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10 girls and no man! A homage to Franz von Suppé
con fuoco at MuTh - Debut concert by the “con fuoco” chamber orchestra

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A gold rush at MuTh!

The con fuoco chamber orchestra and Svetoslav Borisov have started to mine for gold among Vienna’s long-forgotten operettas. Here they demonstrate Suppé’s ability to synthesize different elements in his instrumentations and arrangements. These were a big success in 1860, when Viennese operetta was born at the Theater an der Wien. In his one-act piece “Das Pensionat” (The Boarding School), Franz von Suppé married French esprit, Viennese burlesque and the flavors of Italy. He provided Vienna’s response to the Parisian discovery of Cologne-born composer Jacques Offenbach. You can expect a colorful, charming merry-go-round of little-known overtures, character pieces and rare treasures from the very earliest days of Viennese operetta!

Tickets: Volume A € 27 / B € 23 / C € 19; box seats € 37,
Children and young people: A € 20 / B € 15 / C € 9

Team and cast

  • Chamber orchestra con fuoco
  • Conductor: Svetoslav Borisov