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"We connect people and dogs" - edogs brings serious sellers and new dog owners together. It does not matter whether you use dog placement as an animal welfare officer or a professional dog breeder: edogs guarantees easy and fast placement of dogs in the right home. Our dog brokerage offers the ideal platform to buy or sell dogs. This means that edogs is open to all dogs: whether pedigree, hybrid, mixed breed dogs, puppies, stud dogs, mixed breed puppies or animal shelter dogs - at edogs you will find four-legged friends of all types and races.

As a provider, you have professional marketing opportunities at your disposal to quickly place your protégés and find a great home for them. When arranging dogs via edogs, you can enter breed, age, suitability, gender, price, size and many other characteristics so that interested parties can quickly become aware of your advertisement. In addition, information about a possible pedigree and pedigree can be given. Present your puppies, animal shelter dogs or mixed breeds optimally with lots of pictures or videos so that new potential owners become aware and decide on a purchase or adoption. Because the more information and photos of the four-legged friends can be seen, the higher the sales opportunities. It is also possible to upload documents such as breeding or club papers in order to provide interested parties with comprehensive information about the dog. In addition, specific information about health can be given: Does the dog have an EU pet passport? Is it chipped, vaccinated and dewormed? On top of that, when you advertise your dog, you can increase the placement chances by highlighting adverts and thereby making potential dog buyers aware of your furry friend more quickly.

Cooperation with animal shelters is particularly important to us. If you own an animal shelter, you can advertise all dogs free of charge, including highlighting, on edogs so that the four-legged friends can find a new home as quickly as possible. For each advertisement you will also receive an extra animal welfare seal that particularly highlights the advertisements.

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edogs - dog agency on Germany's safest dog portal

Are you looking for a new dog or do you have to move your four-legged friend to a new home? Are you a certified dog breeder and want to sell purebred puppies to new owners? Then edogs is exactly the right platform for you. edogs was founded in 2017 and is Germany's first online marketplace where the focus is on professional and safe dog placement. On edogs you will find shelter dogs from all over Germany as well as puppies of all breeds from registered dog breeders and many other four-legged friends. You can find potential new owners for your protégés across Germany through our edogs dog agency - guaranteed to be quick and uncomplicated.

When it comes to dog brokerage, edogs attaches great importance to safety and reliability. That is why we invest a lot of time in a thorough control of the profiles and do not give illegal activities such as the puppy trade a chance. We don't just want to make users more aware of the topic of "illegal puppy trade", we also don't want to offer illegal puppy dealers a chance to become active on edogs. Because we block dubious intermediaries and fraudsters and verify both breeders and private individuals in order to guarantee more security and transparency on the platform. Interested parties know that they are trustworthy sellers, as the recognized breeders and private individuals receive a seal that identifies them as such in their advertisements. In order to receive the seal, people submit their identification documents to edogs, such as a copy of their identity card or the breeding certificate.

Listed dogs are a hotly debated topic when it comes to selling dogs. Our goal is to bring dogs and humans together and that is why we are of the opinion that listed dogs deserve a chance and therefore open our platform to four-legged friends of all races. At the same time, edogs pays special attention to checking the advertisements and all sellers of listed dogs must identify themselves. If we have all the data, we will activate the advertisement immediately and the dog can be referred to a new owner as quickly as possible.