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German [edit]

Etymology [edit]

From Middle High Germandoctor, from Old High Germanmedic, from Latinarchīāter("Physician"), from Ancient Greekἀρχίατρος(arkhíatros), from ἀρχι-(arkhi-) + ἰατρός(iatrós).

Pronunciation [edit]

  • IPA(key): / aːɐ̯tst / (standard)
  • IPA(key): / aːts (t) / (common; particularly northern and central Germany)

Noun [edit]

doctor m (genitiveDoctororDoctor, Pluraldoctors, femaledoctor)

  1. doctor, physician (male or of unspecified sex) (without necessarily having a postgraduate degree)
    • 1905, Elon Wikmark, The question of women. An economic-sociological study with a special focus on the Swedish bourgeoisie, page 139:
      Stockholm had 8 women according to the doctors' register from the previous summer doctors.

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  • Doctor (a physician with a postgraduate degree)

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