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Faz 11/14/12


Thirty-five years ago, Win-
fried Nerdinger the Munich archi-
architecture museum set up. Now
he takes with a large exhibition
lung goodbye. Features, page 27
He is financially independent and
politically rebellious: the lawyer
Peter Gauweiler has as a specialist
his old image for going it alone
stripped. Features, page 25
Focus of the German mission
zes is the accompaniment of Afghan people
Officers and instructors in everyday life.
The partnership-based advice
reaches a lot from the Germans, but
they are needed. Politics, page 6
Joachim Löw doesn't even think about
change the style of the national team.
Before the international match against Holland
it is said to be addressed to all critics
only: keep it up. Sport, page 24
For whom the voters in the federal
deciding on the 2013 election, knows
nobody. Surveys do not promise
Majority for black and yellow or red
Green. But can other co-
advertise alitions? Politics, page 3
Ten years after the introduction of the Do-
Mustard deposits no longer litter beer
can the land. The proportion of majority
away bottles is still gone
gen. What to do? Economy, page 11
Prime Minister Bouffier warns
to serenity in the energy transition
de. The opposition speaks against it
of barely measurable progress
since the energy summit in front of you
Year. Rhein-Main-Zeitung, page 31
Notice from the publisher:
10 pages supplement
"Financing for medium-sized companies",
4 pages supplement
"Industrial location Berlin"
My friend the architect
hat has the "Frankfurter Rund-
look "not tried everything: savings
round, wage waiver of the
shank, the switch to the smaller one
Paper format, an editorial joint
with other leaves from the
Mont Publishing Group. It helped
Not. Because she is over-indebted, she has
Newspaper, which has at least been
August 1945 appears, bankruptcy
General and special causes
chen come together. The German
daily newspapers - not every single
individual, but the genus as a whole -
lose readers. This development,
whose cause is not just the internet
is, was the "Frankfurter Rundschau"
exposed in particular. The left
green leaf made a leaden pha-
se through which the newspaper for many
simply boring because predictable
was while on her political
Terrain the "taz" fresher and bolder
worked. And although the readership
dwindled outside of Frankfurt, stopped
the publisher to the supra-regional
Say firmly, bought with high sales
operating costs. When the newspaper again
liveliered, it was too late. The
Entry of the SPD media holding and
later by the Cologne publishing house DuMont
Schauberg provided the "Rund-
look “, as it now shows, only one
Postponement. Both partners share
make millions in losses for years,
They no longer have to carry them any longer
to be ready.
For the printed media is coming
currently on every good news one
bad - or vice versa. The Maga-
zin "Newsweek" presents at the end of the year
its paper version, the “Financial
Times Deutschland "is on the
pe. On the other hand, Warren Buff
fat, a man who loves to lose money
understand to serve at 63 American
Newspapers involved - not out of pity,
as one might assume. And this-
there are indications that the
The decline in readers comes to a standstill.
Either way, the uncertain fate should
sal the "Frankfurter Rundschau" one
to the free mesh of the digital
World accustomed society occasion
give thought to what
her independent newspapers and one
Diversity of votes are worth. The
The basic lesson is: Free Meals
there is not any. Who for good journalism
don't want to spend good money,
prepared for commerce and the search
machines that are greedy for
our dates. And if the last
decent newspaper has disappeared,
all that remains is the chatter.
uf. WIESBADEN, November 13th. The
Risk of further strikes by the cabin
Personals at Lufthansa is banned.
The management of the largest German aviation
society and the trade union
Shank UFO put their months
Collective bargaining dispute at. The employer agrees
wage increases of up to 4.6 percent
cent to. In return, the employees accepted
mer lower starting wages for new things
Staff. (See Economics, page 9.)
A kettle of color
School of patience
Good bottles, bad bottles
Offensive self-defender
Letters to the editors. . . . . . . . . . . . 12th
Nature and science. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N1
Humanities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N3
Imprint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4th
Germany and the world. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7th
Current affairs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8th
Economy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Companies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12th
People and economy. . . . . . . . . . . . 14th
Market and Strategy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15th
Weather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Financial market. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17th
Law and taxes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19th
Courses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20th
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Feuilleton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25th
Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Television and radio. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30th
Research and Teaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N5
Youth writes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N6
o hard and systematic again-
time are the rulers in Russia
country since the end of the Soviet Union
no longer against opponents and critics
proceeded. After returning from Wla-
Dimir Putins in the presidency of the
May, several
new laws were passed to prevent the
leeway of opposition and
Strongly restrict civil society.
At the same time, the judiciary began
Opposition activists with proceedings
to cover. Are affected by it
both the leaders of the protest movements
that after the dubious
Duma election almost a year ago
tan as well as simple
This wave of repression is on
more than domestic political
tion. The Kremlin itself brings them with them
related to foreign policy, domestic
demer the crackdown on the opposition
staged as an anti-Western campaign
ned: He obliges Russian non-government
government organizations with foreign
financial backers to identify themselves as "foreign
cal agents "to register,
power over by a new law
High treason any contact with foreigners
to a potential criminal offense, throws Or-
organizations like the american one
Usaid out of the country and lets his
Justice in proceedings against opposition
nelle grotesque scenarios about foreign
cal conspiracies against Russia
It is secondary whether the Russian
Leadership itself believes what it is
spreads, or whether she's just trying in the
Resentment spread among the population
ments in the fight against internal opponents
to instrumentalize. Crucial
is what attitude towards the states
is expressed therein, the Mos-
chew on the diplomatic floor
referred to as "partner". This "part
ner "should draw their conclusions from this
hen. This is especially true for
Germany, which is supported by all EU states
the closest and best relationships
gen to Moscow entertains.
So far, the German Russia
Policy on the assumption that
a close and broad-based
work with Moscow central and
in the long term to a not only technological
gical and economic, rather
also social modernization
tion of Russia will lead, so
ultimately to a Russia that
in the western conceptions of
Rule of law and democracy
oriented. Behind this is the hope
tion that also from the current
Russian elite changes com-
men could. In the arguments for
one could still choose this view-
rend of the presidency of Dmitrij Med-
wedjews a certain plausibility
know, even if you don't share it-
te. But now it is finally clear
that this Russian leadership at one
No cooperation in the German sense
Is interested. German politics should-
te therefore give up the illusion with the
current rulers in Russia
could it be something like a "strategic
cal partnership ”.
The alternative to this is not one
new cold war, but a real
clear representation of German
shear and European interests.
