How to crouch hard or easy

Do you know how to crouch

It seems that we are all familiar with the squatting technique from childhood. But either we forgot how to squat or were taught ourselves this is not so and we, instead of loading the muscles and developing a hip, can sometimes injure the legs and regain incorrect movement.

So, let's look at some tips for putting this into practice, this is undoubtedly a great exercise that affects the structure of the quadriceps and hamstrings, for developing the muscles of the buttocks and lower back. Improperly doing it leads to muscle overload and quite serious injuries in these places.

Most of the recommendations referred to the need to keep your back and head straight while performing squats. Such an upright position requires your thigh muscles to apply more pressure than the buttocks muscles, back, and pelvis. However, such a posture is very uncomfortable for people with a long torso, especially when they are working with weights. And the person with average bodies during squatting technique, which are equally difficult and uncomfortable for any type of shape, also instinctively leans forward. So we arranged to meet.

By performing exercise with a heavy weight in this way, the athlete on the climb remembers that it is supposed to keep your back straight and begins to try to accomplish it. It was then and he feels pain and a lot of pressure in his lower back. This is how you can hurt your back when a person doesn't know how to squat with weights. But we need to do the following: before the exercises, bend forward slightly, locking position, and in this position, squats. The backrest will be stretched and flat as required by the correct execution of the exercise, but it will always be inclined at an angle of 35 ° -45 °. With this removed from the back of a large part of the load, and my knees don't hurt. The main thing - to fix a position, and not until to crouch.

In addition, one more piece of advice is how to crouch properly. It shouldn't be put under the heel cradle as some enjoy. And without them, if you do everything right, the leg muscles will increase in volume, but there will be no unnecessary stress on the joints.

To effect squats (with or without weights) have been given effect, be sure to develop the elasticity of the Achilles tendon. With the lack of emancipation, it will be difficult to perform most of the exercises because there will be a chance of falls. Because how can you squat when the state of the hips, Achilles tendon and Achilles tendons, back, shoulders are not allowed to be flexible?

If tendons develop elasticity quickly, they fail. If you have encountered such a problem, it should be your first and be careful not to move on from heavy stresses during class. After all, given you the flexibility given by nature, you don't lose a single day, and soon you don't need to catch up. Perseverance in training, time and effort - here is your ace in developing the elasticity of the ligaments, so necessary for squats. Stretching only after the basic exercises, exercises in the hall 1 day, specially selected exercises for flexibility - all of this, of course, will eventually become my result.

Do not pay attention to those who are laughing at you as you are crouching without a pancake with a punch. The most important thing for you - to work out the correct execution of the exercise equipment. As soon as you develop your ideal rack and tapes get used to your daily work, the way you crouch becomes much clearer and easier and there can be boom and weight gain. But while the tendons have not found the flexibility they need, and the mechanization of the training performance has not come to a decent level, there is no need to add the bar weights. Otherwise, the training will become a bane for you, and will not benefit, other than getting hurt becomes easier than ever. In need of patience and consistency. The only way to come to the right, the most effective implementation of sit-ups that will develop a nice picture of the hips and legs.