitzer
[...] flax oil U.Nd constructiontzener mustard soie Someen Utils [...]
Many of the species that grow wild here are native forage crops, such as broom, miscleras, cardoon, hedGemustardand tree lucerne, which form the principal source of feed for the livestock from January to July when they are in the geographical area, before they are moved elsewhere from August to December as part of the transhumance, giving the protected cheese the organoleptic and olfactory-gustatory characteristics that set it apart and link it to the environment in which it is produced.
Among the naturally growing species are many indigenous forage crops such as white gorse, miscleras, artichokes, double seeds, tagasaste, etc., which from January to July provide the nutritional basis for livestock that resides in the relevant geographical area during this period and from August to December is relocated as part of the herd migration, which gives the protected cheese the organoleptic and olfactory-taste properties that distinguish it from other cheeses and that define its relationship to the environment in which it is produced.