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Faster, quieter, greener, cheaper

With speeds over 200mph, near silent when in flight, zero emissions and low cost per passenger mile, the VA-X4 is going to open up urban air mobility to a whole range of passengers and transform how we travel

Our globally certified aircraft will be used by airlines and local transport partners and will be the first commercial aircraft most people will fly on that has a zero carbon footprint. This is the beginning of the electrification of flight.
the most stringent global requirements
than a helicopter at cruise
(45db) and hover (60db)
  • Four tilting rotors at the front and 4 stowable rotors at the rear enable high efficiency in all phases of flight and support a vehicle noise signature which is 15dBA lower than a comparable helicopter
  • Custom designed wing generates lift in cruise for energy efficiency, low noise, high speeds and long range.
    Lightweight carbon fiber composite airframe allows for maximum performance.
  • Incorporating Honeywell’s F-35 jet technology, the VA-X4 will be simpler to operate than a conventional aircraft, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.
    This maximizes pilot uptake and lower operating costs.
    Proprietary industry-leading battery system, which delivers required energy density for lift and range, with no carbon emissions.
  • Co-developed with Rolls-Royce to be one of the world's lightest and safest eVTOL electric powertrains to unlock maximum performance for the VA-X4
Low noise, zero emission and certified to the same standard as commercial airliners.

Next generation flight controls

The VA-X4 uses advanced avionics based on the same flight control technologies as the F35, one of the world's only supersonic VTOL aircraft. This makes it easy to fly with high levels of automation and reduced pilot workload
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The World's Lightest and Safest Electric Powertrain

Co-developed with Rolls Royce to create the world's lightest and safest electric powertrain
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Unlocking The Potential of Electric

Our proprietary battery system leverages best in class battery and cell components to limit weight and drive unit economics, creating a significant advantage in meeting current certification design challenges
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