This also includes a clear,
not in diplomatic phrases
grabbed criticism of the injury from
Human rights and rule of law
principles. This is a question
the credibility of one's own value
orientation - but not only: The
Russia's foreign policy is a mirror
picture of his domestic politics. Not only
towards citizens of their own country,
but also towards neighboring countries
Putin and his entourage
ge to foul. Your behavior towards
over countries they consider weaker
perceive (also towards EU co-
articulate), is of rude interference
and blackmail attempts.
draws. The one in German politics
still widespread idea that one can-
ne with Putin with quiet words and
Respect for those defined by him
Russian sensitivities
rich is therefore naive. A clear one
Protest against perversion of the law and willing
Freedom in Russia, on the other hand, is a signal
of one's own defensiveness.
Germany and Russia, the EU
and Russia come because of her
Neighborhood and its diverse
mutual entanglements
close cooperation.
Both sides need each other - and
Russia probably more the west
than vice versa. Therefore, government
consultations like this week in
Moscow is good despite everything. There is a
long line of safety, environmental,
economic and socio-political topics
men where German and European
cal interests with those of Russia
could be very close together
- when it comes to factual issues and Moscow
not primarily about power politics
would go. It's Russia's inclination that
Relations to the west as zero-sum
to see a game in which one
always wins on one side
lust corresponds to the other, the one
closer cooperation in these fields
difficult and natural
conflicting interests cause serious conflicts
can be.
That the Kremlin only serves its interests
power-politically and not objectively defi-
makes it difficult for the West
rig to formulate a policy that
the legitimate interests of Russia
(and not just its rulers) right
tion carries. On the destructiveness of the
He cannot do Putin's foreign policy
answer with the same coin. But
he should show firmness in principle.
Collective bargaining dispute at
Lufthansa enclosed
"Speed ​​is not a value in itself"
turn over. WASHINGTON, November 13th.
The scandal surrounding the former command
deur of the international troops in Af-
ghanistan (ISAF) and former CIA direct
tor David Petraeus is expanding. How
the Pentagon announced on Tuesday that
de after investigations by the Federal Police
FBI launched an internal investigation into the
current ISAF commander Gen-
ral John Allen initiated. It works
by 20,000 to 30,000 pages
send e-mail traffic that leads to a
part between Jill Kelley from Tampa in Flo-
rida and Allen is said to have taken place.
It's about according to the Pentagon
the suspicion of "inappropriate
swap ". Defense Minister Leon Pa-
According to the Pentagon, netta was on
Sunday informed about the investigation
mated. Whether the FBI is on a criminal offense
refer the matter to the judicial authorities
was initially unclear.
It was said from the Pentagon that open-
bar a connection between the
mediations against all and those against
Petraeus existed on Friday for
Resignation of the CIA director because of this
Affair with his biographer Paula Broad-
well. The investigation of the
FBI was informed months ago by a
grieves Jill Kelleys because of anonymous
Email threats started.
These came from the Petraeus beloved
ten Broadwell, who in Jill Kelley is a potential
saw a competitive rival and asked her to
te, "to keep my hands off my fellow-
sen ". When examining the private
Mail traffic from Mrs. Broadwell who
married and the mother of two sons,
were mails between Broadwell and
Petraeus is revealed to be having an affair
let close between the two.
Apparently, researching the
Mail traffic from Mrs. Kelley, who also
if is married and has three children,
the "inappropriate exchange" between
reveal to her and all. Everyone - too
he is married - according to the
Denied Pentagons, something wrong
done, against the code of conduct of the
violate literal or even against laws
to have. Allen remains in command for the time being
the ISAF; his nomination for the future
gen commander of the American sol-
data as well as all NATO troops in Europe
(Sacrum), on the other hand, is put on ice.
Allen is currently in Washington
where in the Senate the hearings on the
confirmation of his nomination
were. Defense Secretary Panetta, the
are currently on a trip to Asia
det, called on the Senate to stop the hearings
to nominate Marine Corps
General Joseph Dunford as the new ISAF
Hold commander as planned.
(Continued on page 2; Comment on page 8.)
wmu. BRUSSELS, November 13th. Between
between the euro states and the international
tional monetary fund (IMF) is an open
open dispute over further funding
of the international aid program for
Greece erupted. "We have
Disagreements, we're working
we try to solve them, ”said
the managing director of the
IMF, Christine Lagarde, after a meeting
fen of the Eurogroup in the night to
Tuesday in Brussels. The so far only difficult
The quarrel came to light after
the troika made up of the IMF, EU Commission and
European Central Bank (ECB) of the
government in Athens had attested that she
the reforms imposed on it, except for a few
ge remaining stock.
According to the Troika report needs
Athens two years more time to his
Meet savings goals. Because of the
nudge that im among the lenders
Principle is undisputed, arises in the current
Aid program for Athens a financial
gap of 32.6 billion euros. The
IMF continues to urge that too
the public creditors like ECB and
Euro states participate in a debt rescheduling
gen to fill the gap. On the other hand
concluded Federal Finance Minister Wolf-
gang Schäuble and the head of the Eurogroup
pe, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-
Claude Juncker, came up with such a solution.
Only when the lenders agree to
have agreed on this question, the next
th credit tranche of 31.5 billion
Euros are paid out on which the Greek
State is urgently required.
Juncker said the questions should be up to one
ner special meeting of the Eurogroup on
to be clarified next Tuesday. At-
Finally, the Bundestag should
be captured. Eu-
rogroup and IMF also on how
ensure that Athens has its
Serve debt permanently again
can. Juncker mediated in a joint
seeds press conference with Mrs. Lagarde
the impression that the finance ministers of the
room had already "decided"
that the Greek national debt is not -
as previously planned - in 2020, but
will not reach the target value of 120 until 2022
Percent of economic output is falling
must. Mrs. Lagarde disagreed and said
the fund could not change the target year.
Schäuble indicated that the financial
gap with funds from various
Sources will be closed. "It costs
not necessarily more money, ”he said
Südwestrundfunk. "It only increases the fi
financing needs on the time axis.
And solutions have to be found for this
become. "(continuation and further
right page 2; see Economy, page 11.)
The new role
of Überbayern
miha. FRANKFURT, November 13th. The
Publisher of the "Frankfurter Rundschau" has
on Tuesday at the Frankfurt District Court
filed for bankruptcy. "Mas-
sive sales losses in advertising and
Printing business in the first half of the
current year "would have the business
guided tour “no chance of leaving
given the loss zone ", shared the
lay with. The shareholders, the SPD media
dienholding DDVG and the publishing house M. Du-
Mont Schauberg, the "now-
more looming permanent financial
high losses "for" no longer present
adjustable ". Originally the company
of the "Rundschau" a financial
guarantee until 2015, but left
in view of the fact that since April
looming advertising loss this year
te no longer hold. The salaries of the
workers, it was said, were about the bankruptcy
money secured until January 31, 2013.
