How to add a photo on fanduel

How to add a picture to a story

In contrast to the book covers, which are uploaded directly to Wattpad (i.e. the file is transferred to the computer belonging to Wattpad and saved there), images that are displayed to the right of individual chapters are only added via a link, similar to YouTube videos. This means that the image is stored on some other permanently connected computer (called a server), and the direct link to the image must be given to Wattpad in order for the image to be displayed.

So, to add an image to a chapter, do the following:

Go to the My Works page like this:

Go with the mouse on the part of the orange Wattpad bar where you can see your profile picture. A submenu opens. Click on 'My Works' there.

A list of your works will appear. Videos are shown per chapter of a story, so click the 'edit' button next to the chapter of the story you want to add a picture to. The edit screen appears. On the right, under 'OPTIONS', click on 'Advanced' to access the advanced options.

In the text field labeled 'Photos', enter the link to the picture that you want to appear in your chapter. This must be the direct link that only leads to the picture.

Save your changes. That’s it.



The picture has to be saved somewhere on the Internet so that you can provide a link on Wattpad. A platform where something like this can be done is the photobucket recommended by Wattpad, which can be found at: