Spargs Wholesale Supermarket Indonesia

Shopping worlds that inspire

Presenting, selling, shopping: Wanzl is the international system partner for retail and develops one of the most comprehensive product ranges for markets around the world. With its bestseller shopping cart is Wanzl world market leader - Almost three million new trolleys roll into the shops every year and provide every desired service in numerous variants. Entrance systems and customer tours, room dividers and control systems help to reduce inventory differences and intuitively support orientation in the market. And, of course, Wanzl knows how goods at the POS generate high sales and how internal logistics really get rolling!

Planning & design

Immerse yourself in the world of Wanzl shopfitting projects. Whether food, fashion, drugstore or non-food, all stores planned and implemented by Wanzl are characterized by their individual character. Impressive product presentations, clear shopping worlds, inviting shopping landscapes in which customers like to linger - experience shopping worlds made by Wanzl.


Our product range

Shelving systems, sales tables, stands and displays for retail use

Benefit from the highest quality standards and one of the most comprehensive product ranges on the world market. The numerous variants of the bestseller shopping trolleys offer every desired function and are perfectly complemented by products such as entrance systems for customer guidance, room dividers and guidance systems and innovative shelf systems.


All services from a single source

Wanzl products set quality standards for customers all over the world. Wanzl has become one of the leading international partners in global retail and has long since carried the quality brand name MADE BY WANZL into new areas of application in other industries.