How to wear an evil French beret

Andrea has invited to the blog parade well protected. I was very happy that she asked me if I would like to do it. I spent many a Pinkfriday wearing a beret.

Why do I wear berets? You magically attract me. These flat round hats that look like a flat cake, preferably made of pure wool, are what I love. The variety of colors is great. They are available in every imaginable color. Again and again I stand in front of it and look at it and think about whether I still need a blue, brown, green, etc. colored hat.

If you wear a beret you don't even have the feeling of having anything on your head, so that's how I feel. I forget that very quickly. In earlier centuries, an outfit without a head covering was incomplete and unimaginable. Few people wear caps or hats these days. Headgear is in vogue again, but many people don't like to wear hats. "You're ruining my hairstyle" is what I always hear. I like to wear hats. Well, I don't have a hairstyle either, I have curls! 😀

A beret is a nice accessory for me. I can also wear them when it's milder, in spring or autumn, for example to create a color bracket for an outfit or to complete an outfit. In winter it warms me thanks to real wool. The little tip on top of the hat is due to the manufacturing process, namely the matted thread end. Did I mention that I love berets? 😁
Here I go perfectly with the phone booth, hihi little joke. Well that's true too :)

Here she makes me a little French for Colmar :)

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