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Activity Director job description

Cruise ship activity directors schedule onboard events and shore excursions.

If you are an introvert, becoming an activity leader is not a good choice. Activity directors need bubbly, open-minded personalities and leadership skills because they interact with all kinds of people from almost everywhere. Activity directors, also known as recreational workers, plan, organize and conduct a range of recreational or leisure activities for children and adults in different settings. If you enjoy working with people and have special skills and talents to help others learn new things, then a job as an activity director could be just your thing.

tasks and responsibilities

Activity directors do a lot of planning. Part of the job is developing new activities for people and children. For example, at a children's camp, an activity director directs children in a range of activities that include things like horse riding, swimming, arts and crafts, or other outdoor camping activities. In addition to teaching others, the activity leaders must also organize equipment and materials, adapt programs to the age group or physical ability of the participants, and provide first aid if necessary.


The type of work determines the educational requirements. Some jobs in the activity department may require a bachelor's degree that promotes management, oversight and administration, or program development for people with special needs, such as the disabled or the elderly. Training with an emphasis in therapeutic recreation, outdoor recreation, warehouse management, or industrial and commercial recreation could also help. Some positions in the Director's role may only require degrees or experience in specific activities, such as: B. Riding. The supervisory board mandates of the activity managers must have a master’s degree related to work such as in business or public administration. If you work for a state or national park, you may need specific certification, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Skills and abilities

Because this job involves people from all walks of life, cultures and walks of life, an activity leader must be able to get along and communicate with almost anyone. In addition to being effective communicators, the activity leaders are also physically fit because work often requires you to demonstrate the various activities. As an activity leader, you must exercise your authority over a group of people to maintain safety and order. Leadership, problem-solving, and speaking skills are high on the list for the activity leader.

work environment

As an activity leader, you can work in a zoo, theme park, or hotel, or on a cruise ship. Some activity directors work in recreation centers or in senior residences or care facilities. You can get a job for the local government or in a hospital, recreational and fitness sports centers or outdoor camps and parks.


Activity director salaries follow the same guidelines for recreational workers defined by BLS. BLS identified the median annual wage for activity directors and recreational workers at $ 25,430 in May 2012. Those who were in the top ten percent made $ 38,750, while those who worked for local governments got an average of $ 26,040. Cruise ships and other recreational pursuits paid an average of $ 22,640, while directors at the nursing facilities received $ 25,700

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