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16 Incredible Photos of Kolkata, India

I've been in India now for about 5 weeks, and let me tell you, it's been an incredible adventure so far!

Some things in India are frustrating and challenging, but nearly everything in India is amusing and entertaining.

I first flew from Bangkok to Kolkata (Calcutta), the third largest city in India. It's a seriously vibrant, colorful, chaotic, and delicious city. Spending 10 days in Kolkata (Calcutta), I had a fantastic time wandering the streets, searching for food, and sampling nearly everything I saw.

I really enjoyed my time in Kolkata and after searching through the 1000’s of photos I took, here are just 16 - just a sampling of the many (many more to come). Hope you enjoy them too!

The first photo, pictured above is taken from the riverside under the Howrah bridge near Kolkata’s flower market. The bridge happens to be one of the busiest pedestrian bridges in the world. It's quite a sight!

Sir Stuart Hogg Market, also known as Kolkata’s New Market, is one of the busiest shopping areas of town. Here’s a photo of a boy chasing bubbles.

I went a little crazy sampling Kolkata street food (many more articles and videos to come). Ghugni chaat, a simmering sculpture of dry yellow peas, was an awesome snack.

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Just below the Howrah Bridge is the Mullik Ghat Flower Market, a bedazzling display of color and action in Kolkata.

This was just a quick blind click photo from my waist - and though I wasn't sure if it would turn out, I really like it. He’s lifting his transport basket above the pedestrian traffic with the Howrah bridge in the background.

I actually was in Kolkata for Christmas, and this shrine was set up just outside the Mother Teresa house.

Kolkata is one of the only major cities in the world where man foot powered rickshaws are still in use - sure there are many cities that have bicycle rickshaws - but these guys simply walk or run with their rickshaws (and many of them are barefoot).

Victoria Memorial Hall is one of the most iconic things to see in Kolkata.

As I discovered after the first few mornings in Kolkata, not much opens early in the morning - restaurants don't really get going until noon.

But there is one market that's bustling with food and things to eat in the morning: Terreti Bazar (more on this market later). I loved the way these ladies were hanging out, waiting to sell their seafood.

Just like in all of India, things are done on the street… and in the background are a few of the ever present yellow Kolkata taxi cabs - true classics!

Pictured is blindingly bright colored powder just outside the Kalighat Kali Temple, one of the most sacred Hinde temples in Kolkata.

There's no shortage of traffic in Kolkata, and transportation zooms past with no mercy. This bus came frighteningly close to hitting the guy standing on the street in front of me.

I'm a major fan of fruit, and purchasing fruit in Kolkata is really cheap!

Bicycles are the choice of transportation for the morning fresh chicken run. On the right side, a man serves a cup of chai, nearly always served in clay cups which are disposed of after finishing.

One the banks of the Hooghly River is the massive Dakshineswar Temple dedicated to the goddess Kali. Here, boatmen wait to take passengers across the river and to other temples in the area.

Kolkata street food is famous, and I was able to sample a wide variety of insanely delicious things. Here’s a pani puri, a little hollow chip filled with spiced potatoes and dunked in sour tamarind water. It's a one bite explosion of deliciousness!

So there's just a quick roundup of a few of my favorite Kolkata photos. I'm looking forward to sharing tons more photos, videos, and articles about “incredible! Ndia” with you soon (it really is incredible)!

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