What is retail demo offline content


Windows 10 includes a Retail Demo Experience mode. This function is basically intended for employees of retail stores who want to demonstrate Windows 10 to customers.

NOTE: This post is only intended for information Purposes and us do not Activate this retail demo mode to clear all user settings and personal content.

Windows 10 Retail demo mode

The Windows 10 Retail demo essentially gives customers an overview of the functions that the new operating system offers.

Open the Windows 10 Settings app> Update & Security> Activation.

Now click on "Windows5 times and you will see a blue box asking if you want to Switch to the retail demo.

click on change Button starts the retail demo - BUT As mentioned earlier, all user settings and data will be erased and the computer will be reset to factory settings. So you want to click Cancel and leave.

Traders who have a valid account can see the demo of the app at WindowsRetailDemo.com.

Delete the Windows 10 Retail demo

While using the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 10, I noticed this entry - RetailDemo offline content.

If you want to delete this retail demo and save space, use the built-in disk cleanup utility. This will erase 100MB of storage space!

Commentators say: You can't just use Windows Disk Cleanup to delete the retail demo offline content. It requires a password. The password for the Retail Demo Admin account is trs10.

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