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How to wear rings: useful tips

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There is an opinion that an incorrectly chosen attribute affects health. For example, gold excites the nervous system while silver calms it down. There are no single, strict rules for wearing rings, but there are still a few recommendations. Look at them all right.

Wear rings according to character

Pinkie finger
Wearing rings on this finger is recommended for people who do not have pronounced signs of eloquence, dexterity and agility. The little finger is called the Mercury finger, it supports doctors, diplomats, great speakers, analytical and political personalities.

If you need assistance in these areas, consider putting a ring on a pinky finger. Such a step will help make contacts in the business area and make contacts with people of complex nature from nature.

Also the ring, which is worn on the little finger, helps playing people and "Kazanov" (men), ulestyvayuschim for different women. The accessories suppress these properties and lead the person back on the true path.

Experienced psychologists say with one voice that people with a ring on their little finger are characterized by cunning, ingenuity, can betray their partner and seduce them into an adventure.

Wearing a ring on this finger is suitable for people who have a passion for wealth, both spiritually and materially. In addition, the accessory is recommended for men and women who are looking for joie de vivre and love.

The ring underlines the passion for everything beautiful and living, suitable for people who want to gain strength and fame. If you wear gold jewelry, you can quickly become famous and rich.

It is recommended to wear thick rings with a width of 0.5 cm too emotionally, a ring that is not very large (2-3 mm) is suitable for self-confident and calm nature.

A person who is not in a relationship should wear a ring on their left hand. Such a step will show the future second half that a man or woman is open to new acquaintances. Right ring worn by married people.

The bearers of the rings on the middle finger are considered unhappy people who are everywhere accompanied by failure. The accessory is also worn in the case of jewelry that is inherited (generic ring).

The person who put an accessory on a middle finger can easily pass an important path and overcome all difficulties. In difficult situations, decisions are made much easier.

In addition, the accessory is suitable for people who are learning the art of self-knowledge and for those who are engaged in meditation. To fully open up, you should give preference to the attributes of bronze or iron.

index finger
Palmists and astrologers claim that this finger represents the strength and protection of Jupiter. Wearing a ring on the index finger is suitable for closed, insecure and overly shy people. Decoration helps increase self-esteem, makes a person eloquent and strong spiritual.

It is also widely recognized that the accessory brings happiness, trust, and success in the bonds of love and business. A pewter ring or an ornament made of white / red gold is worn on the index finger.

Such a step will help a person to broaden his horizons in different areas of life, to believe in his own strength, and also to become more insightful and passionate.

People who by nature have a passionate temperament, expressiveness, it is recommended to wear a ring with high emotionality and inexhaustible energy reserve on this finger. In addition, the decoration should be made of copper or rose gold.

According to astrologers and palmists, the thumb represents the power of Mars. The planet is responsible for the partial suppression of unwanted (bad or greedy) emotions, holds back irritability, calms the nervous system, helps the wearer to become friendlier and to come into harmony with his own "I".

For the most part, people with a ring on their thumbs have a high level of stubbornness. They try in every possible way to assert themselves at the expense of others and also to increase their libido (in men). Women find thousands of ways to satisfy their partner in bed.

Ring with a stone to put a finger on

Pinkie finger
As mentioned earlier, the finger is responsible for business relationships and communication with "useful" people. Often the ring on the little finger improves speech and mental abilities.

Prefer decorations with yellowish stones. These include amber, citrine, carnelian, topaz, and green specimens such as emerald, chrysoprase (placed in a silver frame) and chrysolite are also suitable.

You can also wear a silver or gold ring with jade for a business meeting. It will help realize ambitious projects, improve kidney activity and tell you how to find a solution in a difficult situation.

The finger is a symbol of love, so it is best to give preference to ornaments with red stones. These include ruby, pomegranate, jasper, tourmaline, lal, carnelian. The examples listed strengthen the heart muscle and eyesight, and also bring happiness to the love plan.

Rings with yellow stones (amber, carnelian, citrine, chrysolite, topaz, etc.) may be worn. To strengthen the bond of marriage, it is worth wearing a pearl ring on the finger of your right hand.

Registered family relationships are strongly discouraged from wearing a silver ring. This aspect is related to the strength of the alloy, it calms and makes a person immune to love and feelings in general. No wonder people wear "Save and Save" on the ring finger of their right hand.

Jewelry that wears this finger is responsible for the human ego. The stone set in the ring plays an important role in political, business and family ties. The ring promotes the wearer in the upper world, the elite, a noble society.

It is advisable to prefer a black, dark blue and purple shade to the stones. In this case, the element must be enclosed in platinum, white gold or silver. Palmists recommend wearing rings occasionally, for example for an important interview that should be successful.

To maintain harmony of the heart and mind, put an amethyst or obsidian silver cut on the middle finger of your left hand. To convince your opponent of the seriousness of the idea, get yourself a moonstone.

The middle fingers do not need to be decorated with gold products. Decorations of this kind overshadow their owner and make him uninteresting to society. The gold alloy, in which the stone is finished with a red shade, negatively affects personal life and sexual communication.

index finger

The finger is a manifestation of Jupiter's will. It shows a man the way, discovers talent, increases determination and interest in life; an incorrectly chosen decoration can be the result of ruin and lack of spiritual values.

To be successful, put on your index finger products with sapphires, turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine and other blue stones, as well as shades of blue and turquoise. Prefer gold cut products.

If you put a coral in gold, you can quickly get rid of the negative, long-lasting depression stress. Men must wear jewelry on the right and girls on the left.
In no case should silver rings be worn, otherwise a similar toe will contribute to the destruction of hopes and dreams.

It is desirable to decorate a finger with rings with pebbles of green, blue-green or saturated blue color. Such a step will increase the vitality and confidence of the owner, straighten out the psycho-emotional background and cure confusion.

You can also wear stones of yellow color, but you should give up the blue copies. If you wear a ring with a blue-green stone, the person will be comfortable no matter the situation. Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, turquoise, amazonite are among the "right" stones.

Wearing rings has long stood for the individuality, charisma and taste of its owner. The accessory can be used by men and women, each person needs a specific stone, depending on the type of character.

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