"Remedial approaches" are now being examined
and potential investors wanted. Some
the newspaper will not provide for the time being. "Just
when we appear we have the chan-
ce to find investors ”, it said on one
Staff meeting in Frankfurt.
(See page 3, features section, pages 25 and 29
and Rhein-Main-Zeitung.)
No partner
By Reinhard Veser
mic. PARIS, November 13th. president
François Hollande got the French on
Savings in government spending
agreed. The state must urgently
dernised and “better with fewer resources
managed, ”said Hollande
on Tuesday at his first press conference
renz in the Elysée Palace. Six months after
the socialist put it at his choice
Need for savings of around twelve billion
Euros a year and defended the budget
get tax increase planned for 2013
gen. Reform of the state, social
Security systems and the regional authority
sponsorship is the next stage. "Mei-
ne mission is by returning to the
Growth to reduce unemployment
ken, ”said Hollande. Hollan-
de that Paris will host the Syrian National Coal
tion as the “only representative of the Syrian
People ”. He see in the newly
opposition bloc founded the future
Provisional Government of Syria. The question
ge after arms deliveries to the opposition
tion must now be set again. (You-
he page 6 and economy, page 9.)
Investigation against ISAF commander Allen
Petraeus scandal spreads / suspicion of "inappropriate exchange"
Rundschau "
Hollande: With growth
Lower unemployment
Dispute between euro states and the IMF
about aid for Greece
Lagarde contradicts Juncker / Schäuble does not want to burden taxpayers additionally
Germany and the EU
have to face Putin
Russia hard and
appear principled.
The Rundschau
From Werner D’Inka
Under the most difficult conditions: On August 1, 1945, the "Frankfurter Rundschau" was founded. She was the second German
Daily newspaper that was published after the Second World War. The editorial office was located in this half-destroyed building at the time. Photo dpa
4 : Y; l; l; p; ​​w
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH; Subscriber service: 0180 - 2 34 46 77 (6 cents per call from German landlines, max. 42 cents per minute from mobile networks). Letters to the editors: [email protected]
Belgium 2.80 € / Denmark 21dkr / Finland, France, Greece 2.80 € / Great Britain 2.80 £ / Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands 2.80 € / Norway 29nkr / Austria 2.80 € / Portugal (Cont. ) 2.80 € / Sweden 28skr / Switzerland 4.80 sfrs / Slovenia 2.80 € / Spain, Canary Islands 2.80 € / Hungary 720Ft
The name of someone other than
right-wing extremist in a divergence
setting in an internet forum
a value judgment and of the
Karlsruhe has covered freedom of movement
decided. Politics, page 4
Not all are Palestinians by a long way
agree to the peace of the dead
of their national idol only to a few
medical tests with whom
the cause of death can be determined
supposed to bother. Politics, page 6
The people of the Rockaways
feel left alone.
Two weeks after the hurricane
Sandy has the New York Peninsula
still no electricity.
Germany and the world, page 7
In Karlsruhe has a on Tuesday
first process around the faulty
Breast Implants from France
began. The verdict could
Affect tens of thousands of women.
Germany and the world, page 7
Something like that doesn't happen every day
in the Bundestag. All factions are
concerned about the situation in Russia
and express this too. But
here, too, the devil lies in the detail.
Current affairs, page 8
Some in the Official Association saw
already the downfall of the evening
country near. Anyway
they elected a chairman who
“Only” public employee
Service is. Current affairs, page 8
u A degree has always been part of
joie de vivre not only in semi-
rooms and libraries
feel. Some citizens who are in this
Meaning must be regarded as uneducated,
appreciate such extended curricula
not always, especially when they are in the
Proximity to relevant educational institutions
ten live. In the university town
Passau becomes an exemplary dispute
about the blocking period for restaurants
and bars fought. Fundamental
There is a generous rule in Bavaria
lung; the general blocking period is on
one hour limited to the time
between five and six in the morning.
This casually called “cleaning hour”
Rest time can be after the restaurant agreement
order to be extended if a
there is a public need for it.
The city of Pass-
sau, in the
about noise pollution
activities through
had piled
wanted this out
use ability; of
this month
on should on
Working days one
Blocking period from
two to six o'clock, on Sundays and public holidays
days from three to six o'clock apply.
Gastronomic should be excluded
Be companies operating in commercial, industrial
trie and special areas.
The Bavarian Administrative Court
Hof now hastily disapproved
divorce this attempt in Passau
to introduce a calendar in which
a cleaning hour 240 respectively
Comprises 180 minutes. The judges may-
fen are considered to be quite knowledgeable
it is from the building of the administrative
court in Munich's Ludwig-
road not too far to places student-
table distractions, that too
open to long-term examiners
hen. Flat-rate the Passau city area
with the exception of commercial, industrial
trie and special areas as special
to declare in need of rest, stopped
they are too indefinite.
The debate is closely related to a
offered connected, that still the
müter moves in Bavaria - the ban
of smoking in restaurants. Since it's in
Strength, the complaints should rest
needy neighbors by leaps and bounds
his because it was the smoker in front of the rose
Pub doors pulls. An expansion
the ban on smoking in public places
and roads should be in Bavaria, however
not threaten yet. At least not
before the state election in the next
Incomprehensible contrast
The "Reutlinger General-Anzeiger" evaluates the
Federal Government's response to Greece:
“You get used to it, even if it's difficult.
And we already knew it. The extremely
owed Greece needs another aid
ket. The recession is more serious than expected. U.N-
want improvable optimists in the highest offices
do not admit that if state, company and
Citizens save, the growth of an economy
must decrease noticeably. As a result, it also clears
the federal government in turn all positions,
which she once set up. To a certain extent this may
tables belong to the business. However, it remains incomprehensible
the contrast when Minister of Economic Affairs Rösler still
a few weeks ago believed that a Greek exit
lands is to be got over. "
Merkel has to campaign for a yes
“Der Tagesspiegel” (Berlin) looks at the mood
in the Bundestag:
"In Germany, the political environment
Report against the field of CDU, CSU and FDP votes.
That is understandable. More time also means more
Money. About the German contribution to the stretching of the
The Bundestag must presumably already have payment terms in
vote next week. Without a permit
by the majority of the house the German part can
not to be topped up. Already at the last Greek
chenland debate was the threat from the coalition
'There won't be a third package! Bar unmistakable. In-
in between, however, the Chancellor traveled to Athens and
reported there that Germany would not become Greece
let alone. So, Angela Merkel is going to be credible
to stay, even in plenary, for a yes from their coalition
have to advertise. "
Political reforms have to be demanded
The "Südwest Presse" (Ulm) is devoted to the situation in
Greece itself:
"The decision to join the European
European thoughts and the common currency
hold is right. But that is just as correct
Compulsion, the country that is so sloppy with the money
rer used to call for political reforms.
