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Penetrate the vagina very deeply

Hello everyone,

when I have sex with a woman, I always have to penetrate deeply into her, I prefer to do it very slowly and want to be very deep inside her. Since I have a quite long penis (21 cm), I already wonder if it doesn't hurt women. I once read that the vagina is 10 to 12 cm long, then my penis never fits that far into the vagina. Where does it go when I'm so deep in the vagina? Am I then in the womb or how does it work?

To be filled in completely is something great. However, a man with a large penis should take it easy on the first penetration and increase the pace later. A vagina also needs time to adjust.

I've never been able to fully fill a woman, but with my very short penis that's no wonder. For this I can insert it unchecked up to the stop without fear that it will hurt. But short and strong also trimmed something particularly tight. My horny glans spoils the G point in many positions as if by chance, so without having to make any special effort.

LG Leo

I also love it when the man penetrates me deeply. It's always a great feeling. Doggy is doing particularly well. It never hurt and except for one penis, all of them fit perfectly. The vagina adapts to the penis.

My first orgasm is with me

The nicer one. By that I mean the first complete orgasm with ejaculation. Further intercourse after a short break is very, very nice, but the orgasm is not so strong with me. I envy women there.

Penetrate the vagina very deeply

@cimberline, you write then we will do another round immediately.
Unfortunately, I can't start a sex round with a great orgasm immediately after sex. He's not going to stiffen that quickly. If I and my wife would like to do that too, it takes at least half an hour until he is erect again so that he can slide into the vagina. If we lie in bed in the evening and then do not fall asleep afterwards, we often do this for the second time after a break . Then I can hold it back a lot longer until I come. But when it comes, it's even better for both of us. Is it the same with you?

Penetrate the vagina very deeply

Hello cimberline, my wife doesn't like the doggi position.
We do it lying on my side, I'm lying behind my wife, but in the normal missionary position it works very well with the deeper penetration when coming.

Well, you are connoisseurs for me and not food despisers!

Keep it up,

That's exactly how I like it with the doggy position ... When my friend is almost at his climax he thrusts deep into me, but then always lingers to delay his climax. That really makes me really hot, and I usually notice that I'm almost ready. Then I press my head and shoulders down on the mattress and my friend then pushes me particularly powerfully and deeply into me so that I immediately come hard. We usually come to the climax together ... Then there is often the 2nd round because it was so nice.

Penetrate the vagina very deeply

For me it is like this, I penetrate my wife very slowly, not so deep, and slowly pull the penis out again. I'll do that parmal. With every bump I slide deeper. But when I'm about to come I push the penis very firmly into it. My wife likes that very much, I can then only do a few more thrusts in and half out again then I come and thrust deeply into it when I come. My wife comes and says please keep going until he's tired.

My friend describes it similarly. Must be a crazy feeling. With me the orgasms are very intense.

I can only agree with your friend. Doggy is also my favorite position after the equestrian position when I want to be passive. Since my friend is really very well equipped with his good piece, he bumps into my uterus with every bump in the doggy position. I love this bump on the uterus, but only if I really get going during sex. It can be a bit uncomfortable beforehand. When I'm about to climax or during my climax, toasting is a heavenly dream ...

My girlfriend likes it when I penetrate her very deeply, preferably in the doggy.

Thanks cymberline

Yes i think you can ...

Then I can be one of the lucky men who has one, right?

We have had this experience with a large penis. If the penis is too small, it usually does not reach that deep. That is why there are women without this experience.

Cymberline, Sternchen and Silke, you've had the experience, but not every woman does this or I'm wrong.

Sternchen and Silke like me confirm this too ...

Whenever I'm ready, toasting is the greatest pleasure!

From my sex experience, I can only say that I have always been well received by women if I did not penetrate so deeply into them at the beginning. I mean it got more and more in the act until I finally felt how I touched her cervix and with every bump it got bigger, then the woman came extremely loud and as she always said herself it was always her best orgasm.

Asterisk described it very well. I also like it a lot, especially when I notice I'm coming when it hits the cervix. This is the only way to get a particularly violent and intense climax. The advantage is of course the rider position, as I can then control the depth, hardness and speed a bit and thus my climax. If the penis is particularly large, the nudge is very easy and gives me a lot of fun and a nice climax.

... that's right, there is absolutely nothing to be said against penetrating as far as it will go, on the contrary. I enjoy penetrating a woman very slowly and centimeter by centimeter to the end of my shaft. Then hold out and come back just as slowly. I also love it when I only penetrate a woman with my (trimmed) glans and pull it out again to penetrate with a quick jerk to the stop after a few such movements. My wife likes it very much and when I hear the noises and tones it can't be bad to use the penis with its entire length.

And very slowly at the same time

I've made the experience that - at least with my loved one - it can be particularly pleasurable to penetrate deeply in a completely irregular manner.
Once very deep, then halfway out, all the way in, all the way out, all the way in, almost all the way out, all the way out - just any number of times.
This game takes my love to seventh heaven ...

So I also like to slide my penis deep into the vagina, but only when I notice that the girl wants it too. Is a great feeling.

My partner also appreciates it when I go deep into her; my penis is 15 cm long

So I also like it when a penis goes deep inside me. Fortunately, I've never had a problem with a large penis.

... my boyfriend also has a fairly tall one (22cm), so we choose positions that we enjoy. Preferably the equestrian position, because I can determine how deeply it penetrates me. I also often like it really deep when his glans touch my cervix, because I often come very strong.

How old is your friend?
Because if 1999 is your real year of birth, I can well imagine that you are in pain.

I love it when my friend is deep inside me but unfortunately it hurts terribly :(

In all honesty, I don't like it at all when a man penetrates me so deeply, you really have to

The most important characteristic of whether it hurts HER is that she tells YOU. I think when she is in pain she will let you know.

..where "he goes with women"

Hello Mr. Thomas Ehrmann,
Well: in most adult women, the vagina expands by about 5-10 cm during sexual intercourse.
There is also a few centimeters of space between the uterus and the cervix.
The most important thing is the willingness of the woman!

W. Grinder