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How to get all weapons in Resident Evil 7

How to get all weapons in Resident Evil 7. Of all the Resident Evil editions, Part 7 may have the least impact. Even so, there are plenty of melee weapons and pistols out there. Here we leave you a list of all of them.


How to find all weapons in Resident Evil 7

G17: This is First Firearm that becomes part of your arsenal and you will get it in the garageas soon as Jack kills Baker brutal to the agent. Is a Basic pistol de 10 shots in general less powerful what other weapons the same category. However, it will be yours, especially in the early stages of the game best ally.

M19: It is effectively the first weapon you have en tus manos in the game and you will use it before be stunned y captured by Jack Baker. You can find it in the Caravan in the garden but will be broken and you will have to use a repair kit so it can be used again. The charger is a bit smaller (7 balls) but the gun is also a bit stronger.

MPM: It's a weapon of smaller size you can find that in the Shipwreck and especially in the ground floorin a safe room. After all, the gun is essentially identical a the G17.

Albert-01: More than a weapon, a Hand cannon very powerful that you will get towards the end of the game and that will be available from the start ( in the trunks ) in subsequent runs. The gun has a magazine that can hold only three ballsbut it can absolutely have a power enviable and impressive for a gun.

M44 Magnum: You will hit that gun soonas it is within the Caravan, an almost mandatory step in the garden. However, to achieve this you need to at least use 9 old coins. What can we expect from the Magnum? The gun is pretty slow and use ammunition unique and rarebut on the other hand it is very much powerful and useful in special situations complicated.

Rifles and heavy weapons in Resident Evil 7

M37: A shotgun that you need Do some research and a good dose of Recoilbecause to get it you must have it first the scorpion key. Sits on a pedestal with a mechanism that avoids to pick it up immediately. You have to find that first broken gun from grandma’s room. Overall, it's a very powerful and useful weapon, especially at short distance. It has a magazine of four rounds and presented quite a large list.

M21: Got it it won't be that easy and will require one greater recoil. Indeed that broken gun that's in the Grandma's room can be repaired. You have to collect those first Toy gun exactly where is that Toy ax and replace it with the broken rifle in need of repair Repair kit. This rifle only has one Two-round magazine, but it's more powerful and more accurate than that M37.

Machine gun: Preserved as part of the story in the Videotape we will find that in the Naufragio. After unpacking you can find it in the Captain's office. Despite the power and a charger 64 roundsYou don't have to make the mistake not control the gunfire. Always choose short pulses interspersed with a pause too do not suffer a significant setback y waste valuable bullets.

Special weapons in Resident Evil 7

Flamethrower: Basically it will be yours first goal within the Old house and is divided in particular into two parts. Finding it shouldn't be a problem (if not) and once you bring the gun to life you will find in your hands a true blessing for insectos but also for some Groups of enemies. A loader can carry up 150 gas units.

Grenade Launcher: Very powerful weapon but with limited ammunition y not very easy to create (require the strong chemical liquid ) the grenade launcher will be yours first option against large groups of enemies and bosses. To do this you need the Snake key  and you have to go to a room in the Ground floor of the main house.

Pumps: These fees can be activate remotely where you will meet them Tape video and exploration of the shipwreck. Put them in ground and wait for the right moment detonate or fortify straight at an enemy for an even maneuver more spectacular and to unlock a Trophy / achievement.

Melee weapons in Resident Evil 7

Axe: in the Innis generally placed in your hand. Will use it in this situation and never will see again.

Knife: A weapon to accompany you the whole set and that is entrusted to you by him deputy bailiff. It is possible to use it in battle but hardly would you survive. Much more useful when it comes to it Destroy wooden boxes Find resources.

Survival knife: More effective than the pocket knife you can Use against enemiesespecially when you can stop some Attacks with L1 / LB. You can find it in the first Shipwreck floor.

Circular saw: Very useful and deadly one of unlockable by Resident Evil 7.

Chainsaw: Deadly, but unfortunately limited just a section from the title and the Boss fight against Jack Baker.

You can choose between all of these weapons depending on which one you like best. You can use them to save your own skin when facing your enemies. Having an arsenal of weapons in your inventory can save you from many difficult situations. So ... good luck on your adventure!