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The national horoscope of France

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France has many natal charts, each of them reflecting the dynamic political and social changes that have taken place in this country over the centuries. The current horoscope for France is that of the 5th Republic, proclaimed in 1958 in the artistic, intellectually refined and civilized sign Libra.

The path of Uranus and Neptune through the sign Aquarius promises many artistic and scientific breakthroughs that express the great creativity of this land. The harmonious aspects of both planets may also point the way in which willingness to serve others - a powerful element in this chart - can be put into action in a positive and inspired way. Apparently participation in the European Union promises to be a dynamic, creative and - with occasional exceptions - harmonious expression of France's natural need to form alliances with other countries - this tendency is reflected by the Sun and Venus in Libra.

Passing through the sign Sagittarius, Pluto will exert its influence in a gradual but inevitable transformation in the areas of law, religion, and social ideology. It promises to break down numerous entrenched prejudices and beliefs that have frustrated many people in the past. When Pluto moves across Saturn in the natal chart of France on its way through the fiery, free-thinking sign Sagittarius, it will address the important issue of tolerance - in the religious, social and political - and reveal those areas in which rigid thinking has created obstacles that have become blockades both for the French themselves and for the other countries with which they have to deal.

But by and large, these challenges are likely to be met, with more enthusiasm than reluctance. The combination of the movements of all three outer planets in the French horoscope is primarily positive and inspiring and will lead to a real creative renaissance over the next decade. Whether or not you can use this time of inspiration is up to you.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Dates: Oct. 6, 1958, 6.30 p.m. CET, Paris)