What chickens have an afro like hair

Afro hair under the microscope - how do you tame this hair type?

People with Afro hair definitely belong to the more demanding hair types and know the problems with it all too well. No question about it, a properly fitting Afro mane looks impressive, but it is often a difficult matter to get your hair into shape at all.

Afro manes are arranged in a curly and spiral shape and shrink to up to 75% of their length. But why is this type of hair so demanding and how do you get it styled? They are also suitable for hair loss a hair transplant?

Afro hair is not thicker or stronger

A common myth is that afro hair is stronger and thicker than European or Asian hair. But the opposite is the case, because Afro hair is one of the weakest in terms of its hair structure. They are also far more prone to hair breakage, they quickly lose moisture, dry out and break off more often.

The hair must therefore never be brushed out with a commercially available brush. A coarse comb is the right choice here.

Does this hair type need more oil for care?

Another common misconception is that curly curls need a lot of fat to look healthy. And it is often the assumption that there cannot be enough fat. Not true, because mineral oils or petroleum in particular are not good for Afro manes.

They clog the pores of the scalp, reduce hair growth and literally attract dirt. Natural fats, on the other hand, are allowed and even beneficial, such as coconut oil or argan and olive oil. However, it is enough to apply hair packs or treatments 1-2 times a week.

Versatile styles are possible

Mostly one is of the opinion that you can't do much with Afro hair except to tie it strictly upwards. In fact, people with such hair can look forward to a wide range of options in their daily styling, even if they are certainly familiar with the term “bad hair day”.

They can be twisted in individually or woven into so-called twists and cornrows. Afro hair is therefore even more versatile than other hair types, for example thin and straight hair structures. In fact, it is more difficult to curl a straight hair texture than it is to straighten afro curls.

But be careful: constant straightening can damage frizzy curls in particular. If you generally tend to split ends and brittle hair, you shouldn't reach for the straightening iron too often.