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Download and use BeautyPlus to retouch your photos

Os We'll show you how to download and use Beautyplus, one of the best, if not the best, apps for selfies and thus improving our face when we later share it on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

A beauty app that takes care of it Remove these impurities from our face or remove dark circles that can be caused by too little sleep or too much work. We're going to do it with an app that brings out the best in the face and then flaunts it on social networks, messaging apps, and a lot more.


An Incredibly Successful App: How to Download BeautyPlus

Beautyplus is available for Android in the Google Play Store. An application with a high average score and which is also capable of doing this on iOS Achieve an average of 4.9 points to reach perfection. To download it, we will do it from the official link on the Google Play Store:

once downloaded we launch it and it brings us to the main screen of this great face retouching app and that gets rid of the things we don't like to leave behind in order to leave the best portrait possible.

How do you use Beautyplus?

Beautyplus allows us a number of parameters Retouch parts of the face to keep it as beautiful and as beautiful as possible. We are going to give you a quick guide through all the parameters that we have for free as some have to be paid for for the premium version.

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In the event we set you up, we'll go through that Bar at the bottom with retouch option and that leads us to magical retouching and that it will be the first one we use to leave us an almost perfect face. Then we go to the head, since in the example you will see that the girl has a slightly wide bone structure and we will reduce it.

This is the photo we'll be using in the example:

El The trick of the head is to reduce it and you will notice that there is some deformation at the top. Quite simply, we go to the first option in the toolbar, the icon with the three horizontal lines, each with a point, and try to cut from there. We cut from above and have it done.

If you have dark circles, let's go from retouching> dark circles and We use the slider almost to the right. It is important that we see the effect to see what it looks like and if it really removes them. It will depend on the photography and its quality.

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Finally we will put on make-up Apply a deep red lipstick colorbut we're going to reduce it to make it more real and a little more natural. Always looking for balance during the cake so that there is coherence.

The Payment options like Relight allow us to be in the spotlight that we place it well, it looks very good. Let's go step by step:

  • We open the picture and go to Retouching> head. We adjust to narrow the bone structure of the face. In this case it is necessary.
  • Now let's go to the settings of the icon above and let's cut. From above, we lower the box to the limit of the deformation created by narrowing the width of the face
  • Now we will Use "Smooth" from retouching to remove any roughness and blemishes. We give OK.
  • The next thing is dark circles, since in the photo the girl appears very noticeable with some. We're moving the slider to the right to remove them completely if possible
  • Now we will Use a passion red for lipstick from the bottom bar with makeup and we slide just enough that it's not very red red.

And so we end this little tutorial from how to use Beautyplus on Android. It all depends on the face and what we want to erase and lift to keep all the shine and beauty.