Woman who lost 200 pounds

The woman lost 70 pounds and repented

Photo: Victoria Harries

The resident of an English civil parish in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, lost 70 pounds and was upset at the sagging skin. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Victoria Harries (Victoria Harries) weighed 144 pounds. Seven years ago, she was at a friend's wedding where it was captured by a photographer. When the woman saw herself in the picture, she was excited and removed the mark with her name on social networks. At the same time, Harries decided that I need to lose weight, printed this photo and hung on the fridge door for motivation.

The British followed a strict diet and fitness regime and, in seven years, lost 70 pounds. The day you insisted on 10 thousand steps until 10 o'clock and ate balanced. Now weighs 74 pounds, but the result does not satisfy the woman. Instead of the body of dreams, she got ten pounds of sagging skin on her arms, legs, and stomach.

After losing weight Charries can't look at myself in the mirror and the sagging skin can't still wear the clothes that it wants. Strangers asked if she was pregnant and it's sad the British. She admits that at times she thinks that she doesn't want to lose weight.

Now Harries is collecting 9.5 thousand pounds (780 thousand pounds) for the operation to remove excess skin and hopes to pile up the required amount.

Earlier it was reported that one in the English village of Burwell, County Leicestershire, changed their diet, started exercising and lost 51 pounds. The British weighed 133 pounds and has complained that badly in the pictures, but after making the decision to lose weight I entered a gym and have a habit of eating regularly in small portions to recover the metabolism .

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