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Baby hair - the right way to cut it!


Another challenge that the new parents face is that How to deal with a baby's hairstyle.
Hardly any other feature is as distinctive as a toddler's hair. While some children are born with a head of hair and hair growing rapidly, other children seem to take a long time growing their scalp hair.
When it comes to hair, it depends a lot more on genetics than previously thought. Unfortunately, our influence on hair growth is very limited.

When should you cut your hair on a baby?

When a baby is born, it already has a certain amount of body hair. This mostly Woolly or intermediate hair is colorless and allowed not cut become. Head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are made up of Terminal hairwhich then continues to grow after birth and can be cut at some point.

When to cut a baby's hair is above all else depending on individual growth of the child and practical or aesthetic point of view. If a baby already has long hair by the age of 10 months, give him the Crossed view, it is advisable to cut your hair at this point. But it can also be the case that a toddler still has short hair at the age of two and only later does the scalp hair grow slowly.

As different as the children themselves and their hairstyles are, so are they Speed ​​of hair growth different. So there is no right or wrong time to cut your baby's hair.

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What is to be considered?

Before cutting a baby's hair, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First of all, be that Function of hair careful - obvious is the social aspect of the look of the hairstyle. But that is much more important for a baby Protection against temperatures or direct sunlight.

Baby hair grows unsteadily in the first year of life and the cycles of the individual hairs are different. It can happen in babies too Hair loss come, but don't let that scare you. The hair grows back and regular growth sets in after a certain time.

If a baby suffers from cradle cap you can contact the if you have any questions about it Pediatrician talk about whether you can cut your hair.

Before shaving a baby's hair, consider whether the child is big enough and whether you want to shave without serious injury is feasible. It is worth buying a children's hair clipper for this.

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Instructions - 7 steps to properly trimming baby hair

  1. Right instrument: Good preparation for cutting hair on a baby is very important. If you want to cut your baby's hair at home, it's worth getting one Scissors with rounded tips buys.
  2. Pleasant atmosphere: it is also important that the child is in a good mood and that the person who cuts the hair is not stressed.
  3. Teamwork: it works best in pairs, when one person can distract the child while the second person cuts the baby's hair.
  4. Entertainment for the baby: it is practical to put the baby in the bathtub and have bath toys ready.
  5. Moistening the hair: it also helps to get the hair wet or at least to spray it with water. Then you can start the actual cutting.
  6. Injury protection: It is important that you always grasp small sections of hair between your index finger and middle finger and that your own fingers are always between the scissors and the baby's head. This is how you prevent injuries.
  7. last step: now you work your way from top to bottom around the baby's head. Finally, you can wash your hair as usual and get the baby out of the bathtub.

Can you cut a baby's hair to make it thicker?

Some Mythsthat involve cutting a toddler's hair remain widespread. Many parents think that their children's hair will increase in thickness and volume as soon as the hair is cut more often. However, this is not the case.
The thickness of the hair is one and only through the genes (Carrier of a hereditary disposition) set. Even by shaving a baby's hair, you cannot influence whether the hair will grow back thicker than before.

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Can you cut a baby's hair to make it grow faster?

Another popular belief is that a baby's hair grows faster if it is cut or trimmed often. Unfortunately, that's another Misbelief and genetics are also the deciding factor in the speed of hair growth.
So you have to be patient with slowly growing hair of a child until the hair has reached a certain length. Shampoos and healthy eating can keep hair looking beautiful, but they also do not affect hair growth faster.

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Costs at the hairdresser?

There are a large number of hairdressers that do Experience have with that Cutting babies' hair. To get used to the cutting itself, you can take the child to the hairdresser in advance if one of the parents' hair is cut.
The prices for a baby haircut at the hairdresser vary from one free first haircut for toddlers to average 5-7 euros. Here, too, you should make sure that the Child fed and in a good mood is.

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