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In the market there is countless variants of chest freezers. From the mini freezer to the large freezer, everything is included. But the models do not only differ in size. The equipment and additional functions are also important. Last but not least, power consumption is also a decisive purchase criterion. Many variants are equipped with the energy efficiency class A, B or C. You can obtain chest freezers from various manufacturers. There are, for example, good models from the brands AEG, Liebherr, Hanseatic and Siemens to choose from. To find out about the wide range To be able to decide on the right variant, a look in the freezer test helps.

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What to look for when buying

Due to the wide range of chest freezers on offer, you should think about the size and features in advance of buying. What should the freezer do? Which Functions do you have to bring it? Can it be cheap or a little more expensive? Would you like to have the model of a certain brand with you? In addition to Bauknecht, Miele, Bosch and Privileg, there are also chests from

to select. You can buy some good chest freezers from Saturn and Media Markt.

Stiftung Warentest has tested various chest freezers. in the Freezer test get some recommendations for good models. You will also find helpful information about the test winner there. In combination with the reviews and experiences of other customers, you can get a good picture of the models.

From mini freezers to large freezers

A very important factor is the size of the freezer. You should be clear about what you want to put in it. First of all, it depends on the number of people in your household. A large family certainly needs more space in the freezer for their groceries. There are models with 300 liters and 350 liters capacity to disposal. A household with one or two people, on the other hand, only needs a 50 liter or 100 liter chest freezer. Of course, your own eating habits are also important. Do you freeze a lot or do you mainly buy frozen goods? In this case, you should think about a model with a capacity of 500 liters, 600 liters or 800 liters. Ultimately, the available space is also a decisive criterion. There are also models with a capacity of 200 liters, 240 liters and 250 liters.

Tip! In addition to the variants for the household, models for camping are also in demand. These have to work without electricity. There are also small freezers that work with 12 V. They are perfect for short trips. There are also some field reports for these models.

In the freezer test you can inform about good models. The Review contains not only interesting facts about the test winner, but also shows you the advantages and disadvantages of other models. This is how you can find exactly the freezer that suits your needs.

Special features and functions

The chests usually have a sturdy plastic lid. This makes it easy to open the freezer. At the same time, secure locking can be guaranteed. Some models are also equipped with a glass lid. Chests with glass lids offer a clear advantage: you can see immediately whether all supplies are still full or whether you need to buy something again. If you like it a little more comfortable, you can go to Models with sliding cover To fall back on. Chest freezers with sliding lids are easier to open than those with conventional lids. Many chest freezers have child locks. Such is the contents of the chest childproof and the risk of injury is minimized.

Many devices have baskets. Usually everything is lying around in the freezer. The baskets keep things tidy. You can quickly find what you are looking for. Such baskets are particularly important for chests with a high capacity.

Tip! A useful additional function is the no frost function. If a freezer is equipped with it, ice formation is prevented. The big advantage is that you can save yourself having to defrost the chest. But you have to clean it yourself. Germs and dirt develop quickly, especially on the seal.

Further functions are the freeze alarm and the automatic temperature regulation. The freeze alarm is audible and visible depending on the device. With a beep or a LED display the freeze alarm becomes clear to the user. If the device malfunctions, the remaining storage time is between 15 and 110 hours.

These are the functions and features to look out for when purchasing a chest freezer

No frostWith the No Frost function, the laborious and time-consuming defrosting of freezers is no longer necessary. This function reduces the humidity in the device and also eliminates the formation of snow. In chest freezers without No Frost, entire blocks of ice can form in the walls. This is prevented with modern devices. This function increases the energy consumption a little, although it should be noted that regular defrosting by cooling down the device again is associated with costs.
Automatic defrostWhat the No Frost function does not do, the automatic defrost does. As a result of the repeated opening of the freezer, a warmth. and moisture exchange takes place, there may be little ice formation despite No Frost. The automatic defrosting system melts the ice and diverts it to the outside through a small opening.
Super frostThis quick freeze function thinks about the internal temperature of the device and compensates for fluctuations in the temperature that arise when loading goods that have not been refrigerated. However, this function must also be deactivated again. If this is forgotten, there will be unnecessarily higher energy costs.
Automatic freeze functionThe automatic freeze function takes over the automatic switching from Superfrost to the standard mode so that you don't have to worry about forgetting or thinking about it too late.
Freezer classesThe stars on your device indicate the respective freezer class and provide information about the cooling temperature and the maximum storage time of your food in the freezer. Your frozen food will last for around a week in a 1-star compartment, and 2 weeks in a 2-star compartment. With 3 stars it looks better with around 3 months and 4 stars allow storage for up to a year.

Pay attention to a high energy efficiency class

In this day and age, power consumption is an important issue. The energy efficiency class should be correspondingly high, especially for chest freezers that are on all the time. Devices with the designations A, B, C and D are available on the market. So you are on the safe side. Under the Energy consumption information you will also find a star rating. Good and very good models have been awarded 4 stars. Products with a lower energy consumption receive 3 stars and 2 stars. Regular defrosting of the freezer also helps to save energy. Already with one thin layer of ice the energy consumption increases a lot. With an additional no frost function, even defrosting is no longer necessary.

Compare prices in advance

In the end, of course, the price is also decisive. You have probably thought about what you would like to spend on your new freezer beforehand. Depending on the size and features, the price ranges from € 180 to € 700. If you already have some models in the preselection, you can compare the prices and so the cheapest option filter out. A detailed price comparison is worthwhile in any case. After all, you don't want to spend more money on the freezer than you need to. You can always find the best deals online.

If the comparison is still above your expectations, you can buy a used chest. This is then to be had a little cheaper. You should get the used models take a close look and check that all functions are still intact. Most of the time, the chest freezers are only a bit worn on the outside. If that doesn't bother you, it's worth looking out for a used chest.

Advantages and disadvantages of a freezer

  • If you have a freezer, you can really take advantage of special offers when shopping. Especially in the case of special promotions of food that are only available in the supermarket for a certain period of time, the joy is great when you can stock up on them.
  • Since cooking for single households is generally more expensive than cooking for a multi-person household, a freezer can save money. If you buy larger quantities cheaply and prepare several portions accordingly, the food can be frozen in portions. Not only did you buy cheaper, but you also saved a lot of time the next time you prepare it. It's nice when you always have freshly prepared food in the house!
  • Large households are well served with a freezer when it comes to stocking up. Shopping for a large family takes up a lot of space. This means that you have to get supplies several times a week. Large freezers help here. Your capacity can save you one or the other trip to the supermarket because food is available for a longer period of time.
  • If your favorite vegetables are out of season or if the preparation of vegetables is too laborious for you, a freezer allows you to have frozen vegetables at any time. This has already been washed, blanched and gently quick-frozen. So you have fresh vegetables with almost all of their vitamins preserved.
  • If you do not want to dispose of the remains of a lovingly cooked dish, you can confidently freeze it and take it out of your freezer and warm it up even after a long time. The flavors are retained.
  • Chest freezers are one of the bigger purchases and some of them have a steep price. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the models in advance in order to save a little here.

Buy cheap freezers in the online shop

Do you have that Freezer test have you looked closely and found a model that meets your requirements? Then you can order your future chest freezer directly in the online shop. This has the advantage that the delivery comes straight to your home. This saves you the hassle of hauling from the store to your apartment or house. Shipping is usually free of charge.

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Our experts recommend the following brands: BEKO.

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