What does medical abbreviation mean?

Abbreviation AD: meaning and spellings

Like many abbreviations, AD has a meaning that depends on the spelling and context. We have compiled the different versions for you here and explain them.

If you want to understand the meaning of AD, this can only be done in connection with other information. If one speaks of a "Colonel retired" as an example, then the spelling also helps here as an exception. In this case a.D. means something like "out of service" and designates a retired colonel. But AD can also have other meanings!

AD meanings

In almost all cases, the AD meaning is made up of two words. The oldest use of the abbreviation a.D. goes back to Christianity. In this case, a.D., A.D. or AD stands forAnno Domini. This abbreviation is always followed by a year and anno domini means "In the year of the lord". This abbreviation can be found on house gables, old coins and books. AD 1741 means "In the year of the Lord 1741". It relates to the Christian calendar and is intended to explain when something was created (or decided). Some contemporaries also translate AD somewhat disrespectfully with the meaning "Back in the days".


Are you looking for the AD Importance on a Medical Report? Here ad is written in lower case and is not an abbreviation at all. Rather, it is the Latin word ad, which you can translate as “for” “after” or “to”. You can find it as an appendix, such as the word adjective. Or in medical instructions. But also in old proverbs. A doctor writes that something should be done "Ad libitum" take, then ad here means something like "at will". Put something on her "Ad acta"then it will "To the files" placed.

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More AD meanings

Depending on the subject, the meaning of AD can be very specific. In medicine, it can be used to describe both Alzheimer's dementia and atopic dermatitis. Here is a small list of the AD meaning:

  • Alzheimer's dementia
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • autosomal dominant (from genetics)
  • Defense service
  • Andorra (here AD is the abbreviation for the top-level domain)
  • Autobahn triangle
  • A.d. - Note from the (... author / translator)
  • Off-duty
  • Anno Domini

So when you see the abbreviation AD, think about who is using it and in what context. Now you will surely understand in a few moments the importance of AD this time.

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