Attempts to solve the crisis lurch between the two
two poles back and forth. You like it thrown through
call them. But muddling through belongs inextricably
lich to every dilemma of conflicting goals. Gratin
Chenland has delivered a lot of political effort to that
Right. But it has not yet built a state that
deserves the unreserved trust of those who
finance. That takes time and money. Get both
Athens until further notice. But not forever. "
Offer to the commoners
The "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" comments on the
divorce from Claudia Roth, despite her defeat at
the primary election of the party leader of the Greens
"In fact, Roth would be well advised to
who as the top candidate does not approach the gold scales
lay. The Greens chose a team and there appeared
it is probably wise for the majority of the members to
a kickin 'not another spirited left,
but to give a center politician aside. Two
sharp-edged leftists could have acted as a deterrent
nen. Göring-Eckardt, on the other hand, is
win lieus votes. Like Baden-Württemberg's mini
Prime Minister Kretschmann, like the new one from Stuttgart
Lord Mayor Kuhn, the Hamburg Greens in
the coalition with Ole von Beust or the Tübinger
Lord Mayor Boris Palmer is Göring-Eckardt in
able to create new segments in the middle for the party
shut down."
Not the strength to retreat
The "Badische Zeitung" (Freiburg) criticizes the par-
chairman and suggests that political consequences
to pull zen out of defeat:
“Who is more annoying than Claudia?‘ It wasn't bad
Slogan with which the greens in spring make feminine
Recruiting members. What hardly anyone admitted: The answer
many Greens answered the question for a long time: 'Never-
mand is more annoying than Claudia Roth. ‘At the moment she is annoying
Political business no more siren. The felt ewi-
ge co-boss of the Greens arouses pity. Pity because
she in the primary election for the top candidate for the federal
Tagswahl has been brutally beaten. But pity too,
because Roth did not have the strength to
the only credible consequence
pull: namely their withdrawal from the chair
to explain. "
No replacement in sight
The "Lausitzer Rundschau" (Cottbus) sees it differently:
“A replacement for Roth in the party chairmanship, who after the
green arithmetic must be feminine and, left ‘is
far and wide not in sight either. If you still take that
Added fact that Roth practically only won the Green Party
has learned, it becomes clear why even the humiliation through
the basis for them is by no means a reason to retreat.
Because of the countless, Claudia, do it again‘ calls
appearances are preserved. Much more, however
Another mentality
The "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" comments on the
Visit of the Federal Chancellor to Portugal and contradicting
the situation there with the
"The demonstrations were limited yesterday
zen, at least compared to Merkel's Greece-
Visit. What distinguishes Portugal from Greece
is the mentality: A broad political majority in Lis-
Lisbon's parliament is behind the tough reforms,
and the state administration works. Yet
also need the more impatient people
Encouraging messages because in Portugal the economic
growth falls and unemployment rises. successes
are not yet in sight despite the austerity measures. Necessary
are the painful incisions nonetheless. You the-
not as an end in itself, but to renovate the
Portuguese household. At least head of government
Coelho is aware that it would be without a rescue package
Land economically at the end. "
Right-wing radical as a value judgment
Arafat will not be forgotten
Not only Cuomo curses
"You take them with you to the grave"
Generally agreed
The employee
nbu. BRUSSELS, November 13th. In the EU
European Parliament has become the
designated new EU Health Com-
missar Tonio Borg on Tuesday against
Defends allegations that he represents
servative socio-political
sift through. In a hearing of the responsible
At the end of the committees, Borg emphasized, he
going to look into abortion issues
or same-sex partner
strictly adhere to the EU treaties and
keep the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. "I
do not become the Maltese commissioner
be sar, but the EU Commissioner,
that Malta has nominated, "he said un-
ter alluding to that in his
Home country abortions prohibited
Borg, who was painting again at the moment-
sian foreign minister should be his
Fellow countryman John Dalli, who
back in a corruption affair
the exact circumstances
are still unclear. In the
consultation of the parliament
appointment of a new commissioner
is written, Borg was
democratic, socialist, liberal
len and Green MPs asked
like his attitudes to abortion and
Homosexuality affects his work
as a commissioner. To
Abortion said Borg, although he was per-
against pregnancy termination
the EU treaties clearly
tig established that their regulation is a matter for the
Member states. At that he will
hold on. All programs of the Com-
mission he will continue. To gay
sexuality said Borg that he
Change of law introduced in Malta
have same-sex partners
to be able to register companies. He has
never disapprove of homosexual
xuality expressed.
Parliament is responsible for appointing
appointment of a new commissioner after a
only belonged to his resignation. Should it
reject the candidate, but it counts
as politically damaged that the
withdrawing the proposing government
got to. About Borg were about to
Hearing reports circulate in Brussels
which are clearly aimed at
ten to him as arch-conservative and corrupt
to represent. Borg showed up in the
listening well prepared and submitted
including a 14 year old newspaper
article in which the statement ci-
that it was for a Maltese woman
"Completely legal" to have an abortion
UK travel. In Brussels
was claimed
been, Borg
have aborted
willing to practice
Maltese women
the departure
want to offer.
In the fractional
on the Christian
ten, the Borgs
Party belongs to
ruled the
Hope that
the parliament endorse him in the end
because the Maltese Social Democrats
accede to their faction for Borg
ben. Both parliamentary groups together have
gen over a large majority, even
when parts of the Social Democrats
gen him would vote. Next up
Step the responsible training
shots make a recommendation,
then the next plenary session
Vote on Borg week.
In the more technically oriented
Borg announced the last part of the hearing
that he had already made a preliminary
slap for a new tobacco directive
want to submit. There should be no under-
differentiated between different days
bakforms are made. He quits
te to seek better consideration
of the EU rules for animal transport
to add, and advocated that
Cloning for food production
to disallow. Borg, who also works for
consumer protection would be responsible, said,
Bank customers should make the easier
Can change bank. Besides, be
he for class actions in the EU.
Dunford is to succeed Allen in January,
regardless of whether the 58 year old
acting ISAF commander to the Sa-
ceur is appointed or his career
may have to end. The fact,
that two of the leading generals in the
Scandal involved
are, throw one
Shadow on the
Armed forces. Petra-
us and all have
as commanders
the american
national and international
tional troops
in Iraq and Af-
ghanistan the war
ge since 2001
shapes. In the dispute
extramarital sexual abuse
Drawings as offenses that are ordinary
be severely punished. Meanwhile search-
FBI officers did that on Monday night
Broadwell's home in the state
North Carolina. The cops did
Photos and took documents.
ISTANBUL, November 13th. To the loading
sliding phenomena of the Greek crime
se it belongs that the economic
and the country's financial situation so far
has always developed worse than in the
Model calculations to save the country
the estimated. Because from the beginning
was the case, the Athenians at that time had to
Government and Greece's donor in
February this year the conditions
negotiate for a second aid package,
after the first, 110 billion
comprehensive agreement on emergency loans
from May 2010 long ago from the
gen was outdated, that is, Greece
needed more money. The present one
Report of the Troika (consisting of the
EU, the European Central Bank and
the International Monetary Fund)
confirms the existing from the beginning
fears that the second aid
ket won't be the last for Greece
That also has to do with the fact that the
Duration and extent of the recession in
Greece like the first
Aid package were underestimated. For 2012
the Troika is expecting one in the meantime
Decline in economic output by
about six percent. In the coming year
becomes with a minus of more than four
Percent. It would be for Greeks
the sixth year of recession in fol-
ge. At the end of 2013 at the earliest, a slight
start of the upswing, which in 2014
economic growth of 0.6 percent
could lead, it is now said. Al-
lt is however elsewhere in the report
to read: "A return to sustainable
according to growth can only be achieved
if structural reforms are complete
can be carried out quickly and easily. "
me not going to be the upswing
will also be absent in 2014. That's why they have to
Government set up a fight against
Hire “powerful stakeholders”.
The authors of the “First Review
of the second economic adjustment
program for Greece ”, like the
Troika report is officially called, were between
between the beginning of July and mid-October
In Athens four times this year. From these
Stays they draw the bottom line that it did
in Greece in the past
Months (also) "significant progress"
given. The government (from Prime Minister
sident Antonis Samaras) have "soon" clear
Taking a stand and getting behind the goals
of the adjustment program. Sa-
maras was still in the election campaign and before
especially in his time as opposition leader
harshly criticized the work of the Troika and
a change of course promised.
This is one of the good news
Troika the dismantling of bureaucratic hurdles
for business start-ups. In the
analysis published annually on this
the World Bank is Greece at eleven
Places moved up, but is still
still on rank 78 - between the
Mongolia, the Bahamas, Vanuatu and Sri
Lanka. EU candidate country Croatia
however, lies clearly behind
ter Greece. Through the cuts
of maximum pensions and the increase
the retirement age to 67 years
en the pension funds have been relieved,
it is called praising. The report remains vague
when asked about the reduction of the
State apparatus. It is reminded
that Athens is already in the first
the solution program had committed
the number of civil servants by “at least
150,000 "people to be reduced by 2015
gladly. So far, at least that's what it says in the
judge the troika, let the state apparatus
after all, by almost 80,000 people
have been nert, in that for every five retired
civil servants only one newly hired
de. In some authorities the charge is
allegedly even one in ten. The-
nor does the report say: “The reduction
public administration
must be continued. "An exception
me is apparently supposed to form the justice system,
where it has not been possible to
completed cases to the extent intended
to reduce. This has according to the report
“Especially” with the lack of staff
to do in the courts.
For European standards, very much
high defense spending in Greece
lands could be lowered, lie
but still above average.
In 2009 they made according to information
from the Troika report 3.9 percent of the
Gross domestic product. The defense budget
is then to a share of 2.2 pro
percent of the annual economic output
has been lowered, but lies Greece
so still in third place
of the 27 EU countries. UK only
and Cyprus give more per capita for theirs
Defense from as Greece.
Successes in austerity efforts show
according to the troika in the health sector
sen where the cost has dropped by nearly a billion
Euros could be reduced. In Greek
chenland now has an electronic one
Drug prescription system,
"Which is one of the most modern in Europe"
and significantly contributing to lowering costs.
have to wear. Also state budgets
Hospitals are now subject to
Computer system monitoring.
The privatization of state property
on the other hand was disappointing - too-
at least in view of the lofty ones
Expectations that were still
that year. Until December
Income of 1.7 billion
expected the euro. Greek politicians
had previously only the state property
real estate assets to 300 billion euros a day
xed and insinuated, it could easily be allowed
Make money. In a clear page
hit the ruling capital until the end of 2011
binett of the former prime minister
Papandreou says in the report: "Lei-
it quickly turned out that the
Privatization process insufficient
Protected from political hindrances
and that it was due to political will
failed to move the process forward.
A significant number of private
government development process necessary
There were no divorces. "
However, there was a "reducing
the appetite “of investors in the face of
politically uncertain situation in Greece
“The risks to the program remain
very large ", sum up the authors -
also with reference to legal difficulties
skills: "Important budgetary measures
men are likely to go to court
ten questioned what to the
Could lead to a need to
to fill standing fiscal holes. "
Who fill these "fiscal holes"
should, the report does not say.
Juncker and Mrs. Lagarde said it would be
many possibilities are available
that all “impartially”
would be checked. Among other things is it
thought a debt buyback program
program with the participation of the crisis
Fund EFSF or ESM on its feet
put. Almost certainly, the interest
lowered again, which the Greek
State to pay for its loans
got to. A stretching of the payment
goals is under discussion. Schäuble closed
a haircut with the participation of public
public creditor once again with the
founding that this violates the na-
national budget law of several
member states. Nothing is decided-
which has a "direct" impact on the public
impact on households. The minister
but admitted that by lowering it
of interest or an extension of payment
goals in ongoing programs
"Changes in Revenue" of the
State budgets could come.
The Mei-
differences between IMF
and euro states with a view to the
production of the Greek school
load-bearing capacity revealed. This is
thinks that the country is continuing its debts
must be able to serve and not
repeatedly faced with financial difficulties
th device. Mrs. Lagarde made an agreement
extension of the target date 2020 category
risch out. "It's about the Greek
national debt viable again
becomes. Now you need the right ones
Decisions are made ", say
te them. "We have clearly different
good views. "Calculations by the EU
According to the commission, Athens' school
the status of almost 177 percent of the
economic performance this year to just under
189 percent in 2014.
About the two-year grace period for
Athens was expected by the ministers
duly agreed. It is planned that Greece
country did not have a primary cover until 2016
shot (budget balance before interest) of
Achieve 4.5 percent of economic output
must chen; in addition, the state
ficit two years later - so too
not until 2016 - to below three percent of the
Economic output decline. To
Information from the EU currency commissioner
Olli Rehn is a bridging loan
ensured by the Greek state,
even if the payoff is now
next loan tranche of 31.5 billion
the euro by at least two weeks
likely to delay. Must be on Friday
Athens to replace short-term bonds.
This is also possible without the help of the ECB.
really, said Rehn, without realizing
purify. According to information from the
tralbank remains this in the hedge
of these bonds involved.
Schäuble pointed out that by
resende three tranches - for the 31.5 million
arden euros would originally come for
September planned rate of five milli-
arden and the year-end rate of 8.3 million
billions of euros - pending. It is to be survived
all three planned tranches by
to treat resende together. In front-
suspension is that an "effective
mer control mechanism "is established,
said the minister, without going into
hen. This question should also be addressed in the
to be clarified in the coming days. A good
common treatment would also have one
only one treatment by the
Bundestag result.
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One hour
takes 180 minutes
Continued from page 1
Borg defends himself
in the EU Parliament
against all
Little appetite for Greek
Dispute over aid for Greece
Tonio Borg
John Allen
Gaudeamus igitur
The troika from EU, ECB and
IMF certifies Greece
Reform progress. But the
Professionals don't just see
need more money, but
also great risks.
By Michael Martens
Photo dapd
Daily protest:
On Tuesday
demonstrated in
Athens State Employee
te before the ministerial
rium for reform
of the public
Service. them
stand after the
Adoption of the
Savings program
last week
further salary
cuts before.
BERLIN, November 13th. Sigmar Gabriel
had put on his grim look,
when he spoke again on Sunday
cashed. The day after the publication
the result of the primary election of the
Greens, as the two winners - Katrin Gö-
ring-Eckardt and Jürgen Trittin - for a long time
had made their confession, in the electoral
kampf to bet on "red-green" was possible
the SPD chairman of the "Süddeut-
cite the newspaper "with warnings:
The Greens shouldn't be with one
black-green alliance according to the federal
speculate election of the day. "Voters and
Voters want clarity and not a double
t game. ”The next day, after the meeting
of the SPD board, it sounded different.
"We think it's good that Jürgen Trit-
tin and Ms. Göring-Eckardt clearly
have said that the goal is not just that
to replace the current federal government, but
dern - how is that sometimes said? -
residue-free, so also Ms. Merkel as
Chancellor to replace. "
Because - at least after the months
ten constant surveys on this issue
- none of the desired coalition alliances
nisse a prospect of the "Chancellor majority
heit “, it is the authoritative in the
Parties have become almost impossible to
find out which coalition they are aiming for.
The Union parties look up with concern
the coalition partner FDP and its
Prospects to cross the five percent hurdle
to take. Even if the four or so pro
cent FDP votes on the forecasting
If the union were to be added, it would
not enough. The SPD and the Greens are also
if far from it, share one
To bring about a majority in the Bundestag
gen. Only two two-party alliances appear
a year before the election
lich: black-red and black-green.
These prospects are the basis for speculative
lations, for warnings and counter
handles. Gabriel's word for Sunday was
only part of it.
The case of the case by means of its theory
the challenge is to prevent
has become a demand for election campaigners,
which is all the more difficult because their coalition
statements of other necessities -
So alliances born of necessity -
not be allowed to exclude in principle.
The motto is no “exclusion”.
Above all, the Union and the SPD take it
Right to claim, even if
willing; possibly an alliance with
to be able to enter into each other when they are
because have to. The announcement of the SPD
Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück, he
will not join a "Merkel cabinet"
step, is therefore used by some SPD
Top politicians are not particularly clever
felt. The SPD could be forced
be to accept a Chancellor Merkel-
ren. That the union as a condition for
a grand coalition of its own accord
Gela Merkel renounces, halfway
good performance of CDU and CSU before
suspended as excluded. On the part of
Union parties but has not yet formed
Top politicians with the same force
against a grand coalition
like the Steinbrück - at least for
himself as a person - has done. Only if he
its determination before the federal election
take back, Steinbrück could follow
State of affairs in a third “Cabinet
Merkel ”.
But Gabriel's phrases show how
the two great parties their two
treat smaller "dream partners".
Union and SPD each want two alliances
have nis options available. Their
"Born" partners, the FDP and the
Greens, but only treat them to one option
on. It is important to prevent something else. Corresponding
It is rumored in the SPD that
Top staff of the Greens will - against-
if necessary - an alliance with the Union
enter. Especially Jürgen Trittin and die
other group chairman, Renate Kü-
nast, would for reasons of age
to be ready for it. It is said to be for
the two greens the last prospect,
to become Federal Minister again.
If Union politicians want to be strict
len, they tell, on the promise of
FDP, only to form a coalition with CDU and CSU
want, be little relied on. FDP politician
like Christian Lindner and Wolfgang Ku-
bicki would - if necessary - for
establish an alliance with the SPD and the Greens
Zen. Of course, the FDP is currently dermatologically
ßen weak that Union politicians are not
often want to be angry.
With vehemence, the Greens have
fought. Gabriel's warning runs “ins
Emptiness, ”contradicted its chairman, Cem
Özdemir, because there is no Green for
Use "black-green". There were also green
ne taunts against the social democrats
ten - where it hurts. "My opposite
request to Mr. Gabriel would be to himself
maybe take part in this ideas competition
to participate actively, like the SPD
Can contribute to ensuring that we
Get green, ”said Özdemir. Nothing
other than an indication of always
still fairly mediocre poll numbers
It was the SPD. Jürgen Trittin in German
landfunk pointed to another
Weak point of the SPD chancellor candidate
ten Steinbrück: "He made mistakes
makes. "At least Trittin added:" But
he also corrected these mistakes. "
When Trittin is very bad with the SPD
would have meant he would have added something
can: through Steinbrück's mistake
and the reactions in the SPD is that
Concept of the SPD candidate for chancellor
fails, like Joachim Gauck at one time
in the federal presidential election as a
non-party candidate in the
Electoral reservoirs of all parties to
ting. But Trittin thought it was so bad
not with Steinbrück. But under
The SPD likes to be talked about like that.
The belated congratulations Ga-
not just braying to the candidates of the
Greens, but also to the primary election process
his dream partners are likely to
have taken note of. Was
that is not a criticism of the SPD parliamentary
seated Steinmeier, who with his Kan-
did not allow the fall birth of the SPD
Had provoked chancellor candidates? Sol-
friction between the members of the Bundestag
political groups of the SPD and the Greens belong
on the agenda.
But the Union parties worry
because of the bourgeois Protestant
Background of the top candidate
Katrin Göring-Eckardt voters to the
Losing Greens. After all, she is
Vice-President of the Bundestag and President
of the Synod of the Evangelical Church in
Germany (EKD) - and she enjoys
also see in the Union. Their general
secretaries and parliamentary
According to the order, managing directors set to
Attack on. Human popularity
che not. "This is not an offer that
judicial voters convinced ", said Her-
Mann Gröhe (CDU). "Social policy
The Greens are and will remain one
left-wing party through and through, ”said
Stefan Müller (CSU). “Jürgen Trittin is
the one in charge now. Everything
other is just a nice packaging ",
noted Alexander Dobrindt (CSU). Kick
tin should as if he were a God
actual election campaign opponents
to be built. So arrogant is he that one
Cooperation based on human
is not possible for certain reasons. Political
cal differences would arise.
