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☄ Comet Emoji

The "comet" emoji can be used on Facebook, Whatsapp, Android and Windows. With the hex code & # x2604; it is inserted into HTML on web pages. The Unicode designation is U + 2604. In English the emoji is called "Comet".

Category: NatureWeatherChristmas

Comet emoji for web and smartphone

All data and information at a glance:

UnicodeU + 2604
Hex2604 / & # x2604;
Apple name Comet


The emoji ☄ means "comet"(Engl .:" Comet"). The emoji can be used on Whatsapp and Facebook.

HTML code

This is how you can insert the "comet" emoji into HTML:

Code examples:

<p style="font-size:50px">&#x2604;</p>

<p>Wird angezeigt als &#x2604;</p>

Shown as:

Shown as ☄

Category: Nature, Weather, Christmas

What does this ☄ emoji mean?

The emoji means comet - so translated comet.

How to put the ☄ emoji in HTML?

The emoji can be inserted into the HTML code or on websites with the hex code 2604 (& # x2604;).

What is the original name?

The original name of the emojis is

Can the emoji be used on Whatsapp and Facebook?

Yes, it can be used on Whatsapp and Facebook. To do this, you have to switch to the emoji selection on smartphone keyboards.

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