When did the fourth Kazekage die?

Sandaime Kazekage



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The thirdKazekage was the strongest in Sunagakure's history. He owed this to his ability to use his chakra to create a magnetic field that can control the iron sand. But one day the Kazekage disappeared. Everyone looked for him, but he was never found.

The Sandaime Kazekage owned the Kekkei GenkaiJiton. This enabled him to give his chakra a magnetic effect and to press the iron sand into any shape and use it as a weapon. Because of this ability, he was considered the strongest Kazekage of his time.

Years later, it turned out that Sasori had made a human doll out of him. To make matters worse, the strongest and his favorite doll. Sasori uses the third Kazekage to use its techniques. In the fight against Sakura Haruno and Chiyo, however, the doll is destroyed by Sakura.