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If you want to drive, you have to be able to pay for it: Acquiring a driving license in Germany can cost up to 2,400 euros. According to the Moving International Road Safety Association, the price for the driver's license in 2020 averaged 2182 euros. However, there is no flat rate in this country. The costs vary depending on the state and region.

Read here what the minimum costs for the driver's license are and how much the test costs if it has to be repeated.

All costs for the driving license at a glance

Every driving school in Germany can determine the prices for theory and driving lessons, tests and repetitions itself. Even if they are not obliged to adhere to a fee schedule, driving schools must ensure that prices are clear. For every service offered, a driving school is obliged to visibly indicate a price it has set and to adhere to it. In this way, prospective drivers can compare prices and find out about offers even before they register and take their first driving lessons.

In Germany, the driving license consists of the following costs:

  • Basic amount: 200 euros. Here the costs for administration and theoretical lessons coincide.
  • Eye test: 6.43 euros. This value is regulated by law and is offered in every optician.
  • First aid course"Immediate life-saving measures at the scene of the accident": Between 14.50 and 40 euros.
  • Driving license application from the road traffic authority: 40 to 70 euros, depending on the authority.
  • Passport photos: Between 5 and 10 euros.
  • Twelve special trips: Each learner driver has to drive four times for 45 minutes on the autobahn, three times at night and five times overland. As a rule, the trips cost 30 to 60 euros.
  • Additional practice hours: Driving in everyday traffic is practiced here. The number of driving hours required always depends on the learner driver and makes up a large part of the total amount to be paid. The practice hours usually cost less than the special trips.
  • Learning materials: 60 to 80 euros.In order to successfully pass the theory test, registrations for driving license apps, online portals of driving schools and books are required.
  • Exam costs:Fee for the introduction to the theoretical test (Tüv / Dekra) for the driver of the driving license class B: 22.49 euros.
  • Exam costs:Fee for the presentation for the practical test (Tüv / Dekra) of the driving license class B: 116.93 euros.

Overall, the costs for a class B driving license in Germany amount to around 1500 to 2400 euros.

How many hours are theoretical and practical lessons?

The Theory lessonsthat have to be taken for the driver's license amount to a total of twelve double hours for the basics and two double hours for the additive. A double lesson always lasts 90 minutes.

Novice drivers need different numbers Driving lessonsin order to be admitted to the subsequent driving test.

Until 2008, however, it was still the case that the learner driver was imposed a three-month ban after failing the practical test three times. If the learner then failed the driving test three times, a so-called MPU (Medical Psychological Examination) had to be taken. In the meantime, however, these regulations have been repealed.

What do the repetitions of the exams cost?

If the novice driver falls at the theoretical exam through, he has to pay the registration fee again for a new exam acceptance. This currently amounts to for the car driving license in all of Germany 22.49 euros.

The practical exam respectively. If you fail the driving test and try again, the registration fee of116.93 euros due.

The medical psychological examination, known colloquially as the "idiot test", is divided into three parts:

  1. Medical examination
  2. Interview with a traffic psychologist
  3. Performance test

This makes it possible to determine whether the driver is a danger to himself or to others in traffic. The cost of one MPU adds up to 350 to 750 euros.

Do I have to exchange my old driver's license?

In principle, all driving licenses that were issued before January 19, 2013 and are therefore not EU-standardized must be exchanged gradually. This measure is intended to ensure that all driving licenses in the EU have a uniform pattern and offer greater protection against forgery.

All costs for the class B driving license 2021 in Germany

Cost pointtotal (Approach)
1.Basic fee for the driving school200 euros
2.Teaching material60 euros to 80 euros
3.Driving hours (regular and special driving hours)12 driving hours for 30 to 60 euros (360 to 720 euros)
4.Practice driving lessonsas required
5.Theoretical driving test22.49 euros
6.Practical driving test116.93 euros
7.Eye test, first aid course, passport photos26 euros to 56 euros
8.Driving license application40 euros to 70 euros

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