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Recap "Game of Thrones" - Flirt in the face of death

The episode is all about preparation for the final battle. The only setting is Winterfell - the mood fluctuates between resignation and mad hope.

It is not only clear to the spectators: We have just turned into the home straight. Unfortunately, there is no award ceremony waiting at the end.

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SRF editor Kathi Lambrecht has been a “Game of Thrones” fan from the very beginning and had already read the books before the series was made into a film. For the last season of the successful series, she writes a weekly recap on srf.ch/kultur.

Your tip: Jon Snow becomes king in the end - without Daenerys.
Your request: Tyrion, Ser Davos and Varys lead Westeros to democracy as a triumvirate.
Your hope: Jamie Lannister survived and will have many more adventures with Bronn.

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What to do with the Kingslayer

First the unwanted guest is shown: Jaime, the Kingslayer. Daeny, Sansa and Jon have to decide his fate.

Jaime had killed Daenerys' father, the Mad King. Daeny is understandably reluctant to pardon him. Sansa has a difficult relationship with all Lannisters anyway, only Jon sees it pragmatically: "We need every man we can get."

Jaime defends himself and explains that he would not regret any of his actions, that he would have done it for his house and his family - and would do them again.

"The things we do for love," replies Bran dryly. A sentence whose meaning only Jaime knows. It was his words before he pushed Bran out of the tower window that time (in the very first episode). Touché.

No help from King's Landing

Finally, Brienne ensures that Jaime is not thrown into dungeon (or worse). Daenerys is visibly irritated that Tyrion misjudged his sister so badly: Jaime had brought the news that Cersei will not send an army north. And yes, Tyrion should indeed have known better - is he becoming milder with age?

Cut to the smithy: Is Arya really flirting with Gendry? At least he doesn't get much of it - he's too busy making weapons out of "dragon glass".

Pronunciation between Bran and Jaime

Cut to “God’s Wood”: Jaime and Bran finally have some “alone time” and can talk openly. Jaime proves that he doesn't have much in common with the vain golden boy from season one: He apologizes for what he did to Bran - sincerely.

And he asks - more out of serious astonishment than fear: «Why didn't you tell anyone? And will you tell it later? " How does he know there will be a later, Bran replies.

Before you can worry about this unsettling statement, there is another cut. (In my opinion, the story is told too quickly here, the moments are savored too little - on the other hand, we don't have time for them either!)

Did the kingslayer become a good person?

A highlight of this episode follows: the meeting between Brienne and Jaime - that was missing in the last episode. Brienne is noticeably irritated by Jaime's behavior and speaks plainly: He has never talked to her for so long without offending her. What's wrong with him? Well, apparently Jaime really got a better person.

Will Daeny be a better queen too? At least she seeks to be close to Sansa and there is briefly a “bonding moment” between the two women who have to assert themselves in a man's world.

They have a lot in common - maybe too many (keyword power hunger): When Sansa makes it clear that Daenerys can have the Iron Throne, but not the North, that was it with the short brotherhood ... - er - sisterhood. It's a shame actually.

Last comers

Then the last fighters reach Winterfell: Theon Greyjoy arrives, plus Tormund and what is left of the Night’s Watch. Tormund - responsible for the "comic relief" - still raves about Brienne, his first question is: "Is the great woman here too?" Yes it is, don't worry.

Everyone comes together for the final council of war - the question is how best to turn off the Night King. Bran draws a brief psychogram of the White Walkers. As the only characters in George R. R. Martin's universe, they are astonishingly one-dimensional.

According to Bran, the goal of the Night King is almost banal: destroy all life, establish an endless night. So it is a battle for life and death - with death personified. Well then.

Calm before the onslaught of white walkers

Then the camera scans all the characters and couples again: Gray Worm promises Missandei a life on the beach, Sam, Jon and Dolorous Edd tease on the battlement, Arya meets the hound again (this time a little more warm), Ser Jorah Mormont wants dissuade his little cousin Lyanna from fighting (to no avail), Tyrion and Jaime sit in the great hall and get more and more drunk. At least Tyrion, whom Daeny has forbidden to go into battle.

Sex you'd rather not see

Cut to Arya and Gendry, who has finally finished their weapon and reveals that he is the illegitimate son of the former King Robert Baratheon.

Arya - clearly unimpressed - changes the subject abruptly: Has he actually slept with a lot of women? Three is Gendry's somewhat reluctant answer. That seems to be enough for Arya - and the result is a sex scene that one (I) hoped would be spared us.

Arya may be one of the most dangerous people in Westeros, but she's still an innocent little girl! Fortunately, there is a quick cut here too.

Confessions in the crypt

We are in the crypt again - apparently this is “the place to be” for difficult conversations. Jon stands in front of the statue of his mother. Daeny asks who she is - "Lyanna Stark" is his answer.

That's not a lie, but it's only half the story. In short, you are sure that out of love and loyalty, Jon will keep his secret to himself.

But then he tells Daenerys who he really is (her nephew) - and yes, goose bumps! Daeny doesn't want to believe him at first - but before they can discuss which of them is entitled to what, the horn sounds three times.

It is the sign of the Night’s Watch that the White Walkers are coming. The battle with the boss begins.

What pleased:

Lady Brienne is knighted by Ser Jamie. “Fuck tradition” is Tormund's comment. He is right.

What touched:

While serving food, Ser Davos meets a girl with burn scars on her face. Not only did she painfully remind him of Shireen Baratheon, daughter of Stannis, who also had a scarred face and was burned at a stake in a horrible scene. Incidentally, this is a taboo that Game of Thrones likes to break: the drastic portrayal of the murder of children.

What was missing:

Where are the dragons? And did nobody really die in this episode? No dead?

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