How to fix a spilled bra

How to fix an underwire bra

How many times have you been stung by your underwire? Pooh! It feels like you're almost throwing that damn bra away thinking it's the end. Not correct! Instead, why not get smart and know how to fix an underwire bra.

How to get the bra back in business? Well, bra wire repair isn't time consuming as you thought. It's a matter of a few minutes.

Why are you suffering from the painful stinging in your ribs when you can nip it in the bud?

Let's begin.

Parts of Underwire Bra - an overview

A piece of laundry is not just a part. It is made up of several pieces and pieces that improve the fit of the bra. Look how

part description purpose
cups Main part of the bra that sits over the bust Support and shape the bust
hanger Wire holder under the cups Provide additional support and design
tape Wraps around the chest; holds mug and wings Affects the overall fit of the bra
wing Fabric attached to the cups and hooks and eyes Wrap around the body to close the bra
Hooks and eyes Closure at the back of the bra Secure the bra
Bra straps Connect the cup to the wing; sit over your shoulders Provide support and improve the fit
Belt rings and adjusters Plastic or metal fittings on straps Loosen or tighten the straps
Central panel Piece of fabric between the two cups Hangs cups together

Now that we've shown you the big picture, let's move on to the corrective actions that can help fix an underwire bra.

Method 1 - moleskin patch

  • Buy moleskin padding (small, not large). It is usually available in several skin tones in the foot area of ​​drugstores. Although it is used to brush corns and calluses, this time you will be using it to fix your bra.
  • Cut a strip of the moleskin (which should be big enough to patch the hole). Also round off the corners of the moleskin so that the fabric doesn't poke.
  • Now, once you've found the place where the wire is sticking out, put the hanger back in. Do it so that the wire cannot be discovered.
  • Cover the hole by first peeling the paper off the moleskin. Then place the sticky side of the strip over the hole. Use your fingers to smooth the patch.
  • The application of the Moleskin-Patch is done.


Method 2 - Fabric Patch

  • Cut off a small piece of fabric. The purpose is to patch the hole.
  • The patch of fabric should match the color of your bra (so it blends in better).
  • Now cut off some tissue glue (which should be the same size as the strip of fabric).
  • Peel off one side of the paper backing on the adhesive strip. This will make the sticky adhesive strip visible.
  • Glue the strip onto the fabric and round off the corners.
  • Push the wire back into the bra.
  • Attach the strip of fabric by peeling the paper backing off the other side of the adhesive. Place the adhesive side of the strip over the hole.
  • The method of repairing bra underwire plugs is done.


Method 3 - sewing

This process requires an underwire bra repair kit that includes bra repair hooks and eyes.

  • First thread a needle. What kind of thread should be used? It can be thick thread or double thread for extra strength. Yes, tie the end of the thread so it doesn't get pulled through the fabric
  • Find the place where the hanger is sticking out. Push it through again, all the way through.
  • Since the edges are together, start sewing them.
  • Take a bit of nail polish or tissue glue to reinforce the previous steps.
  • Let the substance dry (nail polish or glue)
  • You're done.


Method 4 - Bra Angel Kit

The bra repair kit is used in an emergency situation. It's a lil device that can help you deal with those little emergencies (unexpected ones) and can keep your bra wire from constantly poking through.


How to avoid the underwire problem in the future

Share with you three of the options available:

Option A: You can solve the problem of underwire for bra to fix by removing it completely. To do this, you need to make a small hole in the fabric in the same place on the other cup. Once you are done, remove the second bracket as well.

Option B: Buy bras without underwire. Explore the options of Modern Movement Hidden Comfort No-Wire Bra, Playtex Women’s Secrets, Perfectly Smooth Wire Free Bra and yes, many options from Victoria's Secret.

Option C: Going bra-less is another option to consider, even though the 1970s bra burn was more than a myth.


How to Avoid the Underwire Bra Problem

Read this line from the American bra manufacturer Wacoal "A hanger will usually poke through an item of clothing for two reasons: either you are wearing the wrong size or you are washing the item incorrectly."

Well said, and how!

A little more from the insight of the Italian underwear manufacturer La Perla, which states that all underwire bras have a protective rubber tip. “This rubber tip protects the garment and skin from the sharp edge of the wire.After tumbling in a washing machine, the fabric rubs the rubber tip again, wearing away the tip and fabric, often exposing the wire.

Bottom line?

Taking care of your correctly sized bras is your best bet if you want to keep those sharp underwires where they belong.

Hope you enjoyed these underwire bra repair tips. Share it, pin it, try it. And let us know how you found it by leaving the comments.

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Watch this short video on how to repair bra underwires. Not only like it, but also implement it. All the best!