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In the age of digitization, a fax seems like a relic from another time. But it adapted and thus survived. Although the old fax machine has had its day, there are now modern, alternative forms of faxing that keep this means of communication alive.

Even for users who want to send a fax while on the move, there are now simple options. "While users used to need a combination of laptop and mobile phone with a built-in modem, today a fax can be sent from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet via an app," says Alexander Kuch from the online portal teltarif.de.

Consumers can fax files with their cell phone and an appropriate app. In comparison to classic mobile fax transmission, this enables users to transmit faxes to the respective recipient. In the past, fax software for computers that was not adapted to the cell phone modem often had problems with data transmission. Because the data modem built into the cell phone was not always correctly recognized. Today, users can send faxes completely internet-based using appropriate apps.

A variety of fax apps are available for both iOS and Android. However, Kuch points out: “Anyone who opts for a fax app should compare the prices for sending individual faxes or a subscription from the various providers. Because the costs often vary considerably. It is also advisable to read user reviews in the app stores in order to find the right app for you. "

In addition, users should pay attention to the countries in which the services offer their service. Because with some providers, faxing only works in selected countries. Some fax apps are also equipped with a scanner function, which users can use to photograph documents with the smartphone camera and then fax them.

Important documents can not only be faxed via smartphone. This is also possible via the home PC. Some fax app providers allow users to send and receive faxes directly over the web. Accordingly, users are not necessarily dependent on apps. Kuch mentions other modern options for sending faxes today without a stationary fax machine: “In addition to sending and receiving faxes using an app on a smartphone or tablet, this can also be done using some DSL routers or e-mail services, for example . The voice mailbox of some providers also accepts faxes. ”Cid / rlo