What is theta measured in knots

Knot - a separate unit for seafarers

Captains measure the speed of their ships in knots. One knot corresponds to one nautical mile per hour, which is around 1.8 kilometers.

This tradition goes back to the 17th century. To determine the speed of their ships, the sailors threw a log into the sea, to which a line was attached. Each seven meters were marked with a knot. The seaman counted how many knots slipped through his hand while the hourglass was running.

The clock usually trickled for 14 seconds. With two felt knots, the ship drove two knots fast - which corresponds to two nautical miles and about 3.6 kilometers per hour. This was recorded in the so-called logbook, which, by the way, is closely related to this pace measurement. Because the log is called "log" in English.

In order to be able to determine a reasonably useful average speed, the seafarers repeated the measurement once an hour. The result was still inaccurate - because the natural movements of the water were somehow estimated and subtracted or added to.