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2019 Directed by Tony D'Aquino


Stay alive or die trying.

A gripping female-driven horror film where a young woman faces her darkest fears with seven other unwilling participants in a deadly game. A game that can only have one winner. The film burrows into universal themes of survival, revenge and redemption, and reveals the darkness lurking within us all.

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  • wow its 2005 again and piss-colored torture shit is BACK for netflix'z elevated-horror kids who say actors are "casted"! this sub-platinum dunes aussie crap is so 00s its even got the (spoilers) webcam / VR / surveillance most-dangerous-game / battle-royale twist * and a bunch of overdesigned halloween-store slipknot cosplay guys who'd look played out at a local "haunt." its trendy / pretentious letterboxd description ("A gripping female-driven horror film (...) burrows into universal themes of survival, revenge and redemption and reveals the darkness lurking within us all" lmao) fronts like its some kinda stupid #metoo metaphor for women standing by abusive men instead of sticking with each other, OR is that a thin excuse for making this kinda crappy chick-mutilation movie in 2019 ??? who fucking cares! its funny ...

  • A fun Most dangerous game style slasher with some truly great gore was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for on a lazy day off. It's nothing too original but it does what it sets out to do. There's very little character development and the girls aren't particularly likable, but that's not really something you come to a movie like this for. There's also a part at the end that didn't make sense or maybe I just didn't get it, but like I said I came for the slashing.

    There are a couple of particularly gruesome kills in this so if that's your thing, you're bound to have a good time like I did. It's on Shudder and I've been neglecting that service lately so I need to do a little catching up and give that annual subscription some love.

  • I almost gave up on watching "The Furies" in the first few minutes. The two main characters are a cartoon sketch of what we now call SJWs. And they are really unbearable. I couldn't care less about the protagonist. In the first act, she only shows weaknesses before miraculously developing a strong survival instinct.

    The idea behind "The Furies" is interesting and I loved the way they explained the rules through the protagonist's eyes rather than dragging the plot into some boring and long explanations.
    Unfortunately, the original idea is diluted by coincidences in an attempt to tie the plot with a perfect bow.

    Several unlikely events are not explained such as how the protagonist found that character at the ...

  • l͟e͟t͟’͟s͟ ͟p͟l͟a͟y͟

    This wasn't for me. I could barely stand the characters, they're just so ugly and dumb. It goes out of its way to appeal towards woke politics to even have a coherent engaging story because this has been done before and done way better. It almost feels like they took this generic plot from countless other movies to force feed its ughhh tiring agenda. Which I'm not complaining, they can do what they want but once it interferes with the narrative it's just ugh trash. A steaming burn pile of nasty trash.

  • 🎶tale as old as time🎶

    A most dangerous game-esk with a bit of ohhh scary, brutal kills, and what a bad bunch us humans become when it's fight for survival.

    The killers wear masks which are full on terrifying. Special mention to the expertly skinned body he's wearing. I marbled at the body's botty and feet.

    Moreover, it does that thing at the end, in which the movie changes. Ultimately could become a good start for part 2. I'd have dived right in if it was available. Would make a great movie marathon if they ever decide to go there. Ah go on Shudder, be rude not to.

  • Good evening and welcome fellow Children of Chaos.

    I want to start by saying Airile Dodds has about the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. Rivaled only by maybe Erin Brown.

    Anyway the hunting humans genre is one of my favorites and it comes in 3 flavors.

    The Most Dangerous Game. Where you have a killer hunting someone who is far underpowered. Made famous by Most Dangerous Game. Also found in things like Running Man and Bloodlust.

    Then there is Battle Royale. Most people know from Battle Royale. Hunger Games shamelessly ripped off. SHAMELESSLY! But there are others like Belko Experiment. These all are mostly just Battle Royale in a new setting.

    Finally there is the SAW style deadly game that ...

  • A pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting much from an in-house Shudder project that looks every inch a by-the-numbers exercise, directed by someone in their feature debut. And yes, this is indeed The Most Dangerous Game Part 4,387. There's a ceiling on how good something like this can be, and Tony D'Aquino (writer and director) comes pretty close to it.

    When I watch a slasher-type film, I'm looking primarily for three things: Competent execution, good kills, and some reason why I should remember it in comparison to the thousands of others in the genre. Let's see how The Furies stacks up.

    Overall, the production is a solid, workmanlike effort with no glaring mistakes. No overly bad acting, no technical issues, no ...

  • 31 Days of Shocktober - Day 28.

    Savage and relentless from the outset, The Furies is an Aussie horror film that pulls no punches, but somewhat misses the mark by striving to be more than it actually is.

    Shades of 1982's Ozploitation classic Turkey Shoot are perceptible here as a group of abducted women awake in isolated bushland and discover that they are being hunted by a group of bizarrely masked killers. However, there's a twist as the killers sometimes turn on each other and seem to be protecting certain victims.

    There are some really graphic kills and the practical gore effects are brutally impressive, but when the story veers into certain more fanciful territories the impact of the initial setup tends to be dulled.

    Still, gorehounds should love it!

  • Fantasy Film Fest 2019: Film # 8
    Hooptober 2019: Bonus film # 20

    This picture is about a bunch of people in the woods who kill each other with gardening instruments. Sometimes that's all I need from a movie.

  • This is what Wrong Turn would look like if you took two wrong turns and accidentally ended up in the allotment of a Slipknot cover band. In the end there is nothing left of the female empowerment message at the beginning, when the women repeatedly let each other down when it comes to saving their own asses.

    The plot twist looks as if it surprised the scriptwriter as well as the viewer - accordingly, the film makes little capital out of this promising idea.

    But the real capital of The Furies are the gore sequences every quarter of an hour, which do not live up to their hype, but rather reveal the ever greater desperation in the genre: meanwhile every film whose kills do not take place off-screen becomes the messiah Appointed ultra-brutality. A little more expectation management would do this genre especially good.

    And now quickly absorb any new information about Wrong Turn 7 - I read on the Internet that it should be ultra brutal 🤤

  • A prime example of the Ozploitation subgenre (think Outback Chainsaw Massacre), The Furies is a joy if you're into that particular, brutal horror niche. Led by a genuinely great final girl performance by Airlie Dodds, The Furies is a fun femme take on The Most Dangerour Game. Writer / director Tony D’Aquino is perhaps overwhelmed by the film’s modest time in the “real world” (that dialogue is quite putrid and most of his supporting players lack range), but his vicious Hunger Games are a genre treat to behold. His violence is absolutely vicious and amusingly creative. While the low budget seams show, the makeup effects are agreeably gruesome enough to cover many of the issues.

    Is this a profound work of genius? No. Is this a damn delightful genre gem? Hell yes.

    2019: First to Worst

  • Not too long and awesome gore effects. The rest is kind of meh, nothing too out of the ordinary, even with the tweak they make to the Most Dangerous Game scenario. Thin characters, a mixed bag of acting that only peaks at okay. Of course they've got to cram that generic sequel setup in too though. It's hardly awful, but a kill highlight reel would work just as well, or better.

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  • Some women, stranded in an isolated location, are pursued by various maniacs in this entertaining Antipodean offering but is there more going on than meets the eye?

  • Turns out you can say "female driven horror movie" when what you mean is "a lot of women are gratuitously tortured and murdered onscreen and that's all that happens"

  • "They'll come for us ... and they'll kill us .. or worse". 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Fuuuuuck there's eye gouging. Agh agh agh. I do poorly with eye gouging.

  • Nouveau slasher / survival féministe, une sorte de The Hunt version slasher.

    Pas inintéressant et plutôt original, avec notamment des meurtres inventifs et bien gores (slasher compatible).

    Toutefois, des acteurs pas trop au niveau, une actrice principale un peu quelconque, son acolyte et sa "meilleure amie" sont insupportables & une photography et réalisation plus que banale ...

    Un bon 5 or 6/10, augmenté à 7 pour le look des tueurs, les meurtres et les quelques originalités et sous-textes (plus fin qu’un Lucky par example).

  • Didn't quite work for me. The gore work is truly top notch stuff, but the characters are pretty miserable and poorly written throughout.

    Also, for all it's Hunger Games or Battle Royale similarities, the previous work I found it most in line with is Hostel 2. They hit almost identical end beats, though the grim satisfaction in Hostel was much better done.

  • Rather get my face peeled off with a blunt ax than watch this again

  • I will start off by giving praise to The Furies for its practical gore effects, which are quite well-executed. However, the film turns out to be a quite nasty piece of work that doesn't have much of a story other than "watch these girls that killed in extremely brutal fashion." It is obvious from the start that Kayla is the one most likely to survive this game, so much of the plot is a waiting game to see which of the girls are the next to die.

    Other than Kayla’s missing best friend Maddie, The Furies don’t allow us to get too attached to the girls before they are killed off. The exceptions to this are Sheena and Rose, both ...

  • I had The Furies in my watchlist since it came out honestly because I really love the plot. Slashers are my favorite horror subgenre since I was a kid. I love it as much as I love gore and this movie has both of these two things. It was a wild ride. Sure, it does not make a lot of sense at times and the script is a bit silly but I had such a fun time watching this film. Even though it doesn't give a lot of context the ending was pretty hardcore. My guess is that if you love the genre you are going to enjoy this. I would definetly watch a sequel so I hope Tony D'aquino gets on it.

  • The furies has very creative writing (but not that smart), and I enjoyed seeing its concept develop, but it could have benefited from some notes, a higher budget, better actresses and a better ending, but I was surprised by what it ended up being, I recommend it! But go in with moderate expectations.

    Costa Rica's 2020 Ranked

  • spent all the energy on gore and nothing else

  • Convincing lead performance but the script must have been 2 sides of A4 wtf

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