“Prohibit black and green speculation
by itself ", is the final
conclusion of the CSU General Secretary.
But some in the Union don't do it
do not prohibit themselves. Günther Beckstein
(CSU), former Prime Minister in Bay-
ern, called Frau Göring-Eckardt one
“Pious woman” and a “reliable one
Mrs". In 2009 he chose the
Head of the EKD Synod - in vain -
against the Greens. Well said
Beckstein on Bayerischer Rundfunk, he
can imagine that “it becomes a
Election result comes where black-green
the chance is and then I have none
Concerns, also black-green in consideration
to pull ”. Günter Krings (CDU),
Deputy Chairman of the CDU /
CSU parliamentary group, expressed in the
"Rheinische Post", the choice of Ms. Gö-
ring-Eckardts was the top candidate
a signal that the greens are looking for new ones
Alliances, i.e. those with the Union,
opened. He called it a "good signal
chen ".
Also higher up in the Union
People astray. Ursula von der Ley-
en, Minister of Labor and Deputy
de CDU chairman, has been cultivating for weeks
to assure that in the next management
coalition would require minimum wages
concluded knowing that the FDP is the par-
don't want to tout. Whether after the big Koali
tion and after the black and yellow alliance
nis "black-green" came, it became
recently asked. "That will be at the ballot box
ne decided ”, was the answer. Self
the question of whether it will be a sequel
wish the coalition with the FDP,
the minister evaded. "Parties should-
clearly expressed their own position
Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang
Schäuble (CDU) but had with the
mockery of Philipp Rösler began. Each
at any rate, his remark that (that-
times newly elected) FDP chairwoman
be "extremely knowledgeable and loveable
dig ", in whose party understood as ridicule
the. Also a remark by Angela Mer-
kels went at the expense of the FDP chairman
the. "Mr. Rösler likes to be Vice Chancellor -
and I can understand that well. "
Art and return: The
Federal Court of Justice does not want
that Nazi injustice perpetuated
will - at the expense of the law.
Tomorrow on the side
State and law
FRANKFURT, November 13th
for the "Frankfurter Rundschau"
this Tuesday was a black one
Date. Because on that day
de officially that the newspaper is broke
is. In the morning at 9.45 a.m. the official
court of Frankfurt the bankruptcy petition of
Printing and publishing house Frankfurt am
Main one. As a liquidator was
the lawyer Frank Schmitt used.
At three in the afternoon, the employees
tern brought the bad news.
"Massive sales losses in advertising
and printing business in the first half
of the current year ”, it was said that the
Management “no chance for a
Leaving the loss zone given ". The
disastrous finding reads: There is "no per-
perspective of the continuation of the company
mens more recognizable ”. For the corporate
schafter - the publisher M. DuMont Schau-
berg and the SPD media holding DDVG
- is "a now emerging
permanent financing of high losses "
no longer "representable". Nevertheless be
the aim is to continue business operations
to lead; the salaries are until the end of January
ar 2013 secured by the bankruptcy money.
Thanks go to the employees who have been
Years without any salary increases
have, as well as the readers who read the sheet
remained loyal to the end.
The "Frankfurter Rund-
look “so - not yet - but it is
not far from the She is now off
dependent on the decisions of the insolvency
administrator. He is now exploring "renovation
approaches ”and is looking for investors.
“Only if we continue to appear, have
we have the chance to find investors ",
came to hear the staff.
The rumor that the deficient hand
could be set, made the
Round since it became public in September,
that the majority owner, the publisher
M. DuMont Schauberg, probed whether that
Sheets only digitally instead of on paper
could be spread. After the "termination
a print job "with the handler
noverian media company Madsack
could the "Frankfurter Rundschau" said
the DuMont spokesman Wolfgang Brüser
at that time, "in remote areas of northern
Germany is no longer up-to-date
to be delivered. That's why the-
These readers asked whether they could also use a digital
talen version are satisfied. The question,
whether this is only for certain areas in the
North of the republic was checked, remained.
The "Frankfurter Rundschau" is one of the
Founding generation of the democratic
German press of the Federal Republic. At the
It appeared for the first time on August 1, 1945
Times. It was the second newspaper to
at all, which was left by the western allies
was censored, only the "Aa-
chener news ”. Seven Public
zisten was entrusted with the sheet. Nice
in April 1946 the man who got the
Newspaper until his death in 1973 as a publisher
ger, publisher and editor-in-chief
gen should: Karl Gerold, who in the Nazi era
was persecuted as a Social Democrat
and was able to save himself into exile in Switzerland.
The “Frankfurter
Rundschau "as a left-liberal paper,
stood out as a journalistic trailblazer
the social-liberal coalition. In addition to the
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung welcomes
deten the "Frankfurter Rundschau" and
the "Frankfurter Neue Presse" the reputation
Frankfurts as the leading newspaper city
the republic.
In 1973 the Karl Gerold Foundation was established
founded, she remained alone until May 2004
ge owner of the sheet until the SPD
Medienholding DDVG 90 percent of the
parts took over. There were the special ones
economic difficulties of the leaf
it has already begun: in March 2002,
the 1500 employees at the time
the first drastic savings measures
announces. However, they did not prevent
that the State of Hesse one year after
Guarantee for the "Frankfurter Rund-
look ”had to take over. There were
Sales negotiations conducted, financial in-
investors appeared as possible buyers,
Editors-in-chief and managing directors can
men and went, the line and the alignment
performance of the sheet have been questioned.
Management chaos, arguments and
corridors penetrated outside and reflected
in sales and ultimately in demolition
of the "Rundschau" house in the Frankfurt
the inner city.
Even then, the “Frankfurter
Rundschau "pronounced dead. But seemed im
July 2006 found a solution: The Cologne
The publisher M. DuMont Schauberg rose
with a majority share of 50 percent
and a voice in the "Rundschau"
and looked for them in the regional newspaper
association with the "Kölner Stadt-Anzei-
ger ", the" Berliner Zeitung "and the" Mit-
teldeutsche Zeitung ”. Peu à
peu became the focus of the editorial
on relocated from Frankfurt to Berlin,
as early as 2006, the hitherto
remaining 720 positions 200 deleted on
In the end, only the online
Appearance and local reporting
Responsible on the Main.
After two years, that was the goal
of the plan called "Offensive 08",
te the "Frankfurter Rundschau" again
write black numbers. The hope
tion was also based on the changeover
of the sheet in tabloid format. But
nothing came of the upswing
Leaf brought its owners away
fend losses, from ten million euros
per year was the talk. Has alone
the switch to tabloid format
already a double-digit million
cost. A cost is also
the printing plant that went into operation in 1978
the "Frankfurter Rundschau".
But one will not be allowed to say
that the shareholders do not
had been looking for. The commitment of the SPD
Media holding was never just economical
motivated; the DDVG sees itself as a
ter in need and raised hers every time
Agree if the cuts of the new one
Majority shareholder to take out the sheet
caves threatened. And also from the publisher M.
DuMont Schauberg will not
genes that he would not have tried everything -
more than 130 million euros should be the
had pumped into the "Rundschau",
only the concept of the new "round
just don't look up. Also in this
Year there should be a loss of 16 million
give a euro.
Which shouldn't surprise you
because not only the leap from the big one
the small tabloid format was
tig. Even the pan from which the body and
Gastric leaf of the left-liberal functional
the old federal republic one
making funky big city newspaper was
large. According to the internal constitution, that is
"Rundschau" too late in the reunified
ten Germany arrived and found
it is difficult - which is not only true for them - to find out
to assert in the digital world. For her
is the Gorbachev dictum of
who comes too late and for that from life
is punished, in a modified form: The
In this case, the punishers are the readers -
those who no longer exist and those to whom
you can't get there. And of course that
Advertisers who believe that they
net for little or no money
come what newspapers should pay attention to
ability to create.
With all of this, readers had to
what kind of newspaper they
held: To take care of the supraregional
the people of the “Berliner
Newspaper "led editorial community
in Berlin, the real Frankfurt
The only thing left was the local. So are
not enough new readers
win. From the edition of more than
400,000 copies for their founding
times had the "Frankfurter Rundschau"
only about a quarter left. The last
The number of sales reported is just under
118,000 copies.
The story of the decline of the
"Frankfurter Rundschau" is therefore a special
zielle, from which one is not so quick to get up
General should close - even if
there are increasing signs that
ner + Jahr with the "FTD" the next
closure is imminent. It is the
story of a newspaper that has its center,
core brand, lost, and a
lags that took over. With the "round
look ”M. DuMont grew up in his luggage
Schauberg to the leading regional
publisher, but this one, as now, has to
see is overstretched. The
can also be recognized by the fact that the
"Berliner Zeitung" with renewed freestyle
tongues and the Bonn
"General-Anzeiger", on the M. DuMont
Schauberg is involved, henceforth on one
so crucial and at the same time inexpensive
Factor like own correspondent in
Berlin renounced. So should how to hear
is to save 400,000 euros a year.
At M. DuMont Schauberg, the
corners too short in every nook and cranny.
For the "Frankfurter Rundschau" exists
because of the bankruptcy, at least that
Chance that others will take the place of the current
step towards the owner. Who cares about the
the German press landscape deserves
that he would have the chance in Frankfurt
ce to this. To the editorial team,
whose ability to suffer is legendary and
that can only be admired for how
she was leafing through all this every day, may-
te he count.
From the strange behavior of coalition-ready capitals
The primary election of the green top candidates gives new impetus to speculations about the future government alliance / by Günter Bannas
The Frankfurter
Future model? Black and magenta photo dapd
In August 1945 the “Frankfurter
Rundschau ”for the first time. After a decade
The traditional paper has been facing economic problems since
Tuesday bankrupt. From Michael Hanfeld
An institution's struggle for survival: Employees of the “Frankfurter Rundschau” during the works meeting Photo Wolfgang Eilmes
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mk. BERLIN, November 13th. The Berli
an administrative court has brought the action
a young Turkish woman to the court
of the European Union (ECJ)
directed. The 25 year old woman had
2010 in Turkey a seven-year-old
married an older Turk, who had a low
admission permit in Germany
sits and has lived here since 1988. The wife
has two language exams at Goe-
failed the institute in Ankara
and thus a prerequisite for granting
visa not fulfilled. Your test
results were 8.5 related
roughly 4.5 out of 25 possible points
th. She was then given an entry visa
sum denied. The applicant did so
the court in its decision, no
explained why it should not be too
prior to entering German
country rudimentary German language skills
to prove, as has been the case since 2007
is reached. The requirement for traceable
aspiring spouse, “settle in easier
Understandable in German
to be able to ", so the court, has so far
not from the German courts
has been objected to. Meanwhile has
the Federal Administrative Court, however
in another case such questions as
openly designated; therefore the administration
court now the language requirement
in the case of spousal reunification in principle
check. It submitted two to the ECJ
Questions about the decision before: Against
does the language requirement speak
ciation agreement between the then
in the European Economic Community
society and Turkey, in which
was barted, "no new restrictions
the freedom of establishment "
lead, or contradicts it possible-
wise EU law? (File number VG 29
K 138.12 V.)
Mü. FRANKFURT, November 13th. The
Designation of someone other than "legal
radical ”in an argument in
an internet forum is a value judgment
and fundamentally from the freedom of opinion
covered. The Federal Constitution
appeal court ruled on Tuesday.
The First Senate thus overturned the decision
applications of the lower courts.
A lawyer had on his
Law firm homepage and in magazines
publications about the "khasa-
ric, i.e. non-Semitic Jews "
written about the economic
hen in the world certain, and about
the "transitory character" of the
Basic Law, which is merely an "ordinary
legal instruments of the
Victorious powers ”.
Another lawyer sat in a
nem Internet discussion forum with it
apart: The author delivers "a
his typical right-wing extremist
ginellen contributions to the occupying republic
FRG, which is finally through a bioregio-
nalistically organized people's state
be set ". Who thinks “the world will
basically from a group of khasari-
ruled by Jews who were
borrow pulling the strings ”,“ it must
to put up with, right-wing extremist
to be called ”.
The regional court and the higher regional
court sentenced the lawyer to un-
omission of utterances, whereby the
District court they are partially untrue
Assertions of fact and the supreme
regional court as a disparaging criticism
the scope of protection of freedom of expression
let it fall out. The Federal
constitutional court overturned both judgments
and referred the matter to the country
court back.
These judgments violate the complaint
deführer in the opinion of the Karlsruhe
Judge in his fundamental right to me-
freedom of choice. It is a question of
statements in the form of a
partly, because it is not through evidence
survey to determine when a contribution
wear "right-wing extremist" is when one
Think of the “classic right-wing extremist
conspiracy-theoretical worldview "
differentiates and when you "make it
must drop, right-wing extremists
to be called ”. Meaning and
freedom of expression would
knows if an utterance is incorrect
fend as a factual assertion, formal
insult or defamatory criticism
will graduate.
When weighing up,
it must be ensured that the lawyer who
omission of statements complained that
who in his intimate- nor in his private-
sphere is affected, but at most
in his social sphere. "That is against it
Freedom of expression of the complainant
rers affected in their core. "The culprit
division to omit a valuation
partly in the interests of protection
freedom of expression “on the for
Protection of legal interests is absolutely necessary
can be restricted ”. The lawyer