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Adam Mcintyre said he was 'used' by Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings


YouTube star Colleen Ballinger created the whimsical, rude, and dramatic character Miranda Sings in 2008, and she was soon taking off. As one of the first sketch figures created on the platform, Miranda Sings has built a huge online fan base. The character was the focus of a Netflix series, Haters withdraw Colleen herself did several stand-up comedy specials for two seasons.

The Youtube character also brought great joy to superfan Adam Mcintyre. He was first introduced to Miranda Sings at the age of 13 and soon devoted himself entirely to the character's fan pages. After tweeting on Colleen and meeting her at multiple meet-and-greets, the two began interacting regularly via phone calls and text messages.

Now at the age of 17, Adam has posted an 'exposed' video on YouTube detailing how Colleen took advantage of his admiration for her. Adam sent him lingerie as a minor and disclosed information about her divorce from Joshua David Evans. He claimed Colleen put him under a lot of pressure from a young age.

What happened to Colleen Ballinger and Adam Mcintyre? Read on to find out what Adam said on his viral video and if Colleen responded.

What happened to Colleen Ballinger and Adam Mcintyre?

On April 28, Adam posted a dramatic video on his YouTube channel entitled "Colleen Ballinger, Stop Lying." In the 25-minute video, he discussed why he cut ties with Colleen and how he believes she has 'used' him for years.

Adam stated that he became a huge fan of the Miranda Sings character from a young age. He was then inspired to create fan pages on Twitter in 2013 and 2014 to show his appreciation.

He would tag Miranda Sings' official social media accounts, and eventually Colleen reached out to him. She told him that she thought his fan Twitter pages were funny and that they communicated frequently.

Adam said that at the time, because of his age, he found it strange that Colleen would ask him to go to YouTube gossip sites. He said she wanted to find out shit about her fans, YouTubers, and rumors about her.

He also claimed that if Colleen divorced Joshua in 2016, she would call him and discuss the issues in their marriage. He noticed that he was uncomfortable.

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Adam then explained that Colleen and her best friend, Kory DeSoto, sent Adam lingerie after he tweeted them during a livestream. When Adam's parents saw the package, they took it and expressed their discomfort at his close relationship with the YouTuber.

“I got the lingerie and as soon as it arrived my parents were furious. They were so mad and took it away. I didn't know if they still had it and I asked my mom if she had it because she knew I was making this video, ”Adam explained before taking the package out.

After showing off the lingerie Colleen sent, Adam discussed the beginning of their friendship's decline.

'Since 2017, Colleen has been coming to me for video ideas, Instagram ideas, and anything for the Miranda Sings character - but also some for herself ... she was aware that the Miranda character was passing her time was and that she didn't do it. I don't really like doing it anymore either, because it can no longer be really problematic, ”he recalled.

Adam said that Colleen asked his advice in December 2017 on what to do because the Miranda Sings character reports were no longer going well.

He began sending her direct ideas which she soon wrote about and which she took as her own. She then informed him that she would be her intern on social media, which would mean that she would pay him for his ideas.

'So you just know, I have no intention of using your help and making it more official if it works that way,' she wrote in a message that indicated Adam.

Adam then started taking over the official Miranda Sings account and communicating with fans all the time. Colleen then informed him that she was concerned that fans would suspect it wasn't her.

When a fan discovered that one of Miranda's tweets was tasteless, Colleen asked Adam to take all of her down for approval first. In the tweet, Miranda said she was nervous about posting her next video.

When the character came out as a Meghan Trainor fan, viewers were upset because they thought she was making fun of the difficulty of getting out. Eventually, Colleen asked Adam to delete the tweets despite having messages proving that she even approved of the idea.

Adam then told her that he was signed out of the account.

"I've signed out and this situation will ease," Adam said at the beginning of a message to Colleen. He wrote in the rest of the message that fans reconnect with the character and that he loved Colleen.

She read the message and never answered.

"She deleted all of my tweets after I signed out of the account," Adam said in the video.

Adam said the hardest part of it all was the fact that Kory DeSoto started talking negatively about Adam to fans through direct messages.

He was so upset that he informed Colleen directly about it. In his last message to her, he expressed how difficult it was for him to deal with the drama at such a young age.

Did Colleen Ballinger reply to Adam Mcintyre's video?

Although Adam accused Colleen of being dishonest about the tweets and ideas he posted on Miranda Sings' Twitter page, Colleen did not respond. Kory DeSoto, whom Adam said was extremely negative towards fans, also left the video without comment.

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Below you can see Adam's video about Colleen and his experience with the Miranda Sings character.