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How to insert text in PDF

After creating your PDF file, you will find that there are important points that the document does not contain. That means you have to paste the text into your document. It can be hectic if you don't have software to edit and paste the texts in the PDF files you already have. This article brings you a powerful PDF software and shows you how to insert text into PDF documents using PDFelement.

PDFelement has been developed with a user-friendly interface with which you can edit, create and convert your PDF files. It has a variety of editing tools with which you can perfectly add text, delete, change images, annotate, mark up, and much more.

PDFelement has state-of-the-art OCR technology that digitizes scanned files and makes them editable. It converts your PDF files faster and maintains the quality and layout of your documents. A wide range of input and output formats are supported.

How to insert text into PDF documents

Step 1. Import PDF into the program

Before doing anything else, you need to download and install PDFelement on your computer. After that, you need to start it. With its simple interface, you can easily import PDF files into the program by clicking "Open File". The program will guide you to the folder with the document so that you can search for the PDF file and choose which text you want to insert into. After making your selection, click "Open".

Step 2. Insert text into PDF

Once the PDF file is open, it will be displayed in the program. Click the Edit tab, then click Edit Text. From there move the cursor to the field to which you want to add or paste the texts. Click the box and it will be selected. Go ahead and double click on it. It will now let you type text into the PDF.

Step 3. Insert text field in PDF

If you want to add a new text field to the PDF, you need to click "Add Text". Then click anywhere in the document to insert a text box and enter content. Once you're done, save your changes.

Step 4. Editing PDF further (Optional)

Go to "Edit> Edit Text" and change the font size, text color and font if desired. You will also find the "Edit Objects" button which you can use to add or delete images from the PDF.

To mark up, annotate and draw markups, go to the Comment tab, select text fields, tag texts and annotations and add them to your PDF. Then save your document to apply the changes.