How are you text messaging

The feature

An apocalyptic scene in Cairo. The city is deserted. From there, author Mahmoud Tafik disseminates information via social media. They divide much faster than the corona virus.
A digital message in a bottle in Corona times

From 7 p.m. there is curfew in Cairo. Since journalists and doctors are still allowed to be out and about, I go for a walk in my neighborhood. After the coup in 2013, it is the second curfew that the author has experienced in Cairo. An apocalyptic scene. The corona virus scares people more than bomb attacks and military tanks. Information spreads much faster than the corona virus. The feature dares to experiment. Mahmoud Tawfik sends a list of questions as text and audio messages in Arabic, English and German to two friends each - with the request to answer them and forward them to two people each, then to two others, etc.

Feature of Mahmoud Tawfik
With: Manuel Harder, Sonja Beißwenger, Philippe Goos, Anja Herden, Torben Kessler and Amelle Schwerk
Technical realization: Kai Schliekelmann and Elke Steinort
Director: Janine Lüttmann
Production: NDR / SWR 2020

Available from 09/30/2020 to 09/29/2021.