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MindInsole in the test 2020 - My experiences and evaluation

With the Mindinsole insoles important acupressure points on the foot are to be massaged and stimulated. But does the product really work as promised? Does it have the promised quality and does it help with pain relief? Or is it just empty promises? I took a closer look at the Mindinsole insoles and let experience and test reports from other users flow into my evaluation!

What is Mindinsole?

Mindinsoles are specially developed Insoleswho the Stimulate acupressure points in the feet and so is supposed to relieve pain.

What is the acupressure technique?

Acupressure is a type of treatment from traditional Chinese medicine. It is closely related to acupuncture. However, no needles are set here, but certain energy points are activated by pressure. So let yourself be Relieve pain and other physical ailments and relieve stress.

Most of the acupressure points are identical to traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points. According to the acupuncture masters, these lie on energy channels that run through the whole body. Many of these points can also be found in your feet. The insoles stimulate the acupressure points in your feet and stimulate the flow of energy in your legs and your whole body.

In addition to the micro acupressure points, the Mindinsole insoles also have five magnets incorporated.

Mindinsole experiences

At the very beginning I wanted to find out how customers rate the insoles. And quickly I found numerous positive comments.

The thin insoles are suitable for work or gym shoes as well as for ballerina or pumps.

Many users can also wear it in addition to the excellent comfort confirm the pain relief of the insoles. After just a short period of acclimatization, problems such as foot, back, neck pain or other complaints in feet and legs have improved.

The acupressure technique of the soles stimulates the flow of energy in the body and so many users have it significantly more energy for the whole day.

I am totally convinced of the MindInsole insoles! They fit into all of my shoes and reliably serve their purpose. Even if running was unfamiliar at the beginning, it quickly subsided and I can wear the MindInsole shoe insoles all day. After a long day, my feet feel more refreshed and better than usual. I have no more pain!

Since the acupressure points are also the Improve blood circulation, the back muscles and large parts of the body are better supplied with blood and are relaxed.

The only point of criticism from users that you could read in many places was that too high price. If you compare the Mindinsole with similar insoles, you unfortunately have to say that the price of the soles is too high. So you get comparable deposits for less money.

Julian Feldmann

I am totally satisfied. My neck pain and other aches and pains have gotten better through acupressure technique. But if you look around the Internet and look at comparable products, the Mindinsoles are already very expensive. Found similar models at a significantly lower price.

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Mindinsole put to the test

The testimonials from former customers made me curious. That's why I wanted to know whether the insoles can help me and have tested them myself.

As an enthusiastic hiker, long weekend tours are not uncommon for me. After these hikes, despite high-quality hiking shoes, my feet hurt and, especially in summer, my feet sweat. I've tried different insoles, but they didn't really help. Now I wanted to try again and have ordered the Mindinsole insoles. These are admittedly a bit expensive when compared to models.

The MindInsole insoles are super thin and feel comfortable. They are criss-crossed with many small massage points - the so-called acupressure points. Of course, the one-size-fits-all insoles were much too big for my shoes, but that's no problem either, you can use them simply cut to your shoe size with scissors. I took my insole out of my shoes and used it as a template.

Now the practical test began. In the first few days I only did a small tour and I have to say, at the beginning it was a little strange feeling. It was like me small pressure points in the shoes had, not uncomfortable but different. After a short time I got used to the feeling and noticed that my posture had changed, I was walking more upright. After the tour, I took off my shoes - no sore feet. In the next few days I put on my hiking boots for short trips and normal errands.

My product rating

The soles are very comfortable to wear. I also like the quality of the article.

No more foot pain and tired legs, my Body tension has improved and I had noticeably more energy. It is really amazing. The insoles with their acupressure technique convinced me.

But I have to agree with the customer on one point: The insole is too expensive in comparison.“

A cheap alternative

Because of the high price of the Mindinsoles, I've found myself on the net for you looked around for a cheaper alternative. It was important to me that this alternative should be at least as good, if not a little better, than Mindinsole. I'm on the Relaxed feet encountered.

The Relaxed Feet insoles also work with magnets and many small acupressure points, which promote blood circulation in the feet and relieve the body of its pain.

One pair of the Relaxed Feet soles is at € 14.95 only about half as expensive.

Who is the product suitable for?

The Mindinsoles are suitable for all people who are on their feet a lot at work or in private and who suffer from back pain, neck pain, foot pain or other pain. For them, the product can be the solution to the pain and give them more energy.

Application of the insoles

The insole comes in a standard size and can be easily adjusted to your shoe size with scissors. Don't worry: this will not damage any acupressure points.

Then you slide the insole into your shoes - done.

One tip: First try out the new insoles in peace, it may well take a little time to get used to the new wearing comfort. For me it happened relatively quickly.

Effect of the magnets

The magnets built into the Mindinsole are Cooling magnets. The magnetic waves dissipate heat better so that your feet don't sweat even on warm days. So you can be sure no sweaty feet to get.

Sweaty feet are not only an unpleasant smell, in extreme cases it can also lead to athlete's foot.

Can side effects occur?

Of real side effects, we can no hints Find.

Where can you buy Mindinsole?

You can the soles order conveniently online. They are offered by various providers and by the manufacturer directly. They are currently not available on Amazon.

Price - What do the insoles cost?

As I said, the price is that major weak point of MindInsole Insoles. This is very high in contrast to comparable soles scheduled.

If you order the soles directly from the manufacturer, you are currently granted a discount of 50%, but you still pay € 38.99 + € 8.59 shipping per pair. That makes € 47.58 for a couple these insoles. A very expensive offer.

Criticism of the manufacturer Swell Ecomm Enterprises Limited

The company Swell Ecomm Enterprises Limited is behind the Mindinsole massage pads. As my research shows, the manufacturer already had to a lot of criticism plug in. On the internet I found a variety of negative voices such as:

  • Problems ordering / purchasing the product
  • Lack of shipping information on the website
  • Problems with money back guarantee (some customers report that money is not refunded on return)
  • Difficult contact with customer service in Germany (e-mails are apparently not read and answered)

The MindInsole product seems not the solution for everyone to be.


Do you have further questions? Here I have put together a few interesting facts about the insoles for you.

My conclusion

Aching and sweaty feet are a thing of the past. The Mindinsole insoles convinced me and they have become an indispensable part of my hiking and sneakers. The massage effect improves blood circulation and I feel fitter and more relaxed even after long hikes. These soles have completely convinced me.

Only the price is a drawback. The Mindinsoles are just too expensivewhen compared with similar insoles.