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The thing about sleeping

Are you actually allowed to call people who "wrong dialed“Have been prosecuted for waking up the child who is in cessation?
Well, it doesn't matter ... I just wanted to write today that I have a better grip on the matter of sleeping. I no longer get up before / after each breastfeeding and go to the toilet, hang on to the cell phone for a while, drink two glasses of water and then lie back awake and pensive. No, more and more often I get stuck with the urge to urinate as well as my thirst and then usually fall asleep again quickly. A good trick. But once at night I have to go to the bathroom and the water cup in the room is quickly empty despite the sparing drinking. Those who dispense several dl of milk at night also get thirsty, Basta!
Still: I think I sleep better now. And I also believe that my body has finally got used to sleep deprivation. Fall asleep at 11 p.m. and get up at 7 a.m., breastfeeding four times at night, mostly loooong because the mouse loosely drinks late at night - no longer a major problem. The morning is always nice ... and I'm in a bad mood, sometimes there is a low in the evening, but that's about it. Nevertheless, I hope that the mouse will soon be able to sleep better and longer.