How to Celebrate 100 Followers on Instagram

What will really work in 2021 to get more Instagram followers? (how I went from 0 to 60k)

Actually, blogging is pretty much out at the moment.

If you want to get rid of your thoughts quickly and easily, share beautiful pictures, earn money online or entertain people, go to Instagram today. There you can reach thousands of people in a short time and all without much effort and completely free of charge.

Puff cake!

Instagram is no longer an insider tip and now has over 1 billion monthly users.

The consequence of this:

It will more and more difficult Gaining interested followers who also interact with your content.

And that can be frustrating.

Believe me: I know the feeling of standing on the spot and not growing for months.

The good news:

I played guinea pigs for you and tried many different strategies to get more Instagram followers.

Some are more effective than others, some are more sustainable and some don't work for everyone. In my guide I will give you all Show strategies with which I got from 0 to currently more than 62,000 followers (!) On Instagram with my profile Faminino:

I will describe in detail how each strategy works and what results I have achieved with it.

By the way, I almost lost my account because it was hacked. Because I really should have kept my hands off some strategies ...

So buckle up and read on before you make the same mistakes as me!

1. Buy Instagram followers

I will tell you briefly and painlessly:

Buying Instagram followers is a dumb idea. No matter how tempting it may seem.

Your follower numbers will grow in the short term. However, it can be that you damage your account in the long term and in the end you no longer grow organically (and even lose followers).

It is also possible that buying subscribers can damage your image or run into legal problems.

I explain in detail why this is so in my article 4 Reasons Why Buying Instagram Followers ruins your account.

Read it and then try it with strategies that will also bring you something in the long term, such as B .:

2. Place advertisements

You can also buy followers legally. Then it's even real users who are interested in your content (if you get it right!).

With advertisements:

Here you simply get more reach for your money and can try to get interested users to your profile. In the best case scenario, they'll like your content and subscribe to you.

The catch?

That's quite expensive. If the ads are bad, you'll pay well over one euro per follower. My lowest value was around 15 cents.

2.1 Correctly advertise on Instagram

You can place ads on Instagram either via the Facebook Ads Manager or directly in the app using the button Apply for a post under the respective picture.

In order for you to use this feature, however, you must have a company account and your profile must be linked to a Facebook page:

Unlike Facebook, you cannot create campaigns for Instagram that have the direct goal of getting more subscribers. You can only advertise individual images, which then thaw in the feed of people who have not yet followed you.

As a goal, you can choose to get more visitors to your profile, get more visitors for your website or get more direct messages:

To get more followers, choose here as a target your profile. Next you should specify a target group. Insta suggests a target group for you, this is called automatically. Suitable accounts are selected based on your existing followers, to which the ad is displayed in the feed:

If you bought a lot of followers, used a different topic earlier or for other reasons have many followers who are not very interested in your current topics, you will not be happy with this selection.

But you also have the option of creating a target group yourself and thus determining who the ad should be displayed to. Unfortunately, in contrast to those in the Facebook Ads Manager, the options are very limited. Anyone who is familiar with this can define everything there much more precisely.

Personally, I'm not a friend of the ad manager and that's why I often use the Instagram function. After a bit of trial and error, I found ad formats that are doing so well and that I'm happy with.

When you have determined your target audience, you will then come to a screen where you determine the budget and the duration. You should keep in mind that ads should run for at least 3 days (better a little longer), as Insta first determines the relevance for different groups of people:

The more time passes, the better the results will be. Until your target group is exhausted (i.e. all interested parties have received the ad).

With the budget, you will also achieve better results faster if you set this a little higher. Of course, very few of us can just spend 10,000 euros on advertising. But if you place ads, you should plan around 50 to 100 euros for it (more is always possible, of course).

I usually run ads for 7 to 10 days and spend 70 to 100 euros (around 10 euros per day). If an ad has achieved particularly good results in this run, I increase the budget to 20 euros a day and usually let it run a few days longer.

When you have also set your budget and duration, you come to the final screen. On that you can check everything again and submit your ad in the last step (this will send the ad for review):

If your ad complies with the rules of Instagram and Facebook, it will be activated in a few hours.

2.2 What Can You Achieve With Instagram Ads?

The advantage of Instagram ads is that you can reach real users. If you promote posts that fit your profile perfectly, you will get new followers who are actually interested in your content.

The problem, of course, is that this variant is quite expensive. For everyone who already has collaborations with companies, there is a good way to place ads and thus gain followers without having to pay for them yourself:

If you are negotiating an advertising budget for a cooperation, you can use this to place an ad. In order for such an ad to work well and to really get new followers, the ad should of course fit well into the profile and provide the user with added value - but that's actually clear, right ?!

2.3 The right ad format is crucial!

Those who place advertisements will soon notice:

How well the ad performs depends primarily on the format. I have tested a lot of pictures and videos myself and gained some interesting insights:

Insight # 1: Videos are better than photos

My videos have often produced better results than my pictures. I'm not exactly sure why, but I suspect it's because videos are generally less advertised on Instagram than photos.

The stop-motion video I liked best showed how you can make clay yourself:

In the end, the video was saved over 4,000 times and I gained 867 followers that I spent € 125.67 on:

8 followers were gained organically, which I have already withdrawn. I also tested the ad for € 28.56, but the value was deleted after it was changed (hence the difference between the photo and the values ​​in the text).

Insight # 2: Images need to attract attention

Apply for a nice family photo? Or the kid with the umbrella? I say: not really.

When you run ads, you should keep two things in mind: Users have no emotional connection to you yet and your advertised posts are not shown at the beginning of the feed, but somewhere in the middle between all the images of accounts to which the user has subscribed.

Above all, you have to achieve one thing with your image: That the user even perceives it. How do you do it best?

  1. Differ:Use shapes, colors and motifs that you would otherwise not see in pictures on Instagram.
  2. Noticeable:Use the effect of signal colors in or on your picture. Something that stands out a lot is more likely to grab the user's attention.
  3. Long texts:Even if Instagram itself warns that pictures with a lot of text are shown less, I have made the experience that such pictures can still be very successful.

I just posted graphics that I made for Pinterest to Instagram for a while. I advertised one of them for 70 € and thus reached 27,320 people and gained 305 new followers (28 organic subscribers).

Of course, the ideal thing about it is that I also advertised a blog post here. Although I pay more per follower than for the ad with the clay, the followers gained have significantly more interest in my blog posts that do not contain DIY (which is currently the largest part).

Insight # 3: The advertised content must suit you

If you want to gain new followers for your Instagram account, one thing is particularly important: The advertised content must match the rest of your profile.

That doesn't mean that they have to be the same color or that you have to use the same preset everywhere, but that it goes thematically in the same direction. If you actually write about Easter bunnies, but then advertise a picture of Santa Clauses, no matter how great it does - it won't do much for your actual account.

2.4 How expensive is it to gain followers with Instagram ads?

As mentioned briefly above: The price per new follower varies from ad to ad. In addition, you tend to follow profiles that already have a lot of followers. Therefore:

Ads are often more effective the more followers you have.

I think if you start paying around 20 to 30 cents per new follower, that's a good value. But you can see that it quickly becomes really expensive.

If you want to win 1,000 new fans like this, you have to reckon with 200 to 300 euros. You also have to plan in some time and budget for creating and testing different content. And if you don't just want 1,000, but rather 10,000 or more fans, you need an advertising budget in the four-digit range.

This quickly raises the question of whether this can also be done more cheaply. And yes, it works. With viral content, for example:

3. Create viral content

Viral content is hailed as the holy grail of Instagram posts right now.

The promise: create viral posts and you will automatically grow. But is that true?

I tried it:

3.1 What is viral content?

Viral posts are posts that organically reach a large number of people. There are no exact numbers for this. But one usually only speaks of a viral post when it has reached significantly more users than actually followed.

Viral posts are characterized by the fact that they reach a particularly large number of users and accordingly generate a lot of engagement.

Viral posts can often be recognized by others by the number of likes and comments, although there are also posts that an outsider does not recognize as viral. This is the case if, for example, the post was simply saved particularly often. Since this value is not publicly available, we cannot recognize such viral posts from the outside.

Yes, I tried it too. And would like to show you some of my numbers